Sail away in the Whitsundays by lindayy


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									        Sunshine Coast Daily                           Brief: SUNSAIL
        Saturday 7/7/2007
        Page: 64
        Section: General News
        Region: Maroochydore QLD Circulation: 36,885
        Type: Regional
        Size: 112.59 sq.cms.
        Published: MTWTFS-

Sail away in the
     ENJOY perfect        Full gourmet provision-
        winter weather    ing is provided and
        in the Whit-      prepared daily by the
        sundays with a    yacht's host, using the
magical holiday aboard    freshest ingredients.
a Sunsail Luxury            Guests can choose
Crewed Cruise.            whether they wish to
  Consistent south-       relax every day or
easterly trade winds,     become actively in-
clear blue skies and      volved in helping to sail
pleasurable temper-       the yacht between each
atures in the low 20C     stunning anchorage.
range, make winter the
ideal time to sail
                            Sunsail's marketing
around the 74 Whit-       manager Kim McKee
sunday islands.           says that Sunsail creat-
  Escape with your        ed the new product in
partner for a romantic    response to people who
few days or get a group   wanted to experience a
of friends together and   luxurious and affor-
charter the entire ca-    dable sailing holiday
tamaran.                  with personalised
  With only four cabins   service.
and a maximum of            Call Sunsail on Toll
eight guests, you'll      free 1800 803 988 or
have a personalised       visiting their website at
holiday like no other.

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