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					17 February 2010                                                                                 Volume No 18 : Issue 03

                                            Vision Statement
                       Mater Dei College believes in the dignity and the nurturing of the individual
                              and seeks to follow, with courage, Mary's example of faith.

                              From the Principal                                                             Reflection
With two weeks of the school year now completed, students are settling in to the busy routine of
school life and the demands of their academic program.
HOUSE LEADERS FOR BENEDICT AND SIENA                                                                      
During the past week we have been putting in place the House Leaders for the two new Mater Dei
College Houses – Benedict House and Siena House. I am pleased to congratulate the following
Year 8 students on their selection as House Leaders.

                                                                                                          Lent, the season of
[[   BENEDICT HOUSE:                                  SIENA HOUSE:
                                                                                                       repentance, is a time to
House Leader (Boys)       Sebastian Machaj            House Leader (Boys)        Daniel Giacobino
House Leader (Girls)      Sarah Riky                  House Leader (Girls)       Madison Gracie        renew our commitment
                                                                                                         to become more like
I would like to thank all students who nominated for the House Leader role. From Year 12 we have
appointed House Mentors to assist the Year 8 House Leaders in the performance of their role.
With the inclusion of two new Houses, we are also in the process of finalising the logo for each       It is a time to recognise
House. Once completed, students’ House shirts will be screen-printed with the designs and then
distributed to students. This process is not likely to be concluded until the beginning of Term 2.      our failings, a time for
                                                                                                        compassion, a time to
                                                                                                            connect with the
The celebration of Ash Wednesday will be conducted during the morning pastoral care period on

Wednesday for Years 10, 11 and 12 students.                                                             suffering of others and
With the Years 7, 8 and 9 students having their Interhouse Swimming Carnival, they will celebrate        with our fragile earth.
a Lenten Liturgy on Friday when the older students are off-campus.
Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the Lenten season. In our Catholic tradition Lent is a time for      It is a time to aspire not
reflection in preparation for the celebration of Easter, the central tenet of our faith.                   to have more, but
ANNUAL COMMUNITY MEETING                                                                                     TO BE MORE
This year the Annual College Community Meeting will be held on Tuesday 23rd February. The                 as we work towards
Community Meeting is where the College Board and the P&F Association present a summary of               building a fair, just and
the past year’s activities and point to areas of focus for the coming year.
                                                                                                             peaceful world.
We have distributed Nomination Forms asking parents to consider a closer involvement in the

working of the College by serving as a Board Member or P&F Committee member. These
completed Nomination Forms can be returned prior to the meeting.                                       We are called to reflect
                                                                                                       on what it means to be
                                                                                                       truly Christian through
Currently the College Newsletter, Dei to Dei, is printed for distribution each Wednesday. In
addition, a copy is posted to the College website each week. This electronic version gives parents       prayer, fasting and
the opportunity to view or download the weekly publication at home.                                          almsgiving.
There has been the suggestion that emailing the Newsletter to parents each week would serve
both to increase the prospect of the Newsletter reaching home and to save on the environmental           We are called to be
impact of printing such a large number of copies.
                                                                                                        the eyes, feet, hands
Shortly, the College will be conducting a survey of parents to canvass opinion about preferences
                                                                                                          and body of Christ
for the form in which the Newsletter is received.
                                                                                                       who sees, walks in and
                                                                                                          blesses the world.
                                                                                                        This is compassion in

                                                                        Barry Alfirevich
                                                      CANTEEN VOLUNTEERS 2010 - TERM ONE - WEEKS 3 / 4
                              IF UNAVAILABLE PLEASE CONTACT - Carol on 9405 0514 - Thank you for your continued support.

THURSDAY 18 FEBRUARY                      FRIDAY 19 FEBRUARY                    MONDAY 22 FEBRUARY             TUESDAY 23 FEBRUARY     WEDNESDAY 24 FEBRUARY
       Suzanne Lucas                                Karen Rosser                     Rebekah Murray                Rose Boonnark            Emma Dowsen
      Jacqui Moscardini                        Terry Sampson                         Carmela Peretti              Margaret Conquilla         Anne Woods
                                                     Lisa Yates                                                     Susan Patroni

