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									sacred heart college geelong 2007
                                       maguire 2007

                        maguire 2007   ii
                           From the Principal
                           Find your guiding inspiration in a place where dreams are made
                           With a lifetime’s preparation there’s no time to be afraid
                           Put our differences behind us while we shine like the sun
                           See what we’ve all become, together we are one.

                           These beautiful words sung at the opening of the new Costa Centre for the
                           Performing Arts by former student Rose Sejean speak to me about what we
                           as a school community strive to achieve.

                           Sacred Heart College is indeed a place of inspiration. Our curriculum and
                           social justice program is a preparation for life. Students are encouraged to
                           hold on to their dreams and pursue their goals so that they can make a
                           positive difference to the society in which they will take their place.

                           The opening of the new performing arts centre on Friday 27 April was a
                           proud moment for the College and marked an important milestone in the
                           history of the school. The $7.3 million facility is the largest building project
                           to be undertaken since the founding Sisters built the bluestone school,
                           convent and Chapel in the 1860s and we are proud of this achievement.

                           Financing the new centre has been a major challenge for the school and we
                           are indebted to the many people who through their generosity have made
                           our dreams a reality. I believe the College is extremely privileged to be part
                           of a community which is so committed to the growth and development of
                           the school.

                           The completion of the building program is a time to take stock and review
                           the school’s future directions. The College Leadership Team has begun
                           working with Williams Ross Architects to develop the next phase of the
                           Master Plan which will chart the physical development of the campus for the
                           next 10 years.

                           In developing these future plans we have to be mindful of many issues such
                           as the demographic growth and changes that will take place in the Geelong
                           region, environmental factors and anticipated changes in education and in
                           the use of technology. I believe that it is our duty as the current custodians
                           of the College to be totally accountable for the school we hand over to
                           future generations. Our Mercy heritage and values must be preserved and
                           the school also needs to be prepared and equipped so that students achieve
                           the best possible education.

                           During the year I had the opportunity to participate in the Teaching
                           Australia ‘Leading Australia’s Schools’ program. Primary and secondary
                           school principals were selected from across Australia and represented
                           government, Catholic and independent sectors.

                           The focus was on current and future leadership in schools and the lesson
                           that we all carried away from the program was that now more than ever
                           before school leaders must be open to change. However, no matter how the
                           world changes we must be responsible for the encouragement of a socially
                           just school and in our context one that has its ethos enriched by Gospel
                           values. I am sure these values will endure at Sacred Heart College.
maguire 2007

                           Jeffrey Burn
2              principal
2 From the Principal                             10 Costa Centre
                                                     The Costa Centre for the Performing
3 Contents                                           Arts was blessed and opened by
                                                     Archbishop Denis Hart on Friday 27
4 Strike a chord                                     April. On Page 10 share the joy of our
                                                     celebrations which included a
   The College theme for 2007 is Strike a            spectacular concert, Divas – A
   Chord. On Page 4 College Captain Ellana           Celebration of Women in Song.
   Katos explains its relevance to the
   opening of the school’s new performing        12 Thank you to our donors
   arts centre.

                                                 14 Where are they now
6 News
                                                     On page 14 former student Nancy
   This year students will gain a deeper             Romano reminisces about her time at
   understanding of other cultures with trips        SHC and talks about her job as the
   to Italy, France, Japan, Ireland and              Chief Executive of Fox Studios Australia.
   Borneo. Turn to Page 6 to read about
   some of the exciting things happening at      15 Artist-in-residence
   the school.
                                                     Former student Jacinta Leitch is
7 Sport                                              returning to the College as artist-in-
                                                     residence and to create a major
   Year 11 student Jess Couch has been               sculpture for the new Austin Court.
   chosen as the Geelong Advertiser Young            On Page 15 Jacinta talks about the
   Sports Star of the Year for her outstanding       experiences that inspire her work.
   results in the national athletics
   championships. Some of our great
   individual and team sporting
                                                 16 SHOCA news
   achievements are featured on Page 7.
                                                 17 Archives
8 Organ                                              The College archives continue to grow.
                                                     On Page 17 read about plans for a new
   The Chapel organ was made and
                                                     archive centre as the home for the
   installed by George Fincham in 1884               school’s collection of photographs and
   and restored by his descendants 100               memorabilia.
   years later. On Page 8 John Maidment                                                          Picture courtesy Geelong Advertiser
   one of Australia’s foremost authorities       18 Staff and Convent news
   on church organs praises this rare
   musical instrument.                               Former Principal Sr Eileen Ann Daffy
                                                     has been awarded the Order of
8 Art                                                Australia in the Queen’s Birthday
                                                     Honours list. Turn to Page 18 for more
   The school has a new art gallery which            news about current and former staff.
   has been named the Cranbourne Gallery
   in honour of Geelong businessman, the
   late Mr Leslie Cranbourne. Find out how
   the school will perpetuate the memory of
   this very special man.                                                                                                                         15
                                                                                                                                                  maguire 2007

                                           17                 6                                                            6           contents   3
                 SSRC 2006
                 College Captain                 Strike a chord
                 Ellana Katos
                 Deputy Captains
                 Emily Burchell, Prue Morrison   Each year the Student and Staff Representative Council identifies a
                                                 theme for the school year. This year the theme is Strike a Chord and at
                 House captains                  the Mass to mark the start of the school year, College Captain Ellana
                 Siena                           Katos explained to her fellow students why it had been chosen.
                 Arts:       Lucy Ford
                 Sports:     Claire Breed        "When someone strikes a chord on any musical instrument, we are left with a lasting sound that
                 Deputy:     Anastasia Keras     resonates through waves, rippling through the air, reaching out to all in its path.
                 Assistant: Erin Ryan
                                                 All our talents, hopes and dreams are different - but what we all have in common is our ability to
                 Arts:       Lucy McFarlane
                                                 thrive off each others successes and to be motivated to further these successes, because we too
                 Sports:     Stephanie Hogan     want to be part of this ripple effect.
                 Deputy:     Ashlyn Gibbons
                                                 Striking a chord is finding your niche, your special interest, something which you feel so passionate
                 Assistant: Lucinda Pendergast
                                                 and strongly about that you are able to leave your own special mark and legacy.
                 Arts:       Georgia Darley      With the new performing arts centre opening this year, we felt that this theme had a great deal of
                 Sports:     Brea Turnley        relevance and connection to Sacred Heart College.
                 Deputy:     Cara Mathison
                 Assistant: Amy-Beth Seeley      As a community this theme is a way not only to express individuality, but also a chance to unite
                 Padua                           students together through inspiration and admiration. ‘Strike a chord’, whether it be auditioning for
                 Arts:       Emily Siedow-Egan   that next school production, striving for an A in English or winning that basketball grand
                 Sports:     Madeleine Taylor    final…these acts of courage, much like a chord, send waves of inspiration from one person to the
                 Deputy:     Ruth Gador          next. This inspires people to want to share their talents, extending them amongst the SHC
                 Assistant: Gemma Ballan
                                                 community, leaving a legacy behind when it is time to move on.
                 Year level leaders              There is more than one note that makes up a chord. Yes, we can do it alone, but what this year’s
                 Year 7                          theme highlights is the beauty and special Sacred Heart spirit of working together. It’s not about
                 Luci Hedley
                                                 being a solo act but being united, working in perfect harmony, complementing each others
                 India Kinsey
                                                 strengths and helping each other.
                 April Lipson
                 Molly Couch                     To strike the right chord and strike it well so that it is heard, may take time and patience, but we
                 Year 8                          are only human, it is our nature to hit a few off notes now and then. But when we finally do strike
                 Skyler Purser                   that chord with those perfect notes it will make an impact not only on our own lives but on the lives
                 Eden Santomartino
                                                 of those who surround us."
                 Beth Anderson
                 Jennifer Smoorenburg
                                                 Farewell Sr Madeleine
                 Year 9
                                                 Deputy College Captians Prue Morrison, left, and
                 Lauren Katos
                                                 Emily Burchell pictured with Sr Madeleine Fox who
                 Karlea Morrow
                                                 retired from her role as the leader of the Sisters of
                 Sophie Schultz                  Mercy Newtown Community in May.
                 Lucy Packham
                                                 Sr Madeleine has been known and loved by
                 Year 10
                                                 generations of students and is a devoted and loyal
                 Ella Ridgeway
                                                 friend of the College. Her saying that she “loves
                 Majella Wilde
                                                 every brick in the place” is evident in her work as a
                 Hannah Douglas                  teacher and mentor to current and past students and
                 Laura Sestito                   staff and in her leadership role on College Council.
                 Year 11
                                                 Sr Madeleine entered the Mercy order at Rosanna in
                 Stephanie Tripodi
                                                 1950 and came to the College in 1954 to teach
                 Eden Lebbos                     Forms 1 and 2. She left to take up another position
                 Louise Taylor                   in 1958 but returned in 1965 as Mistress of Boarders
                 Emma Dempsey                    and to teach middle school. She left in 1970
                 Year 12                         following her appointment as Mistress of Novices at
maguire 2007

