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Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Toowoomba

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					 Journey everyday with Jesus in our hearts

      Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Toowoomba
        A Catholic co-educational school of the Diocese of Toowoomba
                            “Journey everyday with Jesus in our Hearts”

 Address                 263 Tor Street            Phone              07 4634 3436
                         Toowoomba QLD
 Year Levels             Prep – Year 7             Fax                07 4634 5571
 Enrolment               275                       Email    
 Principal               Mrs Loretta McGill        Boarders           No
 Vacation                No                        After School       No
 Care                                              Care

 Our Mission

 The education offered at Sacred Heart aims to develop the knowledge, beliefs and practices of the
 Catholic faith; reflecting at all times on our vision to “Journey everyday with Jesus”. The common
 goal shared between school and home is to support each child’s development:

 ·      Spiritually
 ·      Physically
 ·      Intellectually
 ·      Socially
 ·      Emotionally
 ·      Morally

 We endeavour to facilitate each child’s journey towards their potential through quality learning and
 teaching practices.

 Our school aims to be a living faith community and together with the parish priest, parents and other
 community members, the staff strives:

 ·      To value the importance of Sacred Scripture, the Eucharist and the
 ·      To guide the children to a meaningful prayer life;
 ·      To ensure that the Gospel message influences all aspects of the
 ·      To reach out to those in need locally, nationally and globally; and
 ·      To foster respect for diversity and inclusivity.

Toowoomba Catholic Education                                                                    Page 1
2008 Annual School Report
 Distinctive Curriculum Offerings

 “Learning is a journey, not a race”. Sacred Heart has been innovative in embracing the new outcomes
 based curriculum. This is currently in review as once again the curriculum is changing and the staff is
 now responding to the challenges of Essential Learnings. One of the school responses to the delivery
 of curriculum is stage based learning where classes are divided into 3 stages. Children move through
 the stages at their own pace which cater for varying learning styles and rates. In some stages,
 children journey for Mathematics and English according to their ability level.

 2006 saw the introduction of instrumental music lessons. There are currently over 50 students
 enrolled into this program, which has now seen the development of a school band. In 2008 this
 aspect of our school became more embedded with the band presenting at various functions –
 assemblies, parade, School Fair.

 There is a particular emphasis on the Arts with the inclusion of classroom music and drama within the
 weekly program. The community feel that these are essential elements in the overall development of
 each individual child.

 Extra-Curricular Activities
 Beginning in 2006, Sacred Heart was able to offer instrumental music lessons for those children
 wishing to learn an instrument. Our band plays at various school events including the biannual Art
 Show and the annual Parish Fete. Our school choir also participated in Sing Out in 2008 and will
 again this year participate in the program and while the choir is relatively small there is no lack of
 enthusiasm. The choir also assisted at particular religious ceremonies – Easter pageant, First
 Eucharist celebration. Other activities which were held in 2008 included: Weekly class mass; Lenten
 and Holy Week Liturgies; Sports participation: Swimming, athletics, all team sports, cross-country,
 district representation etc; School camps; Interschool Sport; Celebrations for School Feast Day, St
 Patrick’s Day, and Sacred Heart Day; Visits to the elderly; Particular fund raising for the needy e.g.
 Cans for Seed Program; UNSW Competitions – Mathematics, English, Computer, Science; Tennis
 coaching on site during lunchtimes; School concerts; Wakkikiri entrant; Arts Council and other
 presentations; Instrumental music program; Entry into Toowoomba Eisteddfod.

 Social Climate

 Sacred Heart prides itself on its ability to reach out to those of need in our community. The community
 is welcoming and accepting of all. Many opportunities are offered throughout the year for parents,
 students, staff and parish priest to socialise. These include a Welcoming BBQ and Fireworks, Fete,
 Social Nights, Trivia Night, Race Day and End of Year Function. We welcome parents to be involved
 in the daily life of the school through attendance at weekly assemblies and other special celebrations.

 Parental Involvement
 Parents are invited and most welcomed to become as involved in their child’s/children’s education as
 they possibly can. The secret to this involvement is frequent and open communication between
 teachers and parents. We here at Sacred Heart encourage parents to discuss any aspects of their
 child’s education with the Principal or teaching staff at any mutually convenient time. Ways in which
 parents can become engaged include:

         parent-teacher partnership sessions held at the beginning of every year.
         Twice yearly parent-teacher face to face reporting.
         Assistance with reading, mathematics and other classroom programs.
         Assisting with working bees including the School Yard Blitz team.
         Parent support and help in the Prep and Early Years area.

Toowoomba Catholic Education                                                                   Page 2
2008 Annual School Report
           Helping with sporting events.
           Participating in school camps and excursions.
           P & F monthly meetings.
           Assisting with needs within our School Library.
           Member of the School Building and Sites Committee.
           Parent representation on the School Board.
           Attendance at school assemblies, masses, liturgies, prayer sessions and other special
           Participation in the Diagnostic Inventory with the IDEAs process.
           Participation in various areas of the School Development Plan.

 Teacher Qualifications

        Qualification            % of Teaching Staff

 Doctoral / Post Doctoral
 Masters                                  28%
 Bachelor Degree                          77%
 Diploma                                  5%

 Professional Development

 The priority for Staff Development in 2008 was the completion of the First Steps Program (Reading).
 Other areas concentrated on included the IDEAs process where teachers looked at the individual and
 school wide pedagogy. First Aid also featured last year with 13 staff renewing their CPR
 qualifications. 10 teachers took the opportunity to take part in a school study group to work with the
 2008 Lenten program. This gave the teachers the opportunity to consider topics of relevance during
 this time of reflection. Other areas where the staff took time in development included: Implementation
 of the new mathematics syllabus; Upgrade on ICT skills – according to need – use of spreadsheets,
 EXCEL; the Learning Place; Review of curriculum model.