                        TRAFFIC CONGESTION                                                     ASH WEDNESDAY CEREMONIES

Edgewater residents are concerned about traffic congestion                                     There will be two para-liturgies this year at the
and parents are asked to car pool as far as possible, follow all                               College due to the swimming carnivals. On
traffic conventions and refrain from parking on verges. Please                                 Wednesday 17 February the senior students will
arrive well before 8.30am and after school at 3.45pm.                                          participate in their own House para-liturgy and
                                                                                               receive ashes. On Friday the Years 7, 8 and 9’s
Encourage students to cycle to school and to otherwise use                                     will have a Lenten para-liturgy with NO ASHES. The
public transport.                                                                              commencement time for both days will be at 8.50am –

                                                                                               9.20am. Parents are welcome to attend either or both para-
Erika Hancock - Deputy Principal                                                               liturgies.
                                                                                               Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion
                MERIT CERTIFICATES 12/02/10
                                                                                               During our 40-day Lenten journey, Project Compassion invites
    Romero House                                                                               us to look at the Millennium Development Goals as our
                                                                                               “BLUEPRINT FOR A BETTER WORLD”. These 8 life-
    Terina Morgan (Yr 10) x 2 merit certificates                                               changing goals will bring freedom from poverty for the world’s
                                                                                               poorest people. To be successful, we all need to work
    Dane Taylor (Yr 9) x merit certificates                                                    together with a renewed strength and commitment of faith.
    Mr Gary Byrne - House Coordinator                                                          Lent, the season of repentance, is a time to renew our
                                                                                               commitment to become more like Christ. It is a time to
                  NEW LIBRARY OPENING HOURS                                                    recognise our failings, a time for compassion, a time to
                                                [                                              connect with the suffering of others and with our fragile earth.
    8.15am – 5.00pm Monday – Thursday                                                          It is a time to aspire not to have more, but to be MORE as we
                                                                                               work towards building a fair, just and peaceful world. We are
    8.15am – 3.45pm Friday                                                                     called to reflect on what it means to be truly Christian through
                                                                                               prayer, fasting and almsgiving. We are called to be the eyes,
    Open Recess and Lunch.                                                                     feet, hands and body of Christ who sees, walks in and blesses
                                                                                               the world. This is compassion in action. We are hoping to
    Janine Boyle
                                                                                               organise a number of events where students can become
    Library Coordinator                                                                        more involved in understanding the struggles of others in our
                  SEASONS FOR GROWTH PROGRAM                                                   [[   Sr Kathy Kettle - Coordinator Mission and Care
This is a grief and loss program which helps adults cope with
separation, death, divorce, loss of employment and any other loss.                             YEAR 10 INFORMATION EVENING
This course consists of five weekly two hour sessions on Tuesday                               THURSDAY - 18 FEBRUARY 2010
evenings 7.00pm - 9.00pm. If interested, please contact Sister
Margaret on 9206 3088 or at the College on Monday or Thursday on                               BERNIE BOSS HALL - 6:00PM
9405 0510.                                                                                     Parking available on Federation Oval
                                                                                               Enquiries to Mr A Camuglia on 9405 0550 or
Young People
Seasons for Growth is a loss and grief peer support program. It aims                           email:
to support young people to understand and manage grief
experienced as a result of the loss of a parent or significant other,                                 INCORRECT BILLER CODE - FEE STATEMENTS 2010
through death, separation or divorce. It assists students in
understanding the emotions associated with their losses, are                                   Bpay Biller Code details were incorrectly printed on Fee
normal. It helps to develop a peer support network and to restore                              Statements sent out recently. If you intend to use Bpay to
self-confidence and self esteem.                                                               pay your school fees, please use the BILLER CODE:
                                                                                               79954. Please accept our apologies for this software
The program commences on Thursday 18 March, Week 7                                             malfunction.
of Term 1 and will run for 8 weeks during school hours. If
you would like your child to participate, complete the                                         Heather Downsborough
‘Permission Slip’ and return to Sr Margaret by Friday                                          Assistant Business Manager
19 February 2010.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -                              2009 DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY STUDENTS
                                                                                                            All Design and Technology students who
I/We give permission for my/our son/daughter to participate in the
                                                                                                            produced projects last year have until the end of
Seasons for Growth Program to be conducted by Sr Margaret.
                                                                                                            Week 4 to collect their work, folios and equipment
Name ……………………………………………………………………..                                                                           bags. With the increased numbers this year we
Homeroom ……………………..                                    Date …………………………                         need more storage space for current classes, so come down
                                                                                               to the Materials Room, say hello to the teachers and remove
Parents Signature ………………………………………………..……..                                                     last year’s projects immediately.
                                                                                               Chris Gray - Head of Design & Technology