                                                 the Melbourne Archdiocese Novitiate.
                 Jessica Hyde
                 Luci Sgro                       In 1997 Sr Madeleine returned to Sacred Heart as
                 Jessica Nemaric                 the leader of the Newtown Community. She is now
                 Jessica Murray                  enjoying a very active retirement in Melbourne but
                                                 remains in close contact with her many friends at
                                                 the College.
4              ssrc 2007
                                                                                                                       Committee leaders
New beginnings                                                                                                         Social Justice
                                                                                                                       Sarah Goring
At the start of year Mass Pauline Arnel, the mother of        and given opportunities to do so. I know this            Claire O’Reilly
Katherine who graduated in 2006 and Elizabeth who             because it has been my reality for the past six years.   Maegan Grant
started Year 7 in February, spoke to new families about
being a parent at Sacred Heart College                        The journey from Year 7 to Year 12 is an amazing
                                                              one and not everything goes smoothly. Homework           Holly Lipson
New beginnings are a wonderful thing. Excitement,             not completed, the odd detention here and there,         Cassandra Mahony
anxiety and curiosity are just a few of the emotions          friendship issues and so on. As the saying goes,         Afrodity Petkovski
bundled together inside us that at one time or another        “It takes a village to raise a child” and you quickly
we have to deal with. In 2006 we had a daughter               learn that at Sacred Heart everyone lends a hand
                                                                                                                       Faith & Spirituality
complete her education at Sacred Heart and our                to raise that child. Much to the girl’s displeasure,     Rhiannah Sgarbi
youngest daughter was welcomed into Year 7 this year.         communication lines are opened and encouraged.           Elizabeth McFarlane
It had been a hectic November but we did the right            If homework isn’t done, we find out and equally if       Joanna Wills
thing and attended the Year 7 information evening.            something wonderful is achieved we are informed.
                                                              If friendship issues become too difficult to handle
I was feeling very much at home and perhaps even a                                                                     Homer Faber
                                                              alone, there is always a friendly ear ready to listen    Olivia Shiels
little smug. You know that great feeling when you are
                                                              and advise.                                              Brooke Hunt
not the new kid on the block; you know the ropes and
                                                                                                                       Rose Ridgway
what to expect, while others around you have that, “I’m       But yet the greatest joy of all for me as we begin
not quite sure” look on their face. But a feeling I           anew is being able to look forward knowing the
couldn’t explain was niggling at me. As I listened to the                                                              Approaches to Learning
                                                              possibilities that lie ahead. Nothing could have
                                                                                                                       Sarah Lyons
speakers explaining to us all the wonderful                   prepared me for what I was to witness at the end
                                                                                                                       Naomi Daly
opportunities offered at the school, it hit me. I had an      of Year 12 celebrations with staff and students.
                                                                                                                       Kira Petrov
overwhelming urge to jump up and tell all those               To see teachers and students embrace each other
assembled, yes, it is a wonderful beginning, this             with genuine affection, tears from staff at the
journey, but if you could just look into the future and       thought of letting go of these girls as if they were     Health & Social Education
                                                                                                                       Michelle Sanders
see what I have seen, then you too could have a great         their own and the shared laughter as they
                                                                                                                       Sophie Gove
feeling of joy and certainty. Being able to look at a new     remembered in-house jokes that we as parents
                                                                                                                       Molly Murray
beginning from the perspective of how it ends is an           were not privy to, was overwhelming. These were
amazing privilege.                                            no longer just teachers and students, they were
                                                              adults and friends.
I suddenly realized that I was sending my daughter off
to begin school safe in the knowledge that everything
                                                                                                                       2006 Awards
                                                              You know the decision to send you daughter to
they tell you at the Year 7 information night is translated   Sacred Heart was the right one when you drive
                                                                                                                       Dux of the College
into actions. Yes, if your daughter wants to participate in   past a few months after she has left and entered
sports she’s never tried, she will be encouraged. If she      the new phase of her life and you ask her does she       Bridget Williams

wants to excel academically she will be given guidance        miss it. For this girl, the only time the word “love”
                                                                                                                       Mercy Award
and challenged. If she wants to perform and sing her          is uttered in relation to The OC and her beloved
                                                                                                                       Erin Warner
heart out, she will have a whole new world opened up to       dog and so it breaks my heart when she says softly
her. If she wants to become a leader she will be trained                                                               Caltex All-Rounder Award
                                                              “I loved that place.”
                                                                                                                       Matilda Myers

                                                                                                                       Soroptimist Award
                                                                                                                       Sophia Katos

                                                                                                                       Maguire Award
                                                              Last post:
                                                                                                                       Michaela Whelan
                                                              Year 12 student Jessica Murray played the Last Post
                                                                                                                       Performing Arts Award
                                                              as the whole school gathered for a Mass and
                                                                                                                       Rose-Marie Sejean
                                                              assembly to commemorate ANZAC Day. Jessica is
                                                              a gifted musician and completed her VCE music            Pierre de Coubertin Award
                                                              units 3 and 4 while in Year 11. For her solo             Rachel Noonan
                                                              performance, which is part of the VCE assessment,
                                                                                                                       Sacred Heart Award
                                                              she played in the College Chapel with three of her
                                                                                                                       Erica Casey
                                                              brothers who took time off from their tertiary
                                                                                                                       Australian Defence Force Award
                                                              studies to accompany her. Jessica's five older
                                                                                                                                                          maguire 2007

                                                              bothers Glenn, Leigh, Robin, Andrew and Stewart          Erin Warner

                                                              have all studied music at the College while              Zonta International Nominee
                                                              students at St Joseph's College.                         Bridget O’Dwyer

                                                                                                                                              ssrc 2007   5
               VCE Academic Awards
               Awards in each of the VCE subject
               areas are based upon the highest
                                                    College news
               study score.
               Accounting: Kate Argento             This year our students have not only measured the        competition to promote the release of the film
               Biology: Dharnae Kern                Earth but are also flying around it. As part of          and her prize included tickets for her whole
               Business Management:                 Science Week students replicated a 2000 years old        year level.
               Millicent Burke
                                                    experiment to measure the circumference of the
               Chemistry: Monica Hatch,                                                                      The life of the school has been enriched this year
               Dharnae Kern                         Earth using angles of the Sun. The readings taken
                                                                                                             by many visitors to the school. In March two
               Dance: Tarah Kelly                   at the College were part of a national project           representatives of the Women’s Foundation of
               English: Jessie Brandon              involving dozens of schools across Australia.            Nepal spoke to students about the harsh realities
               Food Technology:
               Katherine O'Connor                   Our students will also experience the Earth from         of life for many women and children in their
               French: Rose - Marie Sejean          another perspective during trips to France, Italy and    country and thanked the school for its fundraising
               Geography: Georgia Borrack           Japan and plans are also underway for trips to           efforts to support their work. In the week of
               Health & Human Development:          Catherine McAuley’s Ireland and to Borneo.               ANZAC Day four Vietnam War Veterans came to
               Bridget Williams
                                                                                                             the school to share their experiences, feelings
               History Revolutions:                 During their time at the College it is hoped that all
               Emma Fargher, Emma Hayes,
                                                                                                             and memories about their days spent at war.
               Heidi Mellar                         students will have the opportunity to broaden their
                                                                                                             They talked about conscription and how they had
               International Studies:               education and experience other cultures through          no choice but to listen to their government.
               Jonathon Constable                   travel overseas. Closer to home there have been
               Italian: Sophia Katos                                                                         The school continues to have a strong focus on
                                                    many camps, retreats and excursions which are a
               Japanese: Sarah Murray                                                                        social justice and the College became a member
                                                    valuable part of the school curriculum.
               Legal Studies: Anna Crawford                                                                  of the Australia East Timor Friendship School
               Literature: Sophia Katos             Our Year 7 students were able to join in the 150th       Project set up to raise awareness about East
               Further Mathematics: Evie            anniversary celebrations at the Academy of Mary          Timor and the problems faced by this young
               Maguire                              Immaculate in Fitzroy during a visit to Victoria’s       nation. The College is committed to supporting
               Mathematical Methods:
               Bridget Williams
                                                    oldest Catholic girls school. When our current Year      people in East Timor though the work of the
               Specialist Mathematics:              7s are in Year 10 we will be celebrating our own         Sisters of Mercy at Odoforo School in Baucau.
               Monica Hatch,                        sesquicentenary and we will return the invitation.
               Bridget Williams                                                                              During the year our students have received many
               Media: Amy Mullins                   Every student in Year 7 was also treated to a visit to   awards for academic and sporting achievements
               Music Performance – Solo:            the cinema to see Bridge to Terabithia thanks to         but the College itself has also won an award and
               Sophia Katos
                                                    Johanna Mousley of 7BOC who won tickets to a             has been named an Apple School of Excellence
               Physical Education:
               Kirsten Porter                       preview of the film. Johanna won the Victorian           for its innovative use of technology and for
               Physics: Monica Hatch                division of an Australia wide essay-writing              sharing our ideas with other schools.
               Psychology: Jessica Hodgson
               Religion in Society: Yvette
               Edsall, Jessica Hodgson
               Studio Arts: Abby Connolly,
               Hayley Guy, Anita Matijevic
               Visual Communication &
               Design: Kate Van Der Kruik
               Vocational Education and
               VET: Hospitality – Operations:
               Danielle Debrincat, Madeleine
               VET: Industry & Enterprise:
               Melissa Kelly
               VET: Multimedia      :
               Samantha Stapleton: Erin
               Victorian Certificate of Applied
               VCAL: Literacy: Abby Carlon
               VCAL: Numeracy:          Arlie
maguire 2007

               VCAL: Work Related Skills:
               Melissa Kelly
               VCAL: Personal Development
               Skills: Tameeka Murrihy

