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                                      1182 Hidden Spirit Trail | Wilmington, NC 28402 | 901.555.5555 |


   Exceptionally detailed, organized, and highly accurate business professional with a unique ability to successfully
   manage multiple secretarial projects simultaneously. Proven competencies as an office administrator with the
   ability to empower others and foster cohesive business environments. Consistently leverage organizational
   capabilities to facilitate well-run, and streamlined office operations. Deliver outstanding results, leading to
   increased levels of responsibility and recognition. Well-developed interpersonal communication skills to work
   effectively with people from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. Core areas of performance include:

           Office Supply Acquisition                                  Team Building and Leadership
           Client Relationship Management                             Microsoft Office Suite
           Filing / Data Entry                                        Typing: 75 WPM


   ABC Auction House • Wilmington, NC
   Administrative Assistant II (20xx-20xx)
   Provided comprehensive administrative support for a company handling wholesale consignment auctions for
   vehicle dealers in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Maintained the flow of paperwork coming from the Little
   Rock office. Served as the backup Office Manager and oversaw on-site dealer representatives.
   Contributed value:
       •   Implemented MS Windows 2007; installed software all workstations and facilitated system upgrades.
           Trained new and existing employees on new application uses, and provided on-site technical support.
       •   Developed a comprehensive list of new and used car dealers. Compiled data to enable sales
           representatives to establish and call on a list of dealerships.
       •   Established and maintained a filing system which allowed employees to access pertinent information and
           improved shipment tracking to prevent losses.

   BCD Corporation • Wilmington, NC
   Administrative Assistant (20xx-20xx)
   Applied superior levels of detail and office management capabilities to manage payroll, administration, accounts
   payable, supplies, purchasing, and all other duties related to office administration for this mid-sized accounting
   firm with four offices and approximately 500 clients.
   Key Contributions:
       •   Established standard templates for reports and proposals and client correspondence.
       •   Developed highly effective monitoring procedures for payroll and billing services, which streamlined
           processes, and facilitated payment of taxes through an electronic system.
       •   Provided exceptional client service and ensured clients’ needs were met during office visits.


   UNIVERSITY of NORTH CAROLINA - Course Work in Business Administration, Wilmington, NC

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