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					Nanny Poppins truth, Mr.

truth Mr. Manchu nanny

truth Poppins
truth Poppins
Yi-ying, the school two days (3) Class Weng Jiajun

 There was a time, I was immersed in the midst of moving into, because
"today's line of sight" on a story, a true story.
 decade ago, the amateur diver in a diving Mr. Wu You, do not care fell
off from the springboard, Mr. Wu You unfortunate result paralyzed, became
a disabled person. Because life can not take care of themselves, only to
take care of his nanny. However, each nurse is suspected of treatment is
not high, and very troublesome to take care of him, all have left him, Wu
Yu and began to nurse more than 20. As no one to take care of him, Mr. Wu
You almost sunk the verge of death state. Until the emergence of a
Jiangxi nanny hsiu, Mr. Wu You have the students hope. This home is very
difficult Jiangxi nanny, her family has two sons and her husband's
mother, her husband, suffering from hepatitis. The hsiu to Shantou is to
make money to treat her husband and two children for reading.
 Wu Yu as lying in bed for a long time, has been suffering from cystitis,
not normal urination and defecation, and various skin and body rotten,
hsiu see the employers of this situation, not only did not find it too
care his troubles and low wages, but rather treat the general care of Wu
family travel.
 hsiu Wu Yu fed every day, dinner, help him urinate connect pipes, once
every week to help him clean the skin. Also, Ah-hsiu, ordinary people are
afraid to do something for the thing! Do you know what that is? That is,
to defecate each time when Wu Yu, Ah-hsiu, Wu had to travel to hand to
help it dig out the manure from the anus, perhaps you'll feel sick now! !
! But I think this is full of love. Meticulous care in hsiu, Wu Yu's
spirit getting better every day, began his literary creation, many people
like the author to write this work. Take care of the Wu tour until hsiu 7
years, hsiu's husband and her father has passed away all to Wu Yu, Ah-
hsiu, did not return home to see her husband and father one last time,
but take care to remain in Shantou Wu Yu.
 10 years, hsiu and Wu Yu spent a total of 10 years through thick and
thin. A few days ago, Ah-hsiu, Wu swim in the halo to the home, to the
hospital for a check, just know that the brain machine infarction, were
hospitalized, the hospital, but only stayed one day, Ah-hsiu, to be
discharged, on the one hand because she wanted for 2 child study, has no
savings, and one hand to Wu Yu. The reporter asked her why the hospital
so soon, ah, Ah-hsiu is said with tears: the fear Wu Yu ah, Wu Yu no one
to take care ah!
 reading of this story, I was moved to tears.
 after this world there true feelings. This little story is like a
beacon, I think, as long as everyone's minds are like flashing lights,
then another cold black night and then we would feel the warmth, we would
not feel lonely.
 truth among us, if you look carefully, you will find.
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