6              awards                              news
Sporting highlights                                                                                                   Class of 2006
                                                                                                                      The members of the graduating
                                                                                                                      Class of 2006 deserve high praise
The College continues to shine when it comes to             Cross Country in Term 2 at Eastern Gardens was            not only for the outstanding
                                                                                                                      academic results they received but
outstanding individuals in their chosen sport. Ann-         run on a mild still day - perfect for cross country       also their approach to school life.
Louise Slee competed for Australia in the World             racing. This event is compulsory in Years 7-11, and       The school achieved a 100 percent
Junior Badminton Championships overseas in                                                                            success rate in VCE and 91 percent
                                                            although optional for Year 12's, 56 girls attended
                                                                                                                      of students received a tertiary offer.
December 2006. An amazing feat considering                  which was terrific. Georgie Buckley, Year 9, Sophie
                                                                                                                      There were many individual
she had to complete her Year 12 exams under                 Gove, Year 10, and Bree Ryan, Year 11, were the           successes and 45 percent of
supervision whilst over there.                              standout individuals.                                     students gained an ENTER score of
                                                                                                                      80 or above. Five students achieved
Jessie Couch and Bianca Maurer also successfully            Interschool sports have been amazing in 2007 and          perfect study scores of 50 and 15
defended titles in athletics at the Australian              our results have been wonderful. The College won          percent of students achieved study
                                                                                                                      scores above 40.
Championships in Sydney. These girls will represent         the Intermediate Division in the SCSA Swimming
                                                                                                                      The Dux of the College, Bridget
Australia at the World Youth Games in the Czech             (Division 1) and came second overall to Star of the       Williams received an ENTER score
Republic in July. Bianca will compete in javelin and        Sea. This was followed up by domination in the            of 99.80 and in her VCE Unit 3
                                                                                                                      and 4 studies received an average
Jessie will run in the 400m and 400m hurdles.               SCSA Division 1 Athletics. SHC won all three
                                                                                                                      in the mid-40s across a range of
                                                            divisions and the over all trophy. Congratulations to     subjects. Bridget is now studying
Jessie was also awarded the prestigious Junior Sports
                                                            our team of 85 students!                                  medicine at Monash University.
Star of the Year by the Geelong Advertiser for her
                                                                                                                      Students involved in Vocational
outstanding achievements in athletics in the past year.     Geelong Girls Football saw us win the senior girls,       Education and Training (VET)
                                                            and be narrowly defeated in the Junior Grand              programs and in the Victorian
                                                                                                                      Certificate of Applied Learning
                                                            Final. In the SCSA Basketball (Division 1) the
House Carnivals                                                                                                       (VCAL) also achieved excellent
                                                            College won the Juniors by one point, and made            results. The school’s commitment
A very hot day greeted us for the Swimming Sports at                                                                  to providing alternative pathways
                                                            the Grand Final game in the Intermediate. An
the Kardinia Pool in February. During the day 800                                                                     for senior students has been
                                                            outstanding number of students attended trials for
students took part and managed to cool off. In fact                                                                   acknowledged by the Catholic
                                                            all sports with hundreds of girls having a go and         Education Commission of Victoria.
everyone got to cool off just prior to the relays as a
                                                            trying out for various teams. Our sign up lists are       Congratulations and well done to
massive downpour came - the first rain we had seen                                                                    the Class of 2006.
                                                            overflowing with names at every year level. We had
in weeks. The day was a huge success with Loyola
                                                            113 students trying out for junior football, with
finishing ahead of Clairvaux, Siena then Padua.
                                                            similar numbers attending soccer, badminton and           Honour Awards
Athletics was a concern on our hard grass oval due          netball trials. Hockey and basketball selections          The following students
                                                                                                                      received an ENTER score of 90
to the drought conditions, so for 2007 we headed to         were also challenging due to the sheer numbers            or above
Goldsworthy Reserve in Corio. It was quite a task           involved. Many junior and intermediate students           Kate Argento
transporting all students to and from the track but         have some sporting commitment nearly every                Alison Bailey
                                                                                                                      Louise Bench
everyone made a huge effort to ensure the day ran           lunchtime. We love to see this level of activity          Essie Bohan
smoothly. Spectators kept up the tradition of dressing      amongst our girls. Sport is indeed alive and              Georgia Borrack
                                                                                                                      Jessie Brandon
up for the day in House themes with Padua "aliens",         happening here at SHC. Our reputation as a highly         Millicent Burke
Siena "farmers", Clairvaux "toy box" and Loyola             competitive school in all sports is certainly not         Erica Casey
                                                                                                                      Abbey Colbert
"Dracula". It certainly was a fun day, with ribbons         diminishing! Go girls!                                    Anna Crawford
being won for individual events and team events like                                                                  Lauren Eccles
                                                                                                                      Yvette Edsall
the relays and novelties.                                   Karen Cordy – Sports Coordinator                          Hannah Ervin
                                                                                                                      Emma Fargher
                                                                                                                      Monica Hatch
Athletes:                                                         Good sports:                                        Anna Horan
                                                                                                                      Hayley Guy
Our girls who competed in the national athletics titles           Can you spot two members of the current             Sophia Katos
are, from back left, Holly Lipson, Natalie Debeljuh,              teaching staff on this 1972 picture of sports       Dharnae Kern
                                                                                                                      Alexandra MacKay
Jessie Couch, and Georgie Buckley, from front left,               captains? Mrs Jan Taylor (Harris) is centre front   Evie Maguire
Ashlee Skorjanec, Emily Bews, Biana Maurer and Bree Ryan.         and Mrs Carol Bryce (Siden) is centre back.         Anita Matijevic
                                                                                                                      Heidi Mellar
                                                                                                                      Grace Moloney
                                                                                                                      Frances Monea
                                                                                                                      Amy Mullins
                                                                                                                      Sarah Murray
                                                                                                                      Rachelle Naughton
                                                                                                                      Alicia Neels
                                                                                                                      Ebony - Rose Perkins
                                                                                                                                                               maguire 2007

                                                                                                                      Kirsten Porter
                                                                                                                      Ann - Louise Slee
                                                                                                                      Natalie Squire
                                                                                                                      Morgan Smyth
                                                                                                                      Lisa Trotto
                                                                                                                      Hannah Vuraic

                     Picture courtesy Geelong Advertiser
                                                                                                                                                 awards        7
                Chapel organ                                                         Cranbourne Gallery
                The Chapel organ has been recognised as a rare and                   Sacred Heart College has a new art gallery which has been named the
                significant instrument by the Organ Historical Trust of Australia.   Cranbourne Gallery in honour of Geelong businessman the late Mr Leslie
                                                                                     Cranbourne and his wife Peggy.
                Mr John Maidment OAM, Chairperson of the Trust recently
                visited the school and said that the organ was a fine example        The gallery is part of the new performing arts centre and runs the length
                of the work of master craftsman George Fincham who made              of McAuley Hall linking the building to the visual arts area.
                and installed the organ in 1884.                                     Mr Cranbourne, who was the owner of the Grovedale Hotel in Geelong,

                He said: "The College organ has been very well looked after          had a passion for the arts and was himself a gifted artist.

                and is in excellent physical and tonal condition. It is a real       Sadly, for more than 30 years Mr Cranbourne suffered from glaucoma
                credit to all concerned. Sadly, many of George Fincham’s             and was completely blind for the last 10 years of his long life. The
                instruments have been altered but the Sacred Heart organ is          disease robbed him of his sight and his ability to paint and enjoy looking
                almost entirely intact and of very high significance as a result."   at the things he loved.

                When it was installed the organ cost $400 and it was built so        To perpetuate the memory of this very special man, the school has
                that the console faced the nave rather than the organ pipes          established the Cranbourne Scholarship to support senior students who
                which was the usual practice. Over the years the instrument          intend to pursue careers and further studies in the visual arts. The school

                was maintained by George Fincham and his sons and carefully          will also host the annual Cranbourne Exhibition which will feature the
                                                                                     work of young artists from the Geelong region. Each year an award to be
                restored by his descendants for its centenary.
                                                                                     known as The Cranbourne Prize will be offered to one of the exhibitors. It
                The Organ Historical Trust has now included details and              is hoped that the exhibition and prize will form a springboard that will
                photographs of the College organ in its on line directory            foster and encourage young artists.
                                                                                     To mark the opening the new gallery an inaugural exhibition was held
                                                                                     featuring the work of former students and current and former staff. The
                                                                                     exhibition was opened by Old Collegian Ms Sally Beck, General Manager

                Trees rescue                                                         of Geelong Performing Arts Centre.

                                                                                     Many former students are now professional artists and their work has
                                                                                     featured in exhibitions in Australia and overseas as well as being held in
                As the drought took its toll, the school had to take special
                                                                                     private and public collections around the world. Former students to
                measures to protect many of the historic trees planted in the
                                                                                     exhibit their work in the Cranbourne Gallery opening exhibition were:
                College grounds.

                We applied for special dispensation to water the trees but this
                                                                                     Renee Abbott - 1994
                was refused and instead we were given permission to purchase
                                                                                     Renee is a prolific painter, illustrator, composer and musician. To date
                water. So during the summer school holidays water was
                                                                                     she has published three anthologies of poetry and recorded four albums.
                trucked in and the College garbage bins were fitted with dripper
                                                                                     In 2005, Renee entered the Archibald Prize with a portrait of singer and
                taps and converted into a makeshift but effective watering
                                                                                     TV personality Denis Walter. She has recently completed her Masters
                system.                                                              degree in psychoanalysis at Deakin University.
                Some of the trees under threat included a giant Morton Bay Fig
                planted nearly 150 years ago when the College grounds were           Erica Casey - 2006
                originally set out by Mr Daniel Bunce, the famous explorer and
                                                                                     Erica is a painter working with textured acrylics, pastels, charcoal and
                botanist who designed Geelong Botanic Gardens.
                                                                                     watercolours and has exhibited at the Beach Head Gallery in
                                                                                     Warrnambool. She is currently employed at Sacred Heart as an arts
                                                                                     assistant and plans to study at university next year.

                                                                                     Felicity Clarke (Royce) - 1988
                                                                                     Felicity specialises in ceramic pots and sculptures and has works in
maguire 2007

                                                                                     private collections in Australia and overseas. She taught at the College
                                                                                     for two years before travelling overseas. She has been teaching in
                                                                                     London since 1998 and is married with two children.

8              organ and trees                                                       arts
Maria Harrison (McCormack) - 1982                                         Lurien Spanninga - 1979
Maria specialises in botanical illustration but has also worked in art    Lurien majors in drawing but has worked in diverse mediums
forms as diverse as painting, printmaking, mosaics, papier-mache,         including sculpture and wearable art. Her sculpture ‘Weedy Sea
quilting and theatrical set design. Her projects include two large        Dragon’ won the 2007 Surfcoast Shire Calendar Competition.
murals for Belmont Primary School in Geelong.                             She has coordinated several exhibitions at Ocean World Gallery
                                                                          in Torquay. Lurien is currently studying for her Diploma of Visual
                                                                          Art at the Gordon College of TAFE.
Rona Green - 1989
Rona is a printmaker and her work features in major regional and
national galleries in Australia and overseas including the Geelong        Francesca Watt - 1999
Art Gallery, the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra and            After graduation Francesca studied advertising at RMIT and
Chaing Mai Contemporary Art Museum in Thailand. She also has              then completed a Diploma of Education at ACU. She now works
work in private collections around the world. In 2006, Rona won the       for the Ministry of Education in Melbourne. Her work ‘Chupa
Silk Cut Award Grand Prize of $6000 for her work ‘Dally-Boy’ which        Chick’ was exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria and was
featured in the Cranbourne Gallery opening exhibition. Her most           later published as a postcard to promote the 1999 VCE Top Cats
recent achievement is having a print featured on the cover of the         exhibition.
March - June 2007 issue of Australian Art Review magazine.
                                                                          Current and past staff who featured in the exhibition were
                                                                          Mrs Patsy Bush, Ms Samantha Gook, Ms Jan Johannsen,
Jacinta Leitch - 1982                                                     Dr Sandra Laver, Dr Gillian Turner, Mr James Watt,
Jacinta is a sculptor and came to the art form after many years           Mrs Ramona Watt and Mr John Watts.
of painting in various styles. Her work is held in many private
collections and she has undertaken numerous commissions
including work for Bellevue Pre-school and Clonard College in
Geelong. In July this year she will be artist-in-residence at Sacred      Dancing days:
Heart College. (See page 15).                                             Mr Cranbourne pictured in his
                                                                          younger days when he visited
                                                                          Australia from England to tour
Carmine Lake (Karen Mahoney)                                              as a professional ballroom
Attended SHC late 70s – early 80s                                         dancer.

