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									The Bounty Hunter and the Heiress
Author: Carol Finch

Evangeline Hallowell has sworn not to rest until she finds the dirty swindler who conned her sister. So
when Colorado's best bounty hunter, J. D. Raven, refuses to help, the determined heiress joins the trail
as his "wife"--for better or for worse.... With enemies galore gunning for him, the last thing Raven needs is
some stubborn, sass-mouthed hellcat landing them both in bigger trouble! But he soon finds keeping Eva
safe is way easier than keeping himself from wanting her....
Author Bio
Carol Finch
Carol is an Oklahoma resident, with Native American heritage. She attended Odessa College in Texas on
a tennis scholarship, then graduated from Oklahoma State University with a B.Sc. degree. She has
earned hours toward a masters at Southwestern University, Oklahoma. Before making a full-time career
of writing, Carol taught high school biology.Carol began writing while her children were preschool age.
She gave up her teaching career to be a stay-at-home-mom on their isolated family ranch. After reducing
life to the simplest explanations to answer her young children’s questions, she decided to try her hand at
writing to see if she could still communicate intelligibly with adults. After two years of keeping vampire
hours to write after the children were tucked in bed, her first book was published. She progressed to
writing during the day when her children were in school. During her 20-year career, Carol has penned 73
books under five pseudonyms in several genres.In her spare time — and there hasn’t been much of it
because she never missed her children’s school activities or baseball and basketball games — Carol
likes to garden, do carpentry projects, and help her husband, Ed, with farming chores on their 400-acre
ranch. Over the years they have raised cattle, wheat, sheep, pigs, chickens, rabbits, turkeys, and
peacocks, plus dozens of cats, dogs, and horses. The place is a zoo and that’s the way Carol likes
it.Carol, formerly a nationally ranked tennis player in high school and college, traded her racket for golf
clubs. She’s still the outdoorsy type at heart, although writing has become one of her greatest passions
— right behind her husband, children, and young grandchildren.

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