                             The next MDC P & F Meeting will take place on Tuesday 9 March 2010 at 7.30pm
ACARA                                                           Attention students interested in fields;
The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting
                                                                MEDICINE,              DENTISTRY,
Authority (ACARA) is about to release the draft K-10
                                                                PHYSIOTHERAPY,        OPTOMETRY,
Australian Curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science and
                                                                PHARMACY, HEALTH SCIENCES
History for national consultation.
                                                                If you are interested in any of the fields
I would encourage you to read the drafts and provide
                                                                above, you will need to take the UMAT Test for Med Entry
feedback to ACARA. The drafts will be available through a
                                                                into the university course of your choice. You will need to
consultation website (details to be provided shortly) for
                                                                sit the test on 28 July 2010. A government accredited
everyone to read, review, download or print. ACARA would
                                                                Registered Training Organisation specialising in helping you
like as many people as possible to be involved in the
                                                                perform at your best is Med Entry UMAT Prep. Med Entry
consultation process regarding what we would like young
                                                                offers discounts of up to 30% for groups and numerous
people to learn in these areas.
                                                                scholarships. For more information, please visit www.
ACARA state that they are committed to listening to and
carefully considering all feedback in order to develop the      Sr. Jean Wojcik - Career Development Officer
best possible Australian Curriculum. Further information
about the consultation website and dates will be available in                        ADFA INTAKE FOR 2011
March. In the meantime if you want to know more about
ACARA’s responsibilities, please go to their website at                              Assessment cut-off for the first ADFA .                                                                   Officer Selection board is 12 March 2010

Educational Tips                                                                     Second Selection board is 10 April 2010.

 Here are a few tips that can help you get the most out of    Potential applicants must have completed successfully their
    your education:                                             Y.O.U. session:
 Take responsibility for your own education. How much         Initial aptitude, medical, eligibility/suitability checks and received
    you learn is up to you.                                     a “recommended” at final assessment prior to these cut-off
 Be an active participant in the educational process: ask     [[[

    questions, express your ideas, seek out opportunities to    To cut the time of Y.O.U. session, come with all required
    learn.                                                      documentation and valid job preferences in mind. Check
 Get to know your teachers.                                   www.defencejobs. for requirements prior to registering
                                                                details with 131901 for Y.O.U. session.
 Get to class on time and make sure you are prepared          [

    and alert.                                                  Positions for Engineering and Technology are generally filled
 Look for opportunities to study with classmates, having      after the two cut offs mentioned above. Other Selection Boards
    to explain something to another will help your own          will take place throughout the Year and they are to be
    understanding.                                              announced.

 Use the multitude of resources available at Mater Dei        An Information Session for prospective candidates and parents
    College including the MIRC, after school tutorials, Sr      to find out more about ADFA and the ADF in general will be on
    Jean’s Glitch Busters, Year 12 Personal Development         9 March 2010, from 6:00-8:00pm, level 7, 66 St Georges
    notes and the College Planner and Newsletters.              Terrace, Perth CBD. Mention Information Session when
                                                                registering at 131901.
Jef. Middleton
Deputy Principal                                                Sister Jean Wojcik
                                                                Career Development Officer


                                                                                 UNIFORM SHOP ROSTER
Please do not send your children to school if they are
unwell. For the past 2 weeks we have had between 15-20
students present themselves to Student Reception because
they are feeling sick. This often happens before 9.30am. To                          TERM ONE - WEEKS 3 & 4
be fair to your child and the other 1039 students at the
College, please keep them home if they show any signs of              THURSDAY 18 February
                                                                                   10:15 - 1:20    Tayrene Zuvela
CANTEEN VOLUNTEERS                                                                  3:00 - 4:00    Maree Green, Tania Russo
The Canteen is desperately seeking more volunteers. If                MONDAY      22 February
there are insufficient helpers the staff are forced to close
                                                                                      8:00 - 10:00 Hilary McLoughlin, Tina Webber
some of the roller shutters. Unfortunately this has occurred
                                                                                     10:00 - 12:00 Jane Snow, Anne Woods
a number of times already. The result is that the students
have barely enough time to eat by the time they are served.           Thank you to these volunteers.
Even if you can only help for a few hours, please contact                               UNIFORM SHOP HOURS
Carol or Lea in the Canteen about going on the volunteers’
roster.                                                                Monday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm / Thursday 10:30 am - 4:30 pm
Susan Kinsella                                                        Linda Caporn
Business Manager                                                      Uniform Shop Manager