Karen is a painter of flowers and works under the pseudonym
‘Carmine Lake’. She and her artist partner are also keen gardeners
and have established a nursery, display garden and picture framing
business in their 1864 church studio in Kapunda, South Australia.         Tribute:
Her work ‘Echeveria’ which featured in the Cranbourne Exhibition          The late Mr Leslie Cranbourne
was a finalist in the 2006 Waterhouse Natural History Prize.              pictured with his wife Peggy.
                                                                          The new art gallery in the
                                                                          recently opened performing arts
Kristen Pelletier (Burton) - 1988                                         centre has been named in his
Kristen is a fashion and textile artist, whose passion for art and        honour and will be a showcase
teaching was engendered as a student at SHC. She completed a              for young artistic talent in
Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne and has taught in         Geelong.

Canada. On her return to Australia she ran her own business and
café. Kristen now teaches at the College and her students won the
Victorian Fashion Awards for five years in succession.

                                                                          Oh, Ornette:
Jacqui Rogalsky - 1979                                                    One of former student

Jacqui is a painter and illustrator. After graduating she taught before   Renee Abbott's distinctive
                                                                          paintings Oh, Ornette What
travelling and working overseas. She says this was a “terrific
                                                                          Great Sax featured in the
experience” which broadened the knowledge and passion for art
                                                                                                                                               maguire 2007

                                                                          inaugural Cranbourne
that began for her as a student at the College. Jacqui regularly
exhibits in restaurants, cafes and shops and held her first major
exhibition in Geelong in 2006.

                                                                                                                           arts                9
                Blessing and Opening                                                 Divas launch new centre
                The first event in the new Costa Centre for Performing Arts          In a showcase of talent, students raised the curtain on our new
                was an historical moment for the College as Archbishop Denis         performing arts centre with concerts that played to capacity crowds

                Hart performed the blessing and official opening of the              over the three-day opening celebrations in April.

                new building.                                                        The opening concert “Divas – A Celebration of Women in Song”
                                                                                     saw the students taking the roles of some of the world’s most famous
                At the ceremony Archbishop Hart congratulated the school
                                                                                     singers and backup dancers. The girls received standing ovations at
                community on the successful completion of the new facility
                                                                                     every performance and College Principal Mr Jeffrey Burn said the
                and said that he saw the centre “as being an invitation and a
                                                                                     concerts were a spectacular way to celebrate the opening of the
                challenge to build beauty in the world today, to reach beyond        new building.
                our own limitations and particularly in our religious
                                                                                     The opening celebrations from Friday 27 April to Sunday 29 April
                celebrations to value beauty, silence and wonder.”
                                                                                     were a community event with staff, students, parents and Old
                He said: “May this new centre be a place of inspiration,             Collegians working together to welcome more than 1500 visitors to
                giftedness, hope, truth and light.”                                  the centre. Many guests took the opportunity to tour the new facility
                                                                                     which includes a 588-seat auditorium, a two-storey school of music,
                During the ceremony Sr Kath Tierney, the Leader of the
                                                                                     a drama studio, art gallery and landscaped courtyard.
                Sisters of Mercy Melbourne Congregation said that it was
                fitting that the ceremony was taking place in the year in which      The school orchestra and choir delighted guests at the blessing and
                                                                                     opening ceremony on Friday evening and over the weekend drama
                the order is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Sisters
                                                                                     students presented a series of cameo performances in the new
                arrival in Victoria.
                                                                                     Drama Studio. Music students played in the foyer and music rooms
                She said: “We are standing on the shoulders of those who             and VET hospitality students with the help of a team of volunteers
                went before us – at any point in history this can be said. In        made and served refreshments in a marquee set up in the courtyard
                years to come, many will look back at this historical event, the     for the celebrations.
                opening of the Costa Centre for the Performing Arts and say          The new $7.3 million centre is an icon building for the College and
                we are standing on the shoulders of those who went before us.        could not have been built without the generosity of many members of

                “I thank and acknowledge all those who have contributed to           our community who have contributed to the capital appeal.

                the building of this Centre and the provision of these facilities.   The name of our new centre acknowledges the support Mr Frank
                To the many donors who have given so generously – thank              Costa OAM and his family have given to the school over many years.
                you. You are an important part of this story, this legacy of         Mr Costa is a former student and attended the junior school under Sr
                Catholic Education in the Mercy Spirit in Geelong”.                  Celestine’s tutelage from the age of three. His eight daughters and
                                                                                     six of his grand daughters are following the family tradition.

                                                                                     The College’s new school of music has been named the Raphael
                Historic moment:                                                     Sheehan School of Music in honour of Sr Raphael who taught music
                School Captian Ellana Katos, left, and deputy captains Emily         at the school for 34 years. Sr Raphael was a dedicated teacher and
                Burchell and Prue Morrison pictured with Archbishop Denis Hart       inspired in her students a love and appreciation of music. She was a
                and College Principal Mr Jeffrey Burn prior to the blessing and      classically trained musician but joined the Mercy Order in 1935 to
                official opening of the new Costa Centre for the Performing Arts.    train as a nurse. However, it was felt that her gift of music and
                During the ceremony in McAuley Hall, Archbishop Hart unveiled        teaching others to develop theirs, was her true ministry. Sr Raphael
                                                                                     died in 2002 at the age of 97. The generosity of Mrs Joan Cameron
                a plaque commemorating the event.
                                                                                     and her husband Wallace ensured that the new school of music
                                                                                     could be part of the new centre.

                                                                                     The new auditorium, which can be used in a variety of formats for
                                                                                     performances, lectures, and social events, stands on the site of the
                                                                                     original McAuley Hall. The name has been retained to honour
                                                                                     Mother Catherine McAuley who founded the Sisters of Mercy in
                                                                                     Dublin 176 years ago.

                                                                                     The central courtyard links the new centre to the school’s heritage
 maguire 2007

                                                                                     buildings and has been named Austin Court as a tribute to Old
                                                                                     Collegian Mrs Heather Austin who is a generous and committed
                                                                                     supporter of Sacred Heart. The Australian Government contributed to
                                                                                     the creation of the courtyard through the Investing in Our Schools
10              opening
The new performing arts facility is linked to the visual arts area by a
two-storey art gallery which runs the length of McAuley Hall. This area
has been named The Cranbourne Gallery in honour of the late Mr Leslie
Cranbourne who was the owner of the Grovedale Hotel in Geelong.
Mr Cranbourne had a passion for the arts and was himself a gifted artist.   Opening number:
                                                                            Year 9 student Lizzie
The entrance to the centre and the school of music has been named
                                                                            Sahlstrom opened the Divas
the Parents & Friends Foyer in gratitude for the many ways in which the
                                                                            concert with a star
Parents & Friends Association supports the College. In addition to the
                                                                            performance as Liza Minelli
extensive fundraising program undertaken by the Association each year
                                                                            singing New York, New
the members play a crucial role in welcoming new families and involving
current families in the life of the school.

The new centre has transformed the Aphrasia Street aspect of the
school and entrance to the building is via the Aphrasia Street gates
which were donated by the Old Collegians’ Association to mark the
centenary of the school in 1960. As part of the development of the
centre the gates have been restored and the entrance realigned to
provide a view of the school’s heritage buildings.
                                                                            Changing roles:
The covered walkway from the gates to the main doors has been
                                                                            Year 12 student Ellana Katos
named the Old Collegians’ Cloister to acknowledge the contribution
                                                                            proved her versatility and
the Association has made to the performing arts centre appeal and
                                                                            after speaking as College
the ongoing support it provides to the school. The centenary gates were
                                                                            Captain at the opening
restored thanks to the generosity of Mr and Mrs William McFarlane and
                                                                            ceremony later stepped out
Mr and Mrs Damian McFarlane.
                                                                            on stage as Diva Aretha
To acknowledge major gifts to the capital appeal, the names of              Franklin singing the classic
individuals, families and organisations are included on a donor board       Respect.
in the foyer of the new centre. Many individuals and families have also
made donations to name seats in the new auditorium and many of the
seats have been named for Sisters. There are named seats for all Sisters    Shop stoppers:
who were principals and many others who taught at the school. The           The entire cast of Divas takes
Sisters’ seats have been placed in the balcony and this area has been       a bow after earning standing
named the Principals’ Gallery.                                              ovations at the five concerts
                                                                            which played to capacity
We are grateful for all donations to the capital appeal and the names
                                                                            crowds at the opening of the
of our donors are acknowledged on pages 12 and 13.
                                                                            new Costa Centre for the
All gifts are welcome and every gift has made a difference.                 Performing Arts.

