SAIL Program Newsletter 4

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					SAIL Program Newsletter 4
     Dandenong Langhorne Campus – August 2007

The ‘let us know’ list

1 If any of your contact details have changed, please let us know.
2 If you are planning to have contact with your student outside of SAIL hours you must let us
   know first and complete the contact request form.
3 If you intend to bring a friend to SAIL please direct them to the website first and direct them
   to apply online or just let us know beforehand.
4 Let us know if you are going to miss a Saturday via the online “Can’t Come Form”
5 Please check and read your emails each week – if possible, Friday is best!
6 Please let us know before you speak publicly or publish an article about SAIL.

Ongoing offers

1 Photocopying- for any SAIL related photocopying, simply mark the pages from the books you
   want copied and give the book to the co-ordinators on Saturday – it will be ready for you the
   following week!

2 The Tutor Resources section of the website is available at all times to provide tutors with
   ideas, games, work-sheets and support. We strongly suggest that if you are experiencing
   difficulties of any kind when working with your student, you post a request for advice on the
   SAIL Panel of Experts Bulletin Board – the password was in the email with this newsletter.

Diary dates

1 The week 5 tutor talks for 2007 occur on 16 May, 20 June, 25 July, 5 September, 3 October
   and 7 November 2007

2 If you are interested in attending any upcoming African Australian events click here for
   the details.

Please read this newsletter in the following week it gives updates on SAIL past, present and future!
       Welcome to the Dandenong Langhorne                       September! It already runs over at SAIL’s Western
       Campus Newsletter!                                       Victorian campuses.
       It’s been good SAILing since the last newsletter         SAIL Xtend is our short course program which is
       including a trip to the footy last week for many         about ‘exposure, not achievement’.
       of our younger SAILors, and the SAIL 6th birthday        Each SAIL Xtend course runs for the first four
       celebration on the 25th August!                          weeks of our five week cycle for about 45 minutes
                                                                after our main SAIL time and lunch. It will be a
       Next Theme: Healthy Food, Healthy Bodies!
                                                                combined Dandenong campuses project and we
       So we’ve all been trying to save the environment         already have our eye on a small number of lucky
       these past few weeks. Let’s hope it continues on.        SAILors to help us pilot this exciting program.
       There’s been great use of the paper recycling box
                                                                Our very first short course will be on cooking
       and SAILors reusing paper and creating art out of
                                                                and our SAIL Xtend co-ordinator at Dandenong
       recycled items!
                                                                Langhorne is John. Our cooking course coincides
       Our next theme is very important too- a healthy          with our theme – ‘healthy food, healthy bodies’.
       food lifestyle. We already provide healthy salad rolls
                                                                Can’t Come Form – Submission by Friday 5pm
       for lunch and some sporty games during lunch.
       Here are a few more suggestions and ideas to             Thank you to all SAILors for making use of the
       promote healthy food and healthy bodies!                 online Can’t Come Form for Dandenong Langhorne.
                                                                It is a huge help for us to know as early as possible
       •   Go For Your Life - http://www.goforyourlife.vic.
                                                                when you are unable to SAIL, as it means that we
                                                                can organise car collection and student-tutor match
       •   Go For 2 Fruit & 5 Veg - http://www.gofor2and5.      ups easily. Please complete the form before 5pm on
                                               a Friday! If something comes up at the last minute
                                                                and you can’t make it, please let us know either by
       •   Dole: 5 a day -
                                                                texting or calling.
                                                                SAILAbout Excursions
       • UniServe (many links) - http://science.uniserve.                          It’s been great to see so many excursions by SAILors
                                                                and tutors outside of SAIL hours! We’ve had trips to
       •   Food Songs - http://www.preschooleducation.
                                                                the ballet, football and other events in recent times.
                                                                Thank you to everyone who has put in that extra bit
       •   ABC: For the Juniors -    of time and energy to arrange them.
                                                                If anyone would like to arrange an excursion,
       •   PBS: The Meaning of Food - http://www.pbs.           please download the ‘out of hours contact form’
           org/opb/meaningoffood/                               from the SAIL website, and make sure you arrange
                                                                for at least one other SAIL tutor to go along.
       SAIL Literacy Levels
                                                                Also, please let Tom or Christine know in advance
       Just a reminder that Tom has a copy of SAIL literacy     by handing in the form completed and signed by the
       levels for most SAIL students. If you are wondering      students’ guardians.
       about what level your SAIL student is and would
       like to see the information, please ask Tom or Chris
                                                                Outside Supervision
       when you see them on Saturday. Chris has kindly          Please ensure that SAILors do not play in the car
       offered to do some more literacy tests for new           park on Saturdays during SAIL hours. Games and
       students in the coming weeks.                            outdoor activities are very much encouraged at
                                                                SAIL but, for safety reasons, please encourage
       For more information on SAIL Literacy Levels and
                                                                SAILors to use the grass area out the back of our
       what to do after you know your SAILor’s literacy
                                                                campus for these.
       levels, check out the helpful site at http://home.                         WholeSAIL News
       SAIL Xtend: Pilot Run                                    SAIL Birthday
       It is with great pleasure that we announce that we       This Saturday the SAIL campuses will unite for only
       will be piloting SAIL Xtend in Dandenong from 8          the second time to celebrate 6 years of SAILing!

