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									#145 Wednesday 4/21/10                                                    Name ______________

Classwork                Folder # ____                                    Class______________

     Frame of Reference:

     We are more than just rats in an experiment, hamsters on a wheel. We are thinking people. As we are
     reading excerpts from this Non-Fiction text, we are also using meta-cognition, we are thinking about
     what the author was thinking.

     Cognition questions represent about 30% of the EOG questions. Cognition comes from the latin word
     cog meaning to think. Cognition questions ask students to think about identifying purpose, main ideas,
     recognizing supporting details, vocabulary with context clues)


            1. Use the Bridge Map to explain this figurative expression “Reality is a great teacher”,
            _____reality ___________________________________________
                  Teacher                         learning to study more

            2. How does Peck, a computer, and a bumper sticker help to support his opinion?

            3. What did the author want you to consider as he said, “Then I wondered why I was laughing?”

            4. What are some I statements that the author uses that are clues to his feelings about this

            5. On a scale of 1 to 10 how important is this lesson?, explain.
#145 Wednesday 4/21/10                                                 Name ______________

Homework              Folder # ____                                    Class______________


      6.    Look for underline passages for an example of figurative language and then use the bridge map
           to explain the relationship


      7. What details (give at least three) did the author use to support his opinion?

      8. What did the author want you to consider as you read this selection about courage?

      9. What is the main problem or conflict in the selection?

      10. What did you not like in this section or what would you have added to this section?

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