Cloaking Affiliate Links - A Must in This Business

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					Cloaking Affiliate Links - A Must in This Business
Written By: Zack Lim -

If you have been doing the affiliate marketing business for some time, you
should be aware that most of referral link will contain your own unique ID
and the merchant ID. This means that most of the referral will be long in
nature and it will not look professional. If you are not cloaking your link, you
will be leaving a lot of money on the table. Here are the 2 main reasons
why you should cloak your link.

The 1st reason is that you will want to protect your commission. If you are
going to show your referral link directly, your ID will be exposed. This
means that there is a possibility that the visitors that you have referred
might be able to replace your ID with their ID so that they will be able to get
a discount on the product by purchasing from their own referral link. Since
you will be committing your time and effort into driving traffic to your offer,
you will want to make sure that you are credited with the commission.

The 2nd reason is that you want to encourage the visitors to click on your
link. If you are going to place the long ugly link in your email or website,
your visitors will not be willing to click as they might think that it will lead
them to a funny website which might contains adult content or spyware or
other malicious application. If you are using professional cloaking software,
you will be able to make the whole link looks nicer and you can also put
your domain name in it. This is good as visitors will be more likely to click
on your link and you can brand your domain name.

Here are the 2 main reasons why it is so important to cloak your affiliate
link. You will want to take note of the FTC rules. Even if you have cloak the
link and you are sending the messages to your customers, you will want to
mention somewhere in the marketing message that you will be

Cloaking Affiliate Links - A Must in This Business
compensated if the customer purchase the product through your link. Your
subscribers will be appreciative of your honesty and they will still purchase
it if the product meets their needs.

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Cloaking Affiliate Links - A Must in This Business