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Vertical Markets

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Vertical markets provide an excellent way to develop and build your
business. Building a strong client base and reputation however, are of
greater importance at the start than finding a vertical market.

Vertical Markets, Vertical-Markets

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Vertical markets are a great way to develop your business. The question
is though, "Should you pursue vertical markets from the start or let them
evolve naturally?"

The answer is highly dependent on your business plan and how you have
positioned yourself in the market. However, with computer consulting,
vertical markets tend to come about naturally. Start with getting a good
base of customers. That's how you will resonate as a real expert.

Aggressively pursuing vertical markets doesn't make sense when you are
trying to build customers and a reputation. When you have a good
reputation then you can think about how vertical markets might expand
your business.

Focus on finding the sweet-spot clients that have a need for your
services on a consistent basis and are willing to pay premium rates for
them. From that point, vertical markets may open up for you. You might
end up with 10 clients who are attorneys. Suddenly you have a vertical
market in the legal profession. You then concentrate on serving the
needs in the vertical market whatever they may be.

Natural Vertical Markets

There are times when vertical markets will make sense from the start. If
you have experience in a particular industry like the medical or banking
fields, you'll probably concentrate there. The best place to start your
business is always with what you know, so you will create a vertical
market within an industry due to your expertise.

The Bottom Line on Vertical Markets

Vertical markets are a great way to grow your business. Your primary
concern as you start your business however, is on gaining a steady client
base. Whether these clients come from a vertical market from the start
or your business evolves into a vertical market over time - the bottom
line is the same. Build your clients and your reputation first and worry
about a vertical market second.
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