SAIL Dandenong Langhorne Campus      page 
       We hope you will join us for the concert, cake and       This is an ideal chance of young SAILors to tell their
       photo at the Myer Music Bowl. We will kick off as        story. Artists and writers will be present at this free
       soon as everyone arrives from all five campuses.         family workshop waiting to help you release your
       Please come to the usual spot at the usual time to       inner-scribe and lead you through the book-making
       join the crew.                                           process! Once your book is made, it will be kept
                                                                in the ArtPlay library, with all other books made by
       SAIL Formal
                                                                kids for kids. After the workshop session, you can
       On Saturday 1 September from 6pm, SAILors will           enjoy all the other activities beneath the marquee
       be kicking up their heels en masse at 12 Surrey St,      – from readings to Q&A sessions with well-known
       South Yarra for the SAIL formal. All SAILors are         authors and illustrators. If you are able to go, please
       invited, including those Sudanese SAILors over 12.       make sure to wear something warm!
       We hope you will join us.
                                                                Entwine: Crafting Cultural Connections Exhibition
       Opportunity for SAILors to join the Australian
                                                                Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, Ground floor,
       Red Cross holiday program
                                                                210 Lonsdale Street Melbourne
       The Australian Red Cross is offering a couple
                                                                For your interest, Entwine is a collaboration
       of fun-filled days for young people between the ages
                                                                between African refugee and migrant women and
       of 12 and 20 these September school holidays.
                                                                contemporary designers and artists.
       If your SAILor buddy would like to join and learn
       to rockclimb (Saturday 22 September at 10.00am),         Through a series of workshops, they have come
       or enjoy a visit to the PIXAR Exhibition on              together to create a series of beautiful craftworks,
       (Thursday 27 September at 10.00am), where you’ll         inspired by the shared vibrant cultures and
       get a look at how some of your favourite animated        artistic talents.
       characters were created, please let Matthew know
       by emailing
       Excursion ideas                                             Total trivia
       Celebrate the Moon Festival with Asian                      Sudan had an unusual cause for fame in
       Lantern Making
                                                                   the 1960s. Larry Shreve (Born Lawrence
       Sunday 23 September and Sunday 7 October 2007
                                                                   Shreve on November 2, 1936), known at
       Times 10.00am – 12:30pm
       FREE ENTRY                                                  times as the Madman from Sudan, was a
       Every autumn, streets throughout Asia are decorated         professional wrestler. He is known as one
       with colourful, delicate lanterns in celebration of         of the most brutal professional wrestlers of
       the season of harvest. These sessions would be ideal
       for SAILors to try to make a beautiful lantern using        all-time. Despite wrestling folklore, Abdullah
       traditional techniques.                                     the Butcher did not truly hail from Sudan.
       On Sunday 7 October, the workshop will be                   He was Canadian and looked about as
       followed by a performance from 2.00pm – 3.30pm.
       Bookings are essential so if you’re interested, please      Sudanese as the Queen.

       let Matthew know as soon as possible.
       Tell your own story at the Melbourne Writers’
       Festival Family Workshop                                 Thank you for helping us to SAIL into our seventh
       Saturday 25 August, Sunday 26 August                     year. With five new campuses in the past two years,
       Saturday 1 September and Sunday 2 September
                                                                we are well on target to take over the world
       Workshops 10.00am – noon, festivities all day
       Marquee, CUB Malthouse, Sturt St, South Melbourne        very soon.
       Kids must be aged from 5 – 13 years for                  Smooth SAILing,
       the workshop
       FREE ENTRY (no bookings required)                        Matthew & Tom

SAIL Dandenong Langhorne Campus      page 

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