                      The next MDC P & F Meeting will take place on Tuesday 9 March 2010 at 7.30pm
          Mater Dei College Sporting Notices
               For all enquires regarding Health & Physical Education notices,
          please see Mr M Golding, Head of Faculty - Health & Physical Education.
                         For enquiries regarding Co-curricular Sport,
            please contact Ms Patrice Berthold - Co-Curricular Sports Coordinator

                Congratulations                                   YRS 7 & 8 ACTIVITY AFTERNOONS
                                                            TERM ONE - WEEK ONE PROVISIONAL RESULTS

                Luke Zaccaria                            Thursday 4 February
While the majority of us were relaxing over              McCormack House performed the best at Soccer and
the Christmas school holidays Luke attended
the State Cycling Championships receiving                Romero House performed the best at Volleyball.
the following medals:                                    Benedict and Siena only competed in one of the three
                                                         Homeroom groupings on the day and did not rotate through
      Sprint Champs U/19 men       1st                   Volleyball.
      Keirin Champs " "           2nd
      Scratch Race " "            2nd                    Friday 5 February
      1km Time Trial " "           3rd                   Siena performed the best with eight wins, closely followed
                                                         by McCormack, Salvado, Romero, Benedict then Mercy in
This fantastic record qualified him to attend the 2010   that order.
Senior Track Nationals held in Adelaide in February.     Benedict and Siena were represented in both Homeroom
  Results:                                               groupings on the day: all students rotated through two of the
                                                         three activities that were offered to the year group.

Sprint Champs U/19 men            4th                    Mr G Byrne - House Coordinator
Keirin Champs " "                 3rd
Well done Luke we wish you all the success in the
future                                                        YEARS 10 - 12 INTER-HOUSE
                                                                 SWIMMING CARNIVAL
Mrs Hill - Yr 12 Coordinator
                                                                 Friday 19 February
                                                         Students are expected to make their own way to and
                                                         from the Arena Joondalup. Students are required to be at
                Congratulations                          the venue by 8.30am sharp for normal Homeroom duties.
                                                         The Carnival will commence at 9.00am and conclude at
                                                         approximately 3.00pm.

                         Cassandra Flugge                For those students unable to make their own way to and
                                                         from the Arena Joondalup and for those students relying on
                             (Year 12 2009)              Transperth, buses will depart from the College at 8.30am
                                                         and return to the College at 3.10pm
             Cassandra       recently     represented    Attendance is Compulsory: If a student is absent, they are
Western Australia at the 2010 Australian Track Cycling   expected to provide their Homeroom Teacher with a medical
Championships in Adelaide from 2 - 7 February 2010.      certificate the following day. (Please refer to the Student
Cassandra won a silver medal in the U/19 Women's         Planner).
Keirin event and a bronze medal in the U/19 Women's      Uniform Requirements:
200m sprint.                                                 House T/Shirt and College PE Shorts/Skirt
                                                             College Sports Socks and Sandshoes
Annette Tedesco                                              Bathers: Modest and practical design
Assistant - Health & Physical Education                  Personal Requirements:
                                                          College Sports Bag
                                                          Lunch and drinks
       MATER DEI COLLEGE SATURDAY                         Refreshments facilities at Arena will not be available
              NETBALL 2010                                     for students.
                                                         NB: Items such as Personal Music devices, mobile phones
Registration Forms are available from the                and magazines are NOT to be brought to the Carnival.
Admin front office for all Years 7 - 12 girls
wishing to play netball on Saturdays for Mater           PLEASE NOTE:
Dei College.                                             Students who do not actively participate in their
                                                         respective Inter-House Swimming Carnival will be
ALL REGISTRATION FORMS NEED TO BE BACK BY                withdrawn from the Carnival.
                                                         Mr Mark Golding
Mrs Bev Hyde                                             Head of Faculty - Health & Physical Education
Mater Dei College Netball Coordinator

               24 HOUR ABSENTEE/LATE LINE: 9405 0599

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