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Bringing you


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									                                                                        Bringing you

Flexible Senior Care Program
The Best of Two Worlds
Imagine having the best of two worlds: living in the           memory loss residents,
comfort of your family’s home, yet spending your days in       and enjoy the home-
the company of people like you, doing activities that help     cooked, nutritional meals
your mind and body stay active.                                served in our beautiful
                                                               dining room.
For many different reasons, families choose to have their
elderly loved one live at home with them rather than in        Living with family is
an assisted-living residence. But with modern lifestyles       the best choice for many
and work schedules, family members are not always able         elders. Broadview’s
to be at home to keep their loved one safe. Broadview’s        Flexible Senior Care
Flexible Senior Care Program offers care and compan-           makes it even better by
ionship to individuals whose care-givers work, have other      giving them a safe and
obligations, or simply need to take a vacation.                stimulating place to be,
                                                               when no one else can be Ann Anderson rolls out the
Flexible Senior Care is fully adaptable to the individual’s
                                                               home. To learn more          dough forValentine’s Day
unique situation, and best of all, is available twenty
                                                               about this program and       cookies.
four hours a day, seven days a week. Participants take
                                                               how it can help you care
advantage of the daily activities offered to traditional and
                                                               for your loved one, call Lara Greene at 978-297-2333.

                                                RESIDENT PROFILE

    Meet Pete Chapman                                          “I wouldn’t say I had the easiest start in life,”
                                                               declares Charles “Pete” Chapman, who will turn
                                                               96 in May. “When I was 5 years old I got run over
                                                               by an automobile and had a fractured skull. When
                                                               I was three years old I fell in a river, and someone
                                                               pulled me out. But, I’m still hanging around.”
                                                               Pete has lived in Winchendon almost his entire life.
                                                               When he was eight years old and had finished one
                                                               year of school, his mother sent him and his younger
                                                               brother to live at St. Anne’s Orphanage in Worcester.
                                                               Since the French nuns who ran the orphanage didn’t
                                                               “speak a word of English,” Pete forgot most of his
                                                               native language during the four years he lived there.
                                                               Consequently, when he returned to Winchendon, he
                                                               was put back two grades in school. Two years later,
      Pete Chapman with his latest doll house project,         after completing the sixth grade at age 14, he left
          which will feature an attached gazebo.                                                   continued on page 3

        547 Central Street, Winchendon, MA 01475 • • 978-297-2333
                       A MESSAGE                                  Satisfaction Surveys Help Us – Help You!
  From the general manager                                        The 2008 Broadview Assisted Living Satisfaction Survey
                                                                  results are good news! The percent of Excellent and
  Nancy Oberreit                                                  Good responses increased in 19 of 34 categories from
                                                                  2007, including “Sufficiency of Healthcare Needs,”
  Welcome to the first issue of Bringing You Broadview, our       “Responsiveness of Staff,” and “Grow as a Person”
  new quarterly newsletter! Just as the title indicates, this     opportunities. The Broadview dining experience
                                                                  continued to be strong with 95% of respondents giving
  publication is designed to bring you the news and views         an Excellent or Good rating for “Food Appeal,” and
  of Broadview: the people who live and work here, the            100% giving an Excellent or Good marks for
                                                                  “Courteousness of the Dining Staff.”
  food, the activities, and most of all, the unique flavor that
                                                                  The positive trend continued in the Bright Horizons
  makes this community so special.
                                                                  Memory Wing surveys. The percent of Excellent or
                                                                  Good responses increased in 17 of 34 categories from
  We hope you enjoy reading Bringing You Broadview                the previous year, including “Sufficiency of Healthcare
  and that it helps you feel connected to your friends and        Needs,” “Safety of Facility” and “Community Life
                                                                  Opportunities.” The Bright Horizons staff earned high
  neighbors here. Please share with us your comments
                                                                  marks with 100% of respondents giving them a rating
  and ideas for future issues. And, also please help with our     Excellent or Good in “Care (Concern),” “Responsive-
  efforts to make Broadview a little “greener” by recycling       ness,” “Competency,” and “Respectfulness.”

  this newspaper or passing it on to someone else who             Thank you to all who completed the satisfaction surveys.
                                                                  This feedback is so important for us in continuing to
  might like it.                                                  meet your needs at Broadview.

                                                          StaFF FoCuS:
                                                Amanda Mitchell
A Passion for Recycling                                                              delivers the “slop” twice a week to
Amanda Mitchell, one of three                                                        the pigs, who very enthusiastically
Broadview First Cooks, brings her                                                    accept this addition to their diet!
passion for recycling to work. A                                                     “I hate to throw away food and I
self-described nature lover, Amanda                                                  love recycling. So I figured, we have
says, “I hate to see anything going                                                  pigs down at the farm and this will
to waste. There are so many people                                                   help (the owner) out and help us out
who go without, and we should do                                                     by cutting down on the trash in our
our best to use our resources wisely.”                                               garbage bin,” Amanda explains.
So, whenever she sees a way to con-                                                  Because Winchendon doesn’t have
serve at Broadview, she writes it on                                                 recycling services, she also fills her
a piece of paper and slips it in                                                     Toyota Corolla with bottles from
the employee suggestion box.                                                         the kitchen and brings them to the
So far two of her suggestions have                                                   recycling center in her town.
been successfully implemented.                                                   Amanda would like to see more
Energy efficient light bulbs are now                                             people get involved in making
used throughout the building, and all        Amanda stands next to the
                                                                               Broadview a “greener” community and
of the kitchen scraps are fed to the pigs suggestion box in the main lobby. is hopeful that more of her suggestions
at High Ridge Farm in Winchendon.                          for conserving resources will be implemented. After all,
Amanda, whose family boards two horses at the farm,        she says, “This is our only planet.”
Activity Round-up
Judy Rose and her activity staff continue to keep everyone
busy with a full schedule of activities. Highlights of this
winter included a film festival of old favorite movies starring
famous couples, such as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez, George
Burns and Gracie Allen, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, and
Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Several of the
Broadview ladies baked and decorated cookies to serve
at the Valentine’s Day party on February 15, which also
featured guitar music by Marti Sawyer.