                                                                                                                     maguire 2007

                                                                                                             divas   11
                Vision                                                                      Thank you to our supporters
                Sacred Heart College at last has a new performing arts centre and this      Sacred Heart College has been             Sara Cole (nee Gleeson) & Family –
                wonderful facility will be used and appreciated by students and staff for   humbled by the level of support for the   Class of 1997

                years to come.                                                              performing arts centre capital appeal     David & Ines Collins
                                                                                            and sincerely thanks all those listed     Patricia Comerford
                To undertake a project of this size takes vision and commitment and         and others who wish to remain             Connell Family (Heather & Suzannah)
                funding the new centre was a major challenge for the school. I am           anonymous for their gifts.
                                                                                                                                      Genia & Gerry Consedine
                delighted to say that the project has been completed thanks to a capital
                                                                                            donors                                    Convent of Mercy Newtown
                appeal which has raised more than $1.5 million towards the cost of the
                                                                                            Carmel Allen                              Carmel Cooper
                building program.
                                                                                            Robert Allwell                            Cosgriff Family
                It is a testament to the school that so many individuals, families and      Armstrong Family                          Costa Family
                organisations responded so readily to the challenge. Through their          Vivien Atherton                           Connie Costa
                generosity they helped to fund this exciting project and provide the                                                  Frank & Shirley Costa
                                                                                            Heather Austin & Family
                College with a quality performing arts venue.
                                                                                            Australian Government                     Gillian Costa & Darren Holroyd
                The centre is the largest building project to be undertaken at the          David & Cathy Ball & Family               Allister Cox
                College since our beautiful bluestone school, convent and Chapel were       Lou & Diane Ballan                        Peggy & Leslie Cranbourne Foundation
                built in the 1860s. I think the founding sisters, who came out from         Sandra Barker                             Julian & Liz Crawford
                Ireland all those years ago and achieved so much with so little, would      Barlow-Burman Family                      Czarnuch Family
                be proud of what this current generation has accomplished.                  Chris & Luisa Baum                        Judy Dahlke
                                                                                            Baum Family                               Diana Darcy
                The success of the appeal acknowledges the esteem in which the
                College is held and our respect for the quality of education the school     Sally Beck                                Patrick & Deborah Darley & Family

                provides. My wife Shirley and I believe that the breadth of the             Mary-Ellen Belleville                     Stephanie Davie (2007) &
                                                                                                                                      Suzanne Antonac (1976)
                curriculum offered by Sacred Heart is amongst the best in the country.      Best Family
                                                                                                                                      Anne De Bruyne
                Students are encouraged to achieve their full potential and go on to        Beveridge Family
                                                                                                                                      Katrina & Tim De Grandi
                make a positive difference to the lives of others. Their successes in all   Biscombe Family
                                                                                                                                      Norm & Win De Grandi
                walks of life have their foundation in the education they received at       Essie & Hannah Bohan
                                                                                                                                      Nicole De La Perrelle
                this school.                                                                Dianne Booker
                                                                                                                                      Jack De Stefano
                                                                                            Boseley Family
                We can be sure that by supporting the capital appeal we have also                                                     Greg & Leanne Dennis
                                                                                            Peter & Rosemary Brazelis
                made an investment in the future of Sacred Heart College and the                                                      Carol De Souza
                contribution it makes to the Catholic education of girls in the Mercy       Russell Briers
                                                                                                                                      Maria & Geoff Dean
                tradition.                                                                  Lisa Brown-Benson & Tony Benson
                                                                                                                                      Peter, Monika & Rhianna Dorling
                                                                                            Maureen & Greg Bryant & Family
                Thank you to everyone who has made a donation to the appeal. It has                                                   Lauren & Bernadette Downey
                                                                                            Justine & Breanna Buckley
                been a privilege to be involved.                                                                                      Eccles Family
                                                                                            Burchell Family
                                                                                                                                      Edmonstone-Kearney Family
                                                      Family tradition:                     Sue & David Burke
                                                                                                                                      Egan Family
                                                      Mr Frank Costa, pictured with six     Jeffrey Burn
                                                                                                                                      Barbara Epstein
                                                      of his grand daughters, back row,     Blair & Nicole Burr
                                                      Emily, Rebecca (2005) and                                                       Matthew Etty-Leal
                                                                                            Gavin Butcher & Martina Millard
                                                      Hannah Reivers, front, Ruby                                                     Evans Family
                Frank Costa OAM                                                             Butler Family
                                                      Holroyd, Tess and Maggie Cecic.                                                 Carmel Eyre
                Patron of the Performing Arts                                               Catherine Callan
                                                      Mr Costa was himself a former                                                   Fairway Family
                Centre Capital Appeal                 student in the junior school and      Pat & Graham Callan
                                                                                                                                      Farrow Family
                                                      his eight daugthers also attended     Elsa Callander-Glynn
                                                                                                                                      Fenby Family
                                                      the College.                          Wallace & Joan Cameron (Elstead)
                                                                                                                                      Fennell Family
                                                                                            Margaret & Allan Campbell
                                                                                                                                      David & Marilyn Fisher
                                                                                            Canny Family
                                                                                                                                      Mo Fisher (Connolly)
                                                                                            Sheila Carey & Family
                                                                                                                                      Carmel & Bill Fitzgerald
                                                                                            Carlon Family
                                                                                                                                      John & Jane Fitzgerald
                                                                                            Averil Carroll
                                                                                                                                      John & Kristine Fitzgerald
                                                                                            Mary-Anne & Michael Carroll & Family
                                                                                                                                      Drs S & V Fitzgerald & Family
                                                                                            Caruana Family
                                                                                                                                      Marita Fitzpatrick
                                                                                            Catholic Development Fund
                                                                                                                                      Cherie & Sharon Ford
                                                                                            John & Laurelle Cecic
                                                                                                                                      Helen Foster
                                                                                            Marie Chant
                                                                                                                                      Barry & Jane Fowler & Family
                                                                                            Madeleine, Daniel, Felicity &
                                                                                            Genevieve Charles                         Brian & Elizabeth Fowler & Family
                                                                                            Patricia Chirgwin                         Dr William Fraser
                                                                                            Class of 1976                             Fraser Family
maguire 2007

                                                                                            Class of 1986                             Friends of St Patrick’s Cathedral
                                                                                            Class of 1996                             Colette & Brendan Gellion
                                                                                            Clark Family                              Giuffre Family
                                                                                            Clatworthy Family                         Giurco Family
                                                                                            Lisa & Fay Clinnick                       Godfrey Family
                                                                                            M.A. Cody                                 Clare Gordon (Carey)
12             performing arts centre
Dr Susan & Alison Gould                Jim & Julie McKeag                           Scafidi Family                        Supporters
Gourley Family                         McMillan Cowan & Co                          Carina & Annmaree Schokman            3D Inspirations Paint and Colour
Laurel & Harry Grace                   Dianna Medic                                 Schwidlewski Family                   Arthur Reed Photographers
Michael & Kate Graf                    Mewing Family                                David Shaw                            Bannockburn Cellars
Tony & Jenny Grant & Family            Middlemiss Family                            Shiels Family                         Barbara and Mark Barry
Peter & Margaret Grant                 Gerald & Anne Miller                         May Shortte & Family
                                                                                                                          Barwon Security Pty Ltd
Grbac Family                           Dr Joanne Molloy                             Jenny & Peter Simko
Melinda Gugger & Family                Patricia Moloney                                                                   Best Sign Visual Communications
                                                                                    Simpson Family
Ann, Heather, Patricia, Helen &        John Moreno                                                                        Bishop Audio & Lighting
                                                                                    John & Suzanne Skidmore
Kathryn Guinane                        Lucia, Caroline & Julia Morgan                                                     Braces ‘n’ Faces Orthodontists
                                                                                    Skorjanec Family
James & Catherine Gulli & Family       Peter & Marie Morgan
                                                                                    Slee Family                           Carey Pictures Framing
Halstead Family                        Bromley & Gail Morphy
                                                                                    Barbara Smoorenburg                   Cavalier Art Supplies
Jane Hardy                             Moylan Family
                                                                                    Smyth Family                          Cheeky’s Dance & Active Wear
Harrington Family                      Geraldine Moylan (1987)
                                                                                    Spano Family                          Club Italia
Michael & Lou Hayden & Family          Kathryn Andrews (Moylan) (1985)
                                                                                    Dianne Spence                         Computers Now
Margo Haydon (Umbers)                  Monsignor James Murray
                                                                                    J & C Spiteri & Family                Corks Crew Cellars
Amy Henderson                          Nagel Family
                                                                                    Spurling Family
Hennessy Family                                                                                                           Cosgriff & Associates Pty Ltd
                                       Najda Family
                                                                                    Dale & Anne Stapleton
Hercus Family                          Maureen Naughton                                                                   Coulter Roache Lawyers
                                                                                    Peter & Heather Stapleton
Hesketh Family                         Anna Negro                                                                         Davidsons – Accountants &
                                                                                    Mary & John Stekelenburg & Family     Business Consultants
Hibble Family                          Nicolo Family
                                                                                    Lyle, Trish, Claire & Meg Stickland
Mary Hickman                           Njokos Family                                                                      De Grandi Cycle and Sport Pty Ltd
                                                                                    St Joseph’s College Geelong
Gary Hogan                             Chris, Gary, Ruth & Kate Nolan                                                     Delta Carpets
                                                                                    St Joseph’s Old Collegians’
Peter & Jenny Horan & Family           Nolan Family                                                                       Des Munday & Son
                                                                                    Association Geelong
Stephen & Sheryl Hovey                 Maria Nordio                                                                       Geelong Advertiser
                                                                                    Jadwiga Szkuta
Susan & Brendan Hovey                  Notley Family                                Tainsh Family                         Geelong Aquatic Centre
Pam & Bruce Hudson (Broadhurst)        O’Brien Family                               Teague Family                         Geelong Dance Supplies
A/Professor Anne Hunt                  Judy & Bridget O’Brien                       Thompson Family                       Geelong Performing Arts Centre
Huson Family                           Michael & Lila O’Brien                       Thomson Family                        G-Force
Jessica, Jasna & Cooper Hyde           Monica O’Brien                               Eileen Tierney
Tracey Jamieson                                                                                                           Hedley’s Educational Book Centre
                                       Rachel O’Brien                               Gabrielle Tolan                       Pty Ltd
Jean Jones & Family                    Tim & Fran O’Brien                           Tomadin Family                        Hertz Geelong
Helen & Bernard Jordan                 Noel, Maree & Bridget O’Dwyer                Traynor Family                        Ian Trezise MP
Philip & Evonne Katos & Family         O’Neil Family                                Ann Treloar
Keating Family                                                                                                            Jindalee Estate
                                       Tony & Louise Paatsch & Family               Bernadette Trifiletti & Family
Therese Kelly & Rita Mulcahy (Costa)                                                                                      LBW Chartered Accountants
                                       Parents’ & Friends’ Association              Daisy, Lily and Rose Tsen & Family
Kiewiet Family                         Ross Parke – The Good Guys                                                         McHarry’s Buslines Pty Ltd
                                                                                    Pat & Ian Tuddenham
Michael & Louise King                  Parma-Stott Family                                                                 McQueens on Pako
                                                                                    Gillian Turner
Kings Funeral Services                 Denis & Denice Peacock & Family                                                    Multitek Solutions
                                                                                    Van Es Family
Nikki Knight                           Peart Family                                                                       Not Just Fruit
                                                                                    van Mourick Family
Knox Family                            Perdrisat Family                             Vandenberg Family                     Patrick Rowan & Associates
Margaret Knox                          Gael & Richard Perry & Family                Kerri & Joe Virgona                   Penfold Buuscombe
Kremar Family                          Pickering Family                                                                   Print Communications
                                                                                    Vo Family
Judith Lahey                           Pitcher Family                                                                     Photonet in conjunction with
                                                                                    Kathleen Walsh
La Porchetta – Waurn Ponds             Des & Bernice(dec) Podbury & Family                                                David Johns Gallery
                                                                                    Ward Family
Denis & Katrina Leahy                  Potgieter Family                                                                   Print Design Australia
                                                                                    Peter & Marita Wassell
Sharon Lewis                           Potts Family                                                                       Rex Gorell Ford
                                                                                    James & Ramona Watt
Lindquist Family                       Peter, Liz, Edwina, Michaela & Nick Powell                                         Road Scholars Australian
                                                                                    John Watts
Margaret Liston                        Barrie & Margaret Poynton                                                          Driver Education
                                                                                    Justine Whelan
Jane & Vince Littore                   Eleanor Preece                                                                     Ross Parke The Good Guys
                                                                                    Amanda Whelan
Maria Lukesic                          Sherree Quirk                                Michaela Whelan                       Spotless Services
Marie Macartney                        Ramia Family – Sphinx Hotel                  Annette Whelan                        Total Events
Maree MacDonald                        John T. Reid Charitable Trusts               White Family                          Treehouse Graphics
Stephen Mackay                         Reivers Family                               Margaret & Frank Whyte                Warren & Hutch
Macula Family                          Robert & Elizabeth Riordan & Family          Andrew & Lynne Wierzbowski            Wine Justice
Danielle Maczyszyn                     Kevin & Mary Roache                          Bill Williams
Mallett Family                         Roberts Family                               Williams Family
Susan Marshman (Donaghy)               Robinson Family                              Williams Ross Architects
Anne Mathieson                         Valerie & Stuart Robley                      Peter & Margaret Wills
                                                                                                                                                              maguire 2007

