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									#141 Thursday 4/15/10 Homework & Signature                                  Name ______________
Your Student has not completed the 1st Booktalk on 3/31                     Folder # ____

X______________________________ (Parent Signature)                          Class______________

The 2nd Booktalk is due this Friday 4/16/10

                 1. What do students have to do for homework in Literature?

             Students will have # homework & will need to read 30 minutes a night.

                 2. What do they read & how do they select their novels?

             Students are allowed to pick their own novels, as long as they are appropriate for school
             and at their reading level.

                 3. What does my student have to do when they finish a novel?

                   Students bring their completed work to class & the novel and we will talk about it
             for a project grade.

                  1st novel = 1 paragraph & 1 picture, 2ND novel = 2 paragraphs & 2 pictures, etc.

                  4. What happens if they do not finish on time?
                 If Students do not finish their novel on time, they will need to complete a different
             type of book work. They will use the form below, and write what happened in each

                                              5. When and how many novels does my student
                                                 have to read this quarter?

                                                                                      Your Student's
                                               Booktalk    Dates          Title       Current Progress

                                                  1         Wed

                                                  2       4/16 Fri

                                                  3       4/30 Fri

                                                  4       5/14 Fri

                                                  5       5/28 Fri

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