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					                                                              Concrete Solutions
                                                          SAVVY CURE HC
DESCRIPTION                                                                        SURFACE APPLICATION
SAVVY CURE HC is a blend of hydrocarbon resins and aromatic sol-                   Apply SAVVY CURE HC to the concrete as soon as the bleed water has
vents suspended in solution and is specially formulated to cure freshly            gone and the concrete has hardened sufficiently so as not to be marked
laid concrete. The impervious film formed by SAVVY CURE HC                         by the application process. Apply SAVVY CURE HC undiluted at a
prevents excessive water evaporation, promotes efficient cement                    rate of 1 litre per 5m². Best applied by spray, however, may also be
hydration, minimises shrinkage whilst increasing durability of the con-            applied by brush, roller or broom.
crete surface.
                                                                                       TYPICAL PROPERTIES AND APPLICATION DATA
BENEFITS                                                                               Appearance:                            Pale yellow colour or with
                                                                                                                              red fugitive dye
•           Complies with Australian Standards AS3799
                                                                                       Coverage:                              5m2 per litre
•           Achieves water retention of 90% or greater
                                                                                       Viscosity:                             0.02 Pascal seconds
•           Increased abrasion resistance
                                                                                       Solids:                                47% +/- 1%
•           Contains no wax
                                                                                       Solubility in Water:                   Negligible
•           Eliminates the need for curing by ponded water, damp
            hessian or polythene sheeting                                              Flash Point:                           36°C
•           Reduces concrete dusting                                                   Solvents:                              99% aliphatic
•           Reduces plastic shrinkage                                                  Shelf Life:                            12 months maximum
•           One coat application                                                       Dry Time:                              Tack Free: 1 - 3 hours
•           Can be removed, if required, by ConClena                                                                          Hard Dry: 4 - 8 hours
            (stripper / degreaser)
                                                                                                                              Trafficable:             24 hours
•           Equipment washable in solvent
                                                                                       Application Temperature:               10°C - 35°C
•           May have red fugitive dye added
                                                                                       Application By:                        - Spray - Brush - Roller - Broom
                                                                                       Packaging:                             - 205 Lt drum
                                                                                                                              - 20 Lt container
USES                                                                                   UN Number:                             1263
SAVVY CURE HC is suitable for curing all freshly laid concrete either                  Hazchem Code:                          3(Y)
smooth or textured, indoors or outdoors.
                                                                                       Packaging Group:                       III
                                                                                       Poison Schedule:                       5
Due to its unique formulation and blend of resins, SAVVY CURE HC
will begin to break down after 7 days and, if applied at the specified ap-         Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for precautions and
plication rates, will totally oxidise and leave the surface within 45 - 55         personal protection
days of the application. This reduces the need for surface cleaning in
preparation for after trades.

                                                                                                      Atech Solutions Pty Ltd
                                                                                                      Unit 10, 632-642 Clayton Road, Clayton South 3169 Australia
                                                                                           A P        PO Box 3215 Mentone East VIC 3194 Australia
                                                                                                      Tel: +61 9017 6794 Fax: +61 3 8640 0837

    Field Support                                                                 Safety Precautions
    Field support where provided, does not constitute supervisory                 Some products may cause allergic reactions through skin contact, goggles,
    responsibility. Suggestions made by ATECH either verbally or in               protective gloves and overalls must be worn. Ensure that there is adequate
    writing may be followed, modified or rejected by the owner, engineer          ventilation and avoid breathing the vapour.
    or contractor since they and not ATECH are responsible for carrying out
                                                                                  Exclusion Clause
    procedures appropriate to a specific application.
                                                                                  1.   The information contained in this data sheet is based
    Customer Responsibility
                                                                                       on many years experience and is correct to the best of our
    The technical information and application advice given in this publication         knowledge. ATECH will be under no liability whatsoever whether in:
    is based on the best information available at time of print. As the                a) Contract or tort (including, without limitation, negligence)
    information herein is of a general nature, no assumption can be made               b) Breach of statute
    as to the products suitability for a particular use or application and no          c) Any other legal or equitable obligation other than the quality of the
    warranty as to its accuracy, reliability or completeness either expressed     product                 at the time of despatch.
    or implied is given other than those required by Commonwealth or State        2. Any queries about specification use or application should be directed
    Legislation. The owner, his representative or the contractor is responsible        to our technical service department immediately.
    for checking the suitability of products for their intended use.              3. This exclusion clause does not operate to exclude any warranty that
                                                                                              by law may not be excluded.

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