           Consolidation of semester reporting to parents – A to E Reporting.
           Updating of individual student portfolios.
           Social/Emotional resilience in young children.
           Restorative Practices principles and how do these apply to education.

 The total amount budgeted and expended on Professional Development was $6500.

 Average Staff Attendance

 Staff Retention


 Average Student Attendance Rate

Toowoomba Catholic Education                                                                   Page 3
2008 Annual School Report
 National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) Results

 Year 3 Test Results (2008)
                                                                Percentage of
                                OUR SCHOOL                   Students at or above
                                             STATE AVERAGE
                                 AVERAGE                         the National
 Reading                           378            372                 86
 Writing                           371            391                 84
 Spelling                          369            366                 86
 Grammar and Punctuation           360            370                 86
 Numeracy                          359            368                 84

   Year 5 Test Results (2008)
                                                                Percentage of
                                OUR SCHOOL                   Students at or above
                                             STATE AVERAGE
                                 AVERAGE                         the National
 Reading                           469            467                 84
 Writing                           455            468                 77
 Spelling                          456            461                 77
 Grammar and Punctuation           485            477                 84
 Numeracy                          457            457                 77

   Year 7 Test Results (2008)
                                                                Percentage of
                                OUR SCHOOL                   Students at or above
                                             STATE AVERAGE
                                 AVERAGE                         the National
 Reading                           513            529                 91
 Writing                           525            521                 91
 Spelling                          541            527                 82
 Grammar and Punctuation           523            519                 88
 Numeracy                          522            540                 91

Toowoomba Catholic Education                                        Page 4
2008 Annual School Report
 Value Added

 In 2008, several staff attended the REDI inservice on emotional resilience in young children. Sacred
 Heart Prep was then nominated by the Diocese to become a part of an Australia wide trial project
 using strategies to build resilience in young children. From that inservice and trial, the school applied
 for and received a grant to help it to continue to build on its capacity to assist parents in this most
 important area. Within the budget of the grant, the school has developed an Wellbeing Policy,
 completed a curriculum audit of outcomes in this area, completed an audit of resources and
 established a plan for increasing resources in this area, teachers have been inserviced of
 developments and strategies in this area and the school continued to make parents aware of the
 importance of wellness in children. This has been a very successful component of our school. There
 are plans to continue to develop competency within our parent and teaching community in this area in
 2009 and beyond. All stages participated in the Life Education experience. This enabled students to
 understand how to keep healthy and care for their well-being. It made students aware of the personal
 dangers in our society and that they have to make good choices. All classes also participated in
 Difference and Diversity Workshops which gives students an understanding of what it is like to have a
 disability. The students completed all tasks and now have a better understanding of what it is like to
 be disabled. 2008 saw the continuation of our Excursion Policy with our Stage 2 completing the first
 of their overnight camps. They attended a bush camp at Jondaryn Woolshed where they gained
 knowledge in the workings of a farm/property. Stage 3 students had many opportunities to develop
 sporting skills with the students participating in sports such as Touch Football, Volleyball, Softball,
 Rugby League, Netball, Swimming and Athletics. Stage 3 students also had the opportunity to learn
 traditional Indigenous Games and to participate in the inaugural Indigenous Games held in
 Toowoomba. Year 6 students becoming the overall winners on the day! During 2008, the P&F
 Association together with the school installed 2 interactive whiteboards into 2 classrooms – Stage 2
 and Prep. There are plans to continue this new technological development into every classroom
 throughout the next 3 to 4 years.

 Parent Satisfaction
 Every five years the school undertakes a School Renewal Process where parents, children and staff
 are surveyed. During this time there are meetings to attend and parents are asked to consider and
 respond to issues surrounding various aspects of the school. These responses are then collated and
 a five year School Development Plan is developed. This is also open to discussion and comment by
 parents. Once the consultation process is complete the report is published to parents and the wider
 community. Goals are set across years and a committee is set up to monitor the achievement of
 these goals. Successes are celebrated throughout this process where appropriate. Modifications are
 made to the plan if necessary.

 Use of Computers
 Computers are seen as another source of information and are therefore used in conjunction with
 many other strategies to gain the necessary information required for an assessment piece. Skills for
 the use of computers are taught in a spiral continuum with each basic skill being built upon to ensure
 mastery of more complex applications. Sacred Heart has an up-to-date computer lab for use by all
 classes and also has at least one computer per classroom for day-to-day access. The school’s
 computer system was significantly upgraded at the end of 2006. The school now has access to 2
 sets of 10 laptop computers (used within Stage 2 and 3) and also a further 15 computers within the
 Computer Room set up. The upgrade also included the Learning Support Room, the Administration
 area and the Library. In 2007 the upgrade continued with the purchase of 6 digital cameras and 3
 data projectors. The computer room was also set up with an inbuilt data projector and screen. This
 room can now be used to instruct students on particular computer skills. During 2008, 2 interactive
 whiteboards were installed into classrooms (Stage 2 classroom and Prep room) with the plan to install
 these boards into all classrooms over the next 3 to 4 years.

  A hardcopy of this report is available by request from the school office .

Toowoomba Catholic Education                                                                     Page 5
2008 Annual School Report

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