Doug & Sue Maxwell                     Rosenberg Family                             Kenneth & Jan Wilson
McDonald Family                        Mary Rowan & Cameron Burns                   Leisa & Stuart Wilson
Mary & Kathleen McEntee                Rowe Family                                  Sheila Winnett
William & Nancy McFarlane              Antony & Barbara Rybka                       Stephanie Witcombe
Damian & Joanne McFarlane              Sacred Heart Old Collegians’ Association     Woodruff Family
McManus Family                         Lizzie Sahlstrom                             Gary & Heather Work
                                                                                                                           donors and supporters              13
                                                              Where are they now
                                                              Nancy Romano 1984 - 1989
                                                              Confidence, determination and hard work have taken former student Nancy Romano to
                                                              the top of the corporate ladder and the position of Chief Executive of Fox Studios Australia.
                                                              Nancy was just 34 when she was offered the role last year and is now responsible for the
 Family tradition:                                            operation and marketing of the company which has hosted multi-million dollar blockbuster
 When Madeleine Taylor was made Padua sports captain          productions such as The Matrix, Moulin Rouge, Superman Returns and Star Wars.
 this year she was following a family tradition which has
                                                              After graduating from Deakin University with a commerce degree, Nancy’s career began
 spanned three generations.
                                                              as a Tax Accountant with a small firm in Bacchus Marsh. She then took finance roles with
 In 1946 her grandmother Pat Harris (Wall) was also
                                                              Boeing at Avalon and the Patrick Corporation before moving to Sydney to become the
 named Padua sports captain and in 1972 her mother
 Jan Taylor was made College sports captain. But over         Management Accountant for Port Botany. Each job was another step up the corporate
 the years a great deal has changed from the uniforms to      ladder and when she saw a position advertised for a finance manager in the media and
 the games and sports played at the College.
                                                              entertainment industry, she knew she had to apply. She got the job and six years later, after
 Pat said: "When I was at school our sport was called         several promotions was offered the top position at Fox Studios Australia.
 Physical Culture. It was a very orderly affair and we all
 lined up to go through a series of exercises to a piano      Nancy says she has always been very motivated and believes her time at the College and
 accompaniment. We wore blue dresses and white                the encouragement she received from her teachers gave her the determination to succeed.
                                                              "Sacred Heart is an amazing school that offered me unlimited opportunities. I cannot
 Over the years the exercise program continued although
                                                              express how grateful I am for the educational experience that the College provided me.
 renamed physical training and Jan remembers that her
                                                              The high expectations of my teachers were always clearly demonstrated, which motivated
 sports dress had to be a strict regulation six inches
 above the knee. The collars of the dresses were piped        me to always strive to do my best. Although, I do remember being a little naughty at
 with the house colours and Jan as sports captain had the     times."
 four colours of Padua, Siena, Loyola and Clairvaux on
                                                              Nancy has taken a strategic approach to her career - setting goals, plotting them against
 her blazer pocket.
                                                              a timeline, reassessing them often and making sure she is on track.
 Jan says: "We all lined up in McAuley Hall in our
 house teams and the PT teacher Mrs King took the             "My advice to others is about self promotion. Don’t be afraid to put yourself forward for
 girls through their exercises to the rousing playing of      roles or projects even if you feel that they may be beyond your level of expertise, because
 Mrs Dendle on the piano."
                                                              you can indeed surprise yourself with what you can achieve through sheer determination
 Although the curriculum at the time was limited to the
                                                              and self belief."
 exercise drills, Pat and Jan have high praise for some
 of the sisters including Sr Carmelita (Sr Carmel) and        To achieve her success, Nancy has worked hard and made sacrifices - the hardest being
 Sr Madeleine who organised a range of sports after           that she is away from her family who still live in Geelong. She comes home to visit her
 school and during the lunchtimes. Teams were fielded
                                                              family every few weeks and says she will always call Geelong home.
 in local and Victorian competitions and girls starred in
 baseball, softball and netball competitions.                 Nancy says there is no secret to her success and all it takes is being true to yourself and

 Jan said: "We loved it and everyone wanted to be             believing in yourself. "The key is that anything is possible. If you believe in yourself, you can
 involved. Sr Madeleine organised six softball teams and      achieve anything, you really can."
 we had to have a fleet of buses to take the players and
 supporters to our games."
 However, Jan has one regret. When she was appointed
 College Sports Captain each house also had a sports          Return:
 captain. At the end of the year the names of the house
                                                              Nancy, pictured, will return to the College
 captains were added to the College honour boards, but
                                                              in September 2007 as the keynote speaker
 regrettably the names of the College sports captains
                                                              at the inaugural Parents & Friends
 were not. The College had sports captains from 1933 to
                                                              Breakfast in McAuley Hall where she will
 1977 but there is no list of these students in the
 archives.                                                    speak about opportunities for women in
                                                              the entertainment industry. Later in the
 We would now like to compile a list of College Sports
                                                              day she will also speak to students about
 Captains so that we can at last officially recognize these
                                                              her career and the steps that have taken
 talented students with their own roll of honour. If you
 were a College Sports captain yourself or know the           her to her role at Fox Studios Australia.
 names of any former students who held the position           For tickets to the breakfast call Joanne
 please contact College Archivist Glen Turnbull on 03         McFarlane on 0408 380 884 or email
 5221 4211 or email

14   where are they now                                                                                              Picture courtesy Geelong Advertiser
Artist-in-residence                                                                                          Heather Armstrong (Nash) - 1974
                                                                                                             Heather, a former teacher, is the
                                                                                                             manager of the award winning
Art students will have the opportunity to work with      Jacinta has drawn on her love of dance and the
                                                                                                             Newspaper in Education Department
award winning artist Jacinta Leitch as she creates       creative arts to develop the design and as a        with Geelong Advertiser. In her role
a major sculpture for the College from a 15 million      former student she has a deep understanding         she works closely with local schools
                                                                                                             to develop information and programs
year old piece of limestone.                             of values which shape the school. She is the
                                                                                                             to help teachers use newspapers as
                                                         daughter of former deputy principal Mr Kevin        an educational resource in the
Jacinta has been invited to be artist-in-residence
                                                         Leitch and Mrs Adrienne Leitch who introduced       classroom.
at the school in third term when she will work on
                                                         and developed the dance program at Sacred           Heather was a former boarder and
the sculpture Reflections in Harmony. The work
                                                         Heart.                                              returned to the College for last year’s
has been commissioned by the school as the                                                                   Boarders’ Reunion which she
centrepiece of the new courtyard which links the         She said: “At an early age, my passion for the      describes as a moving and rewarding
                                                                                                             experience. She says she particularly
recently completed performing arts centre to the         Arts outweighed other career choices I would
                                                                                                             enjoyed visiting some of the areas
College’s heritage buildings.                            make. Throughout my life, my true ambition          which were "out of bounds" during
                                                         was to become an artist. This dream was always      her school days. Heather is a current
The courtyard had been named Austin Court in                                                                 parent and her daughter Tess is
                                                         encouraged and nurtured by my highly creative
honour of Old Collegian Mrs Heather Austin who is                                                            studying in Year 12. He older
                                                         family and my teachers.                             daughter Danielle graduated in
a generous and committed supporter of the school.
Mrs Austin (McCusker), her sisters Helen Hardwick,       “I am highly motivated when it comes to my
Jan Faulkner, Pam McLean, brother Robert and             sculpture as it is an extension of myself and       Mary-Jane Lynch RSM - 1975

daughter Selina have all attended the school. The        something I can give to the world. My art work      Sr Mary-Jane Lynch has learned to
                                                                                                             be self-sufficient and as a community
Australian Government has contributed to the             gives me great satisfaction, personal strength,
                                                                                                             nurse in the remote Aboriginal
creation of the courtyard through the Investing in       inner peace, happiness and, I suppose, the          Community of Balgo in Western
                                                         feeling of immortality as my sculptures will well   Australia’s Great Sandy Desert has to
Our Schools Programme.
                                                                                                             be ready for anything. She has been
                                                         and truly outlive me.”                              nursing with the Sisters of Mercy in
The courtyard will be officially opened later in the
                                                                                                             remote communities for 14 years and
year and Jacinta’s sculpture will be unveiled at the     Jacinta came to sculpture after many years of
                                                                                                             usually works 12 weeks on call,
opening ceremony. She has already spent many             painting in various styles. Her personal            around the clock, and then takes a
weeks working with the school to develop the             philosophy is that a sculptor/artist needs          well-deserved two-week break.

design for the sculpture which represents fluidity of    individual insight to accomplish that which has     Sr Mary-Jane’s remote life is very
movement – reflections of a harmonious world full        never been conceived before. She says that          different from that in her hometown
                                                                                                             of Geelong but she loves her life and
of peace and mercy.                                      inspiration for her sculptures comes from many
                                                                                                             the challenges it brings. She said:
                                                         facets of her life and surroundings particularly    "Because we are a small population,
She said: “The finished work with two intertwining
                                                         her years of dance experience.                      anything that happens impacts on
figures will depict feminity and gracefulness. It will                                                       the whole community, so there is a
show that individual strength, once united, interacts    She said: “I feel privileged to undertake an        strong sense of everyone pulling
                                                                                                             together. I feel like I’ve still got a lot
as a powerful force within a like-minded                 artist-in-residency at the College and look
                                                                                                             of energy and, while I can, I’ll stay
community.”                                              forward to working on the sculpture onsite,         here. I do believe it’s my calling to
                                                         teaching and discussing the process with            be here."