                                                                        Broadview veterans (l-r) Ed Sass, Roger Gingras,
                                                                        Joe Broyles, Ed Mroz, and Harold Dresser joined
                                                                        in the Veteran’s Day celebration on November 11.

                                                                  Susan DeKant, of the Activities Staff, helps
                                                                  Ann Anderson (left) and Rita Sullivan roll out
                                                                  dough and cut out heart shaped cookies for
                                                                  Valentine’s Day.

meet Pete ChaPman continued from page 1
school to help support the family.                                to be sure my furniture would fit,” he says. Soon after
                                                                  he arrived, the activity director asked if he would be
While Pete laments that he was unable to continue his
                                                                  interested in completing a dollhouse that had been left
education, he taught himself everything he needed to
                                                                  unfinished. A self-described “putterer,” Pete took on the
know. “I was fortunate. I could pick up different things,”
                                                                  project, and is now working on his fourth dollhouse for
he says. He started work making blue denim at the White
                                                                  Broadview. “They get more difficult all the time,” he says,
Brother’s Mill in Spring Valley, becoming a leader among
                                                                  with a chuckle. This life-long learner also enjoys number
the workers at the age of 16. Later he worked for Baxter
                                                                  painting and word puzzles, and proudly still makes his
D. Whitney and, at the age of 65, retired from Kingsbury
                                                                  own bed every morning. “I’ve never been bored for as
Machine Tool Corporation in Keene, New Hampshire,
                                                                  long as I’ve been here,” he says. “I keep myself busy.”
after 23 years installing assembly machines for the auto
industry around the country and in Japan.
Pete’s wife of 52 years, Jeanette, passed away in 1990.
A few years later he developed a close friendship with
his long-time neighbor, Irene Brouillette, a widow with               Valentine’s Day Contest Winners!
three children. The
                                                                            Congratulations to Rita Sullivan who won the
family adopted Pete, who has no children of his own,                      Best Decorated Door prize and to Susan Bernard
and even after their mother died, the siblings continue to                who won the Valentine Candy Contest. The correct
care for him as if he was their own father.                                    number of candies in the jar was 507.
Five years ago, Pete moved into Broadview’s new wing,
bringing his bedroom with him. “I measured the room
Q and A with Broadview
Chef David Hale
Chef Dave Hale has been in charge of the Broadview
kitchen for over two years. His extensive food service
experience includes six years at Fitchburg State College
and three years in the United States Army. A member
of the National Guard, he cooks for 550 reservists one
weekend a month. He and his wife, Michelle, who live
in Fitchburg, have four children, ages 17 to 4 ½. Dave
recently took some time off from his work to answer a
few questions:
Q: Why did you become a Chef?
A: My first job when I was 16 was in a restaurant. I
was a dishwasher until I was 17 or 18 and then switched                 Chef Dave Hale serves Pete Chapman his dessert.
over to short order. I went off to college after high school

                                                                                                                                PUBLISHED BY PRIESTLEY MARKETING GROUP
and worked in food service there. After college I worked             We pay close attention to the food preferences of our
full time a little bit, then I joined the military. I had all that   residents – and our satisfaction surveys show that.
experience, so I decided I would cook for them. While in
the Army, I went through school and training for culinary            Q: What is the most popular meal at Broadview?
arts.                                                                A. For lunch it’s the pot roast dinner with mashed pota-
                                                                     toes and vegetables. For dinner, it’s usually one of the
Q. How do you plan and prepare three meals a                         chowders, clam or corn. Sometimes it’s even just hotdogs
day for 50 to 60 people?                                             and beans or hamburgers. It brings people back to sum-
A: You approach it one step at a time, one product at                mer and Saturday nights.
a time. You have to plan ahead and know how long
something takes to cook when you start it. You have to               Q: What’s the most satisfying part of your job?
multi-task, because you might have two or three things               A: People being happy with what we serve. When we
going at one time.                                                   walk by, and they have a smile on their face. One resi-
                                                                     dent always comes up to me and says,” I have a com-
I write and create all the menus for a five week cycle, so           plaint,” And I ask, ”What’s your complaint?” And she
a lot of it is in the creativity of the menus. When you’re           says, “The food is too good here!”
making them, you try to have things that mix and match

                                                                                                   Winchendon, MA 01475
                                                                                                   547 Central Street

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