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									2009 Beijing international Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Examination
applicants for registration brochure International

 International Registration of internal audit
 in Beijing in November 2009 will continue to organize the international
Certified Internal Auditor qualification examination, according to the
IIA, China issued by the International Institute of Internal Auditors
Certified Internal Auditor (abbreviation CIA) Examination Measures,
hereby apply for matters relating to notice are as follows: First, test
subjects and test range (1) test Subject Part I: the internal audit, risk
and control the role of Part II: Part III of the implementation of
internal audit services: business analysis and information technology,
Part IV: Management Technology Part I, Part II, Part III by the IIA
proposition, the fourth part of the proposition by the Chinese Institute
of Internal Auditors, IIA uniform grading. (B) The examination issued by
the International Institute of Internal Auditors, "Outline of
international Certified Internal Auditor examination" to determine the
scope. Second, examination methods and languages for the Division closed
book written examination method, each part is 100 multiple choice
questions, time 165 minutes. Test using Chinese and English are two
languages, in the same test year in the first, second and third parts can
not mix the two languages, the fourth part of the examination only in
Chinese. The use of any language can be obtained through examination in
English Certificate Geyi Ben. Third, the examination time, place (a)
Examination Time: 2009 November 21 to 22. Specific test time: 9:00-11:45
am Nov. 21 in the treatment of internal audit, risk and control the
implementation of the role of internal audit services at 14:00-16:45 on
November 22 9:00-11 am : Business Analysis and Information Technology 45
14:00-16:45 pm Management Technology (2) Test Location: Beijing Economic
Management College North Campus (home to Street, Chaoyang District, spent
19) Notes: CIA Part IV Test time CCSA exam at the same time, the two can
not simultaneously apply for the examination, except for the fourth
department without examination. 4, one of the following conditions apply
conditions, could apply for the examination: 1. With undergraduate and
undergraduate degree or above; 2. Intermediate and intermediate level
professional and technical qualifications; 3. Certificate holders or non-
practicing certified public accountant certified public accountant
certificate; four. Colleges auditing, accounting and related professional
fourth grade students (school year in September the fourth grade to
college); 5, exam-free conditions with one of the following
qualifications may apply without examination the fourth part (ie
management techniques): 1. Hold with intermediate and intermediate level
professional and technical qualifications of auditors; 2. hold
intermediate and intermediate level professional accountant qualification
certificate; 3. holds a CPA certificate or a non-practicing Certified
Public Accountant Certificate (general certificate holders may apply for
examination); meet the exam-free "management technology" of the
candidates, the application to be submitted to the relevant information
without examination certificate original and copy (in duplicate), after
examination confirmed to be the year to participate in the examination of
other subjects, for without examination to be effective, it shall be re-
applications (the first three parts have passed the exam, this is only
the fourth part of the application without examination except). 6, time
and place of an application, registration time: July 7 -13 days (9:00 to
11:30, 13:30 to 4:00, weekends without a break) 2, Registration Location:
Beijing, Internal Audit Association Contact Phone:
87635309,87635312,87635317 Address: City Park, Fengtai District
Fangzhuang Fang District A on the 19th floor three Hall Bus:
122,800,37,741,51,12, special 3-way, etc., Fang City Park off the
suburban railway line 5 (Puhuangyu Station, transfer from west to east
800 Road) from Route: Fangzhuang island east> Carrefour
supermarket east of Road> north (single) 100 meters along the east
wall Fang City Park police station into 50 meters, five-story gray
building high-Ring left Tiananmen turntable south> first traffic
light west of Po> Go straight to the police station Fang City
Park> Castle Park police station along the east wall into the
aromatic 50-meter, five-storey building, Dongcheng District, gray
Registration Point of Contact Phone: 84015426 Address: 11 Dongcheng
District Dongcheng District Audit Office, 83 South Tower, 307 Electric 3-
tier classroom Getting There: Subway line D Zhang Zhizhong Road station
exit, 106,116 Road East 42 station vehicles, from the East 41 West Side
into the former line of 150 meters; 113,115,118,701,758,823 Road
Dongsishitiao station, marine store 24,406,674 Road Station, from the
East 41 East I entered, 180 meters before the line. Registration point,
Chaoyang District Tel: 84272047,84272049 Address: North Third Ring Road,
Chaoyang District, Chaoyang District Audit Office A 26 (West
Qiaoxinanjiao peace, easy Hang buildings and between Bank of Beijing)
Bus: 117,367,407 , 422,464,547,641,671,718,801,839,967,984,985,
especially 8, Express 101, Express 104, Express 201 Road and other
peaceful West Bridge Station, Subway Line A peaceful West Bridge exit
west 100 meters, three Circle South. Registration point, Haidian District
Tel: 88487195,88488986 Address: Ring Road, Haidian District, No. 11
(Haidian district government office in Room 503, second) Bus:
121,425,664,851,740,751,982, 992, Express 114, Express 113, Express 101,
Express 109 and other South docking station and get off. 7, Application
(1) New Candidates Step 1: Beijing Institute of Internal Auditors landing
site (http://www.bjia.org) Click to register online or visit the CIA CIA
Exam Online Registration Center (http://www.ciabm.cn /); Step 2:
According to the Web prompts the contents of input-related personal
information (number of subjects filled symbols refer to the bottom of
registration form "Examination Guide"); Step 3: Upload your photos and
save electronic personal information (if entered incorrectly, re-enter
again personal information, you can overwrite the original error
message); Step 4: Download and print out a registration form, I confirm
that signature (my signature confirmation registration form has been
effective); Step 5: bring application the required information and copies
of the nearest to confirm the entry point of the scene Contributions.
Meet the registration conditions are required to provide: ¢Ù and ID card
(A4 paper, in duplicate); ¢Ú original and copy of degree certificate (A4
paper, in duplicate); ¢Û Certificate original and one copy (A4 paper, a
type 2 copies); ¢Ü In addition to on the application form, the need to
submit the recent two-inch color photos without hat 4 (white, red
background, blue can); in school student ID required original and copy
(A4 paper two copies) and location of the institution issued its
performance in school, major and school completion certificate. (B)
Candidates older candidates apply only to bring before the old year to
the registration point of the scene to confirm admission ticket you can
make payments (the old ticket number forgotten candidates can send an
email to the Beijing Municipal Institute of Internal Auditors-mail
bjia@vip.sina.com query). (C) Other personnel ¢Ù previously applied for
in other provinces and cities this year, Beijing plans to register the
candidates need to go to Beijing first CIA exam file before applied for,
enroll with the new candidates; ¢Ú CIA exam candidates file has been
transferred to Beijing Registration for the first time, Beijing Institute
of Internal Auditors need to apply point registration payments, while
required to submit the recent two-inch color photos without hat 4 (white,
red background, blue can), Registration with the new candidates; ¢Û
previous years results void who enroll for the same old candidates. NOTE:
Each candidate can have a certification card, even if the application did
not participate in the year after the examination, or the way to change
test center, certification card shall be changed; candidates are using
the old certification card, ID number and the initial application must be
completed consistent.
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