                                                         students as I go.”
                                                                                                             Amelia Wilson - 1997
                                                         For Jacinta part of the magic of working with       Former student Amelia Wilson is
                                                                                                             Geelong’s youngest hotel operator
                                                         prehistoric limestone is that sometimes she finds
                                                                                                             and runs the award winning
                                                         fossils locked within the stone and is able to      Haymarket Boutique Hotel with her
                                                         incorporate these ancient creatures into her        partner Tom Ritcher. The young
                                                                                                             entrepreneurs have set up their own
                                                         sculptures. She is hoping that one of these gifts   management company Atom Plus
                                                         from the past will reveal itself in the stone she   and are full of ideas for the future.
                                                                                                             Amelia who has a background in
                                                         has selected for Reflections in Harmony.
                                                                                                             fashion and PR travelled extensively
                                                                                                             gathering ideas for her business
                                                                                                             venture. She said having completed
                                                         Lizard:                                             her secondary school at Sacred Heart
                                                                                                                                                          maguire 2007

                                                         Jacinta Leitch with one of her latest works         she saw the hidden potential of
                                                         Lizard sculpted from a 15 million year old          Geelong and the region and the place
                                                         piece of limestone quarried in Fyansford,           in the market for a top quality
                                                         Geelong,                                            boutique hotel.

                                                                                                                                            alumni        15
                  New look Old Collegians                                                   President’s address
                  In 2005 the College introduced automatic membership to the                Dear Old Collegians
                  Old Collegians’ Association for all students of Year 12.
                                                                                            It is hard to believe that six months have past since I
                  Each year when parents of students in Year 11 receive their annual fee    had the honour of being elected President of the Sacred
                  statement it includes an Old Collegians’ Association fee of $75. Two      Heart Old Collegians’ Association at the reunion last
                  years on we are seeing the emergence of a new look Old Collegians’
                                                                                            November. Already it has been both enjoyable,
                  Association. Our current membership is almost 2000 with more than
                                                                                            interesting and full of many rewarding experiences.
                  30 percent of members aged 30 or less.
                                                                                            The association continues to foster closer links with the
                  The rise in membership has presented real challenges for the current
                  Old Collegians’ Committee. Our five-year Strategic Plan developed         school and is grateful for always being invited to attend
                  three years ago has helped identify and prioritise some of these          or participate in College events.
                  challenges. Over the past 12 months the Committee has focused on
                                                                                            Already this year, I have attended the first School
                  finances seeking advice on how best to invest the Association’s monies
                                                                                            Assembly for 2007, where the 2006 academic awards
                  so as to render the highest possible return whilst at the same time
                  managing risk.                                                            were presented to the successful students and where
                                                                                            the College leaders introduced the theme for the year
                  The appointment of a Financial Adviser from Meritum Financial Group
                                                                                            “Strike a Chord”. Also in February, Jeffrey Burn, the
                  Pty Ltd has made financial decision making easier. Association funds
                                                                                            College Principal, extended an invitation to myself and
                  have been divided into three categories:
                                                                                            Gael Perry, Secretary of the Association, to attend an
                  Bursary Fund Investment - returns on this fund will be distributed
                                                                                            informal function to meet representatives from the
                  annually as bursaries and scholarships
                                                                                            College Council, Parents & Friends, Rowing Club, along
                  Medium Turm Investment fund – returns on this fund will be disbursed      with the College Leadership Team, where each group
                  as gifts to the College                                                   outlined plans for 2007.
                  Current Account – monies held in this account are to cover day to day
                                                                                            Early in March, Gael and I accepted an invitation to the
                  and operating expenses of the Association, such as publication of the
                                                                                            Rowing Club annual row past and breakfast. It was
                  annual newsletter, invitations to the reunion etc.
                                                                                            quite invigorating being down at the river at 7am and
                  Each year 40 percent of Year 12 membership fees are directed into the     watching with pleasure the girls obvious enjoyment they
                  Bursary Investment and Medium Term Investment funds. This ensures
                                                                                            received participating in the sport.
                  the Association continues to live out its Mercy Mission of assisting
                  families in need and giving back to the school community.                 March also saw us, sadly farewelling Sr Madeleine Fox.
                                                                                            Many of you will remember her as being in charge of
                  Relevance to an increased younger membership group is another
                  challenge currently being explored by the Committee. How does the         the boarders during the 60’s and may have renewed
                  Association continue to be a vibrant, dynamic organisation that exists    your acquaintance with her last year at the boarders’
                  to serve the needs of the past and current school community in light of   reunion. As I said in my speech at her farewell, I have
                  the increasing younger membership? Late last year over 200 members        known Madeleine for many years and I had the privilege
                  of the broader school community were asked to complete a survey           of having her as my class teacher in Year 9. She
                  focused on:                                                               showed great love and respect towards all her students
                  OCA activities.                                                           – she certainly exemplifies the true meaning of the

                  •    Getting information about the OCA.
                  •    Attendance at Association functions
                  •    General feedback based on perceptions of the Association

                  A small sub-group of the Committee has collated and analysed the
                  results of the survey and is now looking at identifying appropriate
                  action. A workshop, open to students who have left the College in
                  the past five years, will take place in Term 3. This group will help us
                  re-imagine the Sacred Heart Old Collegians.

                  These are exciting times for the Association. If you are interested in
                  becoming involved don’t hesitate to contact me at:
         or telephone 03 5221 4211.
maguire 2007

                  Anna Negro – College Representative
                  Sacred Heart Old Collegians’ Committee

16             shoca
                                                              Archives                                                            Donors to the
                                                              It seems quite appropriate that in this 150th year of the           Our special thanks is
                                                              Sisters of Mercy in Victoria, that Sacred Heart College is          extended to the
                                                              currently discussing plans for a new Archive Centre to              following Old Collegians
Oaks Day                                                      hold its vast collection. Following the opening of the              for generously donating
                                                                                                                                  photographs and other
Enjoying the sunshine and toasting the success of             Costa Centre for the Performing Arts, the music
                                                                                                                                  memorabilia to the
the OCA Oaks Day lunch are from left, Greta Podbury,          department has vacated various rooms on the upper
                                                                                                                                  College archives.
Ron Podbury, Graham Callan, Eleanor Bruce, Norma              floor of the former Convent and the old western wing.
Russell, Marie Clatworthy, Pat Callan, Elsa Callander-Glyn.                                                                       Bernadette Bartels
                                                              There is now a unique opportunity to expand the
Oaks Day Lunch this year will be on Thursday 8 November.                                                                          Betty Biviano (Jones)
                                                              archives area and set up a dedicated Archive Centre.
For tickets contact Colette Gellion on 03 5241 5646                                                                               Margaret Biviano
                                                              The area will also include offices for the Old Collegians’
                                                              Association as well as the Parents and Friends                      Madeleine Bladen
“Mercy ethos”. She will be missed by us all but will
                                                              Association. The expanded Archive Centre is expected to             Joan Cameron (Elstead)
always be in our hearts and prayers. We wish her
                                                              be completed by the end of 2007. The plans include                  Nell Collins (Widdison)
well in her retirement.
                                                              setting up a heritage display area of period furnishings            Lois Deppeler (Hynes)
April saw many committee members attending the                from the Victorian/Edwardian era and glass display                  Mary Dick (Lee)
Inaugural Cranbourne Art Exhibition which featured            units to house items from the College archive.                      Bernadette Faux (Russell)
the work of former students and current and former            Over the past couple of years, I have asked members                 Marita Fitzpatrick
staff. What a wonderful wealth of diverse talent was          of the College community to donate material to the                  Lauren Friend
on display. But nothing could prepare me for the              archives or allow the College to copy their material.               Geraldine Gartland (Jeffrey)
opening of the Costa Centre for the Performing Arts.          I am pleased to report that more than 1600 photographs              E.M. Harris
                                                              have been scanned, catalogued and rehoused in acid-free             Pat Harris (Wall)
I was privileged to be among the invited guests to
                                                              archival quality albums. Many of these photographs                  Mardi Heal
the official opening and sat with great pride in our
                                                              have been donated and we are extremely grateful to the
new centre and watched the “Divas – A Celebration                                                                                 Cecilia Hennessy (McCartin)
                                                              Old Collegians who have made donations to the archive
of Women in Song” concert. The depth of talent                                                                                    Lorraine Kennedy (O’Brien)
and confidence that the girls displayed was truly                                                                                 Veronica Keys (Beretta)

amazing. One could not help but be very proud of              Particular thanks is extended to, Mary Dick for donating            Maureen Lane
                                                              57 photographs and Marita Fitzpatrick for donating 70               Maureen Leahy (Ryan)
them and be proud to be an Old Collegian.
                                                              photographs. However our winner is Terri Ward for
                                                                                                                                  Ann Lourey
Our school, which we all love, can only grow                  donating 109 photographs to the SHC archive collection.
                                                                                                                                  Marie Macartney
stronger if today’s students are the example for the
                                                              Please do not worry if you have donated items to the                Carmel Macauslan (Malcolm)
coming generations as we fast approach our 150th
                                                              collection and your name does not appear amongst                    C. McIntosh (Howard)
year in 2010.
                                                              those listed. I am still working through the donations              Anne Miller
As we celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart may             and your name will appear in a future edition of                    Leon Morris (Brown)
we all experience his love and generosity and                 Maguire.
                                                                                                                                  Ursula Nelson (Pascoe)
remember each other in our prayers.                           As the collection of photographs grows we are faced                 Lucia Okulicz

Colette Gellion (Martini)                                     with a problem and need the help of former students                 Margaret Pemberton
                                                              and staff who can assist in the identification of people
                                                              in photographs dating between 1964 and 1973.                        Gael Perry (Brennan)

                                                              Unfortunately, the school magazine Mercedes was in                  Ronald Podbury
 Bringing hope:                                               recess during this period and it is hard to identify                Margaret Purcell (Owens)
 OCA President Colette Gellion presents a cheque to           people, functions and events from this time. Those who              MaryCath Reed (Coghlan)
 Dr Ian Holten to support his work with the Children's        wish to offer their assistance can contact me at the                Anne Sarr (Callahan)
 First Foundation and the Interplas organisation              College on 03 5221 4211 or email me at:                             Wendy Stewart
 sponsored by Rotary. Ian, a plastic surgeon based at
                                                                                                                                  Terri Walsh (Ward)
 St John of God Hospital Geelong, spoke at the                Donations of any SHC material can be left at College                S.J. West
 Association's annual "Event" about some of the life          Reception marked for my attention and please leave                  Elizabeth Wood
 changing facial surgery performed in Australia and           your contact details and an indication of whether the
 overseas by his team for women and children from             item is to be returned or not.
                                                                                                                                                                 maguire 2007

 Third World Countries. Also pictured is surgical nurse
                                                              Glen Turnbull - College Archivist.
 Mrs Jenny Eltringham who accompanies Ian on his
 missions of hope. Jenny's daughter Madison graduated         Pictured on a 1949 sports trip are Bernadette Russell and
 from the College last year.                                  Marita Fitzpatrick. Picture donated by Bernadette Faux (Russell).

