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									Blessings study up quarters

 blessing after another study up quarters


 blessing in Lushi County of Henan Province temple that InBev Foreign
Language School (1 ) Ban Wang Yachun
 Fisher, A big snow ah! Feather-like snow falling from the sky one after
another, soon, the earth will be clad in silvery white, and as darkness
fell, InBev quiet campus schools hit the headlines, and gradually
immersed in the quiet and solemn atmosphere.

 under study up, due to cold weather, the students have already come back
to the dormitory, but there are a few students who do not want to miss
this fun opportunity, they hide in the playground play in the snow.

 play in full swing they suddenly heard a "creak - creak" sound of
footsteps coming from the other side of teaching area. Following the
sound they looked and saw the teachers are standing on the snow Liu went
to the Registry. These students the most mischievous of Zhang Cheng Qi
said: "Gee, I always look at the past few days after going to night
classes to Liu Senate chamber, where he went to do?" Lei said: "I have
found, since we now do not want to dormitory, where better to go see it.
"chorused all good. So Zhang Cheng Qi, Wang Lei, Wu-yang three
mischievous ghosts would quietly slip off to the Office of Academic
Affairs door ... ...

 through thick glass windows, they saw Liu is standing at the telephone,
slow slow to pick up the phone and dialed the number. Telephone
communication was, "Hey, little sister you are? Mother how kind the
current situation? ... ... I am not at home, these days really hard for
you ... ... you put the microphone on the ear mom, I would like to say a
few words to her so ... ... "

 window of three mischievous ghost stare at Liu's every move, breath-hold
your breath, listening to the words of Liu said. Only hear the voice of
change Liu heavy: the "Mom, in the snow in the night, his son gave you a
call, and forgive the son of filial piety, you are seriously ill at the
time, I can not take care of you at your side. I know that you're very
much hope that your most beloved son, take care of you in your side, but
now his son on the phone and you can only talk to my mother, you hear me?
... ... "Ms. Liu was choked with sobs.

 "Mom, today is January 6th, and today you have a full coma for five
days, five days in which her son has not home to see your face, Mom, can
you forgive me you? ... ... "

 Liu could not have been the voice of weeping, outside the three
mischievous ghosts dumbfounded, turned out the Liu family so much to do,
he has been working in coma in the mother of his call.

 very quiet outside, and can only hear the snow, "Su Su" landing sound.
 At this time, Liu had a strong voice suddenly changed: "Mom, how I hope
your side filial ah, but as a teacher, the school needs me, the children
from non- open me! mother, son, I can only in the distance for your
blessing ... ... "

 At this time, the window of three students had fully understood the
truth of the matter, they were moved by the teacher thoroughly They
quietly in their hearts for the blessings Liu: Liu's mother wishes a
speedy recovery, early mother-child reunion with Liu, also wished they
could Chunhui Liu four times, students everywhere!

 outside, snow is still falling, snow crystal, a beautiful sight ... ...

 Instructor: Xin-Feng Liu

 Submission: 2005 -2-270:16:18
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