                                                                                                                                       archives                  17
               Queen’s Birthday Honour Convent news
               Former College principal Sr Eileen Ann Daffy was made an Officer          On 1 May 2007 the Sisters in the community at Newtown farewelled
               of the Order of Australia in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.           Sister Madeleine Fox and Sister Paulina Fitzpatrick as they moved to

               The award in the General Division was made for service to education       another phase of their Mercy journey. Madeleine had served as

               through leadership and development roles in Catholic secondary            community leader for 10 years at Newtown and Paulina had joined her

               schools in Australia and Pakistan, and to the community through           in 2002. Together they had ministered to the elderly and frail sisters
               Caritas Pakistan.                                                         in the community as they lived through the latter years of their lives.
                                                                                         The dedication of both Madeleine and Paulina is to be commended
               Sr Eileen Ann was College Principal from 1976 to 1981 before she
                                                                                         and their generous and untiring ministry was always appreciated.
               moved to Rawalpindi in Pakistan to take charge of St Mary's Academy
               for boys. As Principal of the Academy she has provided educational        Sister Kath Tierney, Congregation Leader, stayed with the community
               opportunities for thousands of boys and given them the skills to          as they farewelled Madeleine and Paulina and waited for the arrival of
               empower them to take charge of their lives.                               Joan Wilson and Kate Mannes who had accepted appointments to the
                                                                                         community. Joan comes from a life of Mercy experience in education
               Her award also acknowledges the outstanding work she has done to
                                                                                         and leadership and Kate from a strong nursing and midwifery
               improve the lives of refugee Afghan women and children who live in
               the region.                                                               background. As the weeks go by both Joan and Kate are beginning to
                                                                                         fit into their new roles which they find extremely rewarding. Living with
               As a current and past President of the Rawalpindi Rotary Club she
                                                                                         a group of women who have lived and ministered Mercy all their lives
               has been the driving force behind the creation of a school and
                                                                                         is an inspiring experience. The community is a powerhouse of prayer.
               vocational centre for refugees, many who had no assistance prior to
               her involvement. She has also set up a health clinic and raised funds     Along with the Mercy community, Joan and Kate hope to work in
               for a vaccination program.                                                collaboration with the life of Sacred Heart College, a school that is
                                                                                         strong in the tradition of Mercy education. Catherine McAuley, the
               Sr Eileen Ann returns to Australia to visit her family every few years
                                                                                         foundress of the Sisters of Mercy believed that education was the way
               and she always takes the opportunity to visit Sacred Heart where she
                                                                                         to assist young women to make a difference in the world. There are
               speaks to staff and students about her work. She is an inspirational
                                                                                         many ways in which the young women of Sacred Heart and the older
               woman and it is wonderful that her talents and commitment to social
                                                                                         women of the Mercy community can work in harmony to make a
               justice have been recognised in this very special way.
                                                                                         difference in this world, so that we may follow the path of courage
                                                                                         instead of complacency, peace instead of violence, and hope instead
               Past principals
                                                                                         of despair.
               The past year has been an important milestone for three of our
               former principals. Sr Eileen Ann celebrated the 40th anniversary of her   Happy celebrations to all from the Sisters of Mercy.
               profession, Sr Carmel O’Dwyer celebrated her 50th and Sr Philomene        Joan Wilson rsm
               Carroll celebrated her 60th. Sr Philomene was principal from
               1968 -1972 and Sr Carmel held the position from 1982 until her
               retirement in 2001.

               What is it?
               It is understood that this unusual piece of equipment was brought by
               the Sisters from Dublin when they started their ministry in Geelong.
               Have you any idea what the item is and how it was used?
               The mystery item is a "host cutter" and was used by the Sisters to hand
               cut communion wafers. The industrious Sisters made and distributed
               the wafers to local churches as a way of making money to supplement
               the income of the Convent.
maguire 2007

18             convent news
Staff news                                                                                                       Vale
Masters degree                                                                                                   The school community has been saddened by the
Year 8 coordinator Sue Ryan has been awarded a Masters in Education by research from the                         death of four men who through their work have
                                                                                                                 left their mark on the College.
University of Melbourne. Her thesis was “the evaluation of a peer mediation program: the
perspectives of key stakeholders" and involved research on our own Sacred Heart model and the                    Sid Hunt
impact of the program for students, parents, teachers and the Peer Support Leaders themselves.
                                                                                                                 Sid was a Mathematics Co-ordinator and a very
                                                                                                                 devoted and encouraging teacher, who guided
New move                                                                                                         the development of many a senior Maths class
Best wishes to Trish Cosgriff on her appointment as the Deputy Principal (Teaching and Learning) at              with great skill and a touch of his quiet humour.
                                                                                                                 A dashing sportsman in his day, he took a keen
Loreto College Ballarat. Trish has taught SOSE at the school for 19 years and was the head of the
                                                                                                                 interest in the school hockey teams. At the staff
Middle Years International Baccalaureate Program.                                                                International Nights, his wife, Rena, would
                                                                                                                 provide memorable Indian Curry dishes.
Mark Mitchell has taken a new career direction to join the Victorian Independent Education Union.
                                                                                                                 Sid was a very popular staff member, much loved
Mark joined the College staff in 1994 and taught psychology, RE and maths.                                       by everyone, and gave many years of excellent
                                                                                                                 service to the college.
Retirement                                                                                                       Tom McKean OAM
The school community has bid a fond farewell to staff members Patsy Bush, Colin Strack and Val
                                                                                                                 Tom was a gifted teacher and after his retirement
Williams who have retired from the College. Patsy taught graphic art and joined the staff in 1990.               he came to the school as a volunteer to help run a
Since her retirement she has travelled extensively and pursued her interest in art. Colin was appointed          remedial reading program. He was a generous and
head gardener in 1982 and under his care the College grounds, and especially the extensive rose                  loyal friend of the College and set up a bursary
gardens, blossomed. Val taught at the school for 25 years and was head of technology prior to her                program to help VCE students whose families
retirement which began with a trip to Spain to attend her son’s wedding in Valencia.                             were facing financial hardship.

                                                                                                                 Tom believed in helping others and throughout
                                                                                                                 his long career his reward was seeing his students
Long service                                                                                                     achieve. In 1996 Tom’s work in the community
At the end of year dinner several staff received 10 and 20 year long service awards and Karin McColl             was acknowledged when he was presented with
received an award for 30 years service. Karen joined the staff in 1976 and teaches English, Maths                the Order of Australia Medal.
and Humanities.
                                                                                                                 Don Millard
                                                                                                                 Don worked in the faculties of mathematics
New Staff                                                                                                        and music. In maths he was a strong believer that
                                                                                                                 his students should know their Times Tables.
Linda Broadfoot - Timetable Office                Annette Hooley - Health and Human Development
                                                                                                                 Music was his other forte. Not only was he music
Sarah Costa - LOTE                                Lisa Pitfield - Reception                                      coordinator and class music teacher, but he was
Margie Flavell - Health Centre                    Judy Smith - Reception                                         also an exceptional choir master, musical director,
                                                                                                                 organist and pianist. The stage and performance
Jane Goddard - Health Centre                      Maree Wade - Technology
                                                                                                                 experience gained under Don’s direction and
Samantha Gook - Arts                                                                                             encouragement was invaluable for many of the
                                                                                                                 students. He was able to play the Chapel organ
                                 True colours:                                                                   like no other, enhancing many memorable Chapel
                                 Staff members Gillian Turner,left, Maria Lukesic and Virginia Bowers            services and special occasions. He and his wife
                                                                                                                 Berry supported the many school and staff
                                 proudly show off their house allegiances at the annual athletics competition.
                                                                                                                 functions and his dry New Zealand wit was in
                                                                                                                 frequent use in the staff room.
                                 New babies                                                                      Bill Williams

                                                                                                                 Bill was senior partner with Williams Ross
                                 Ruby Nicole Healy                                                               Architects and his creative style is evident in
                                 26 September 2006                                                               buildings completed on campus during recent
                                                                                                                 years. Under his leadership the company has
                                                                                                                 designed the Carmel O’Dwyer Centre, the Aquinas
                                 Benjamin James Glessing                                                         Napthine Centre and the new Costa Centre for the
                                 16 Oct 2006                                                                     Performing Arts. Sadly Bill passed away before the
                                                                                                                 centre was completed.
                                 Isabelle Ruby Baker                                                             He will be remembered as a generous and
                                 9 November 2006                                                                 passionate architect, collegue and friend. He was a
                                                                                                                 gifted leader and a mentor to an untold number of
                                                                                                                 young architects.
                                                                                                                                                                  maguire 2007

                                 Jaye Laurence Singh Burman
                                 23 November 2006                                                                Our prayers and thoughts are with their
                                                                                                                 families and friends and other members
                                                                                                                 of our community who have suffered loss
                                 Charli Sienna McTigue                                                           this year.
                                 16 Dec 2006
                                                                                                 staff                                           vale            19
maguire 2007

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