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					       Read & Write v7.1 GOLD

                        Beginners Guide
                             Quick Start

This is a very quick introduction to using Read&Write Gold v7.1. For further
information on using the software please refer to:

   •   The Read&Write Gold manual

   •   The Read&Write Gold training guide

   •   The Read&Write Gold help

Text to speech is one of the fundamental support features which Read&Write has. Have
text read as you type or from any document. It will read each word, sentence, paragraph or
selected text with highlighting. There is a choice of different voices which can be adjusted
to suit you by altering the pitch, speed, and volume and the option to have an animated
character to accompany you. RealSpeak® provides one of the most human-sounding voice
available. You can choose the way text is displayed or highlighted during speech:
    • Text can be colour highlighted in the document..
    • Text can be brought into the Text Reader window – where the colour of highlighting
        and size of font can be changed to suit your needs.
    • Speech can be shown in Speech Balloons – these can be with or without an
        animated character.
    • Speak using One Word Display – this will display one word at a time as it is being
        spoken in a large letterbox display.
    • No visual display.
By hearing your work read you will be able to identify mistakes in punctuation, spelling and
meaning. Having documents read to you will increase your understanding and word

1. In MS Word type this text:         Mary had a little lamb,
                                      Its fleece was white as snow.
                                      And everywhere that Mary went,
                                      The lamb was sure to go.
2. Notice how it reads as you type.

3. Click anywhere within the text and click on the     button.

4. Use the        button to re-read the text.

5. Click on the      button to fast forward.

6. Click on the      button to pause and resume reading.

7. Click on the     button to stop reading.

Read & Write has an advanced phonetic spellchecker to analyse and correct even the most
complex spelling mistakes. You can choose to spell check as you type or check your
completed work. Any spelling mistake will be identified and the Spellchecker window will
provide a list of suggested corrections with the meanings of each to aid the correct choice.
The suggestions and meanings can be read by Read & Write to help you choose. A
spelling log will record every mistake and correction made.
The spell checker allows you to work independently and increase the accuracy of your work

1. Open MS Word. Type in the following exactly: This is a mistike I have made on

2. Click on the       button.

3. The Spelling Helper Panel appears:

4. Click on mistake and click on the         button.

5. ‘porpose’ will now be highlighted and a list of suggestions will appear.

6. Click on ‘purpose’ in the suggestions list. A list of definitions appears in the right panel.

   Click on the first meaning and then click the       button. The meaning will be read out

   to you. Click on the         button.
                               Word Prediction

   Word Prediction can enable you to develop your writing skills by providing the tools to
   construct sentences with ease. Our word predictor learns your style of writing and
   predicts the word you want to use next. It also incorporates a prediction database based
   on a 100 million-word corpus. As you type, a list of suggestions will appear in the
   Prediction Panel.
   Indicators beside each word show context accuracy. This means that you will be less
   likely to make a grammatical error so increasing the quality of your work.
   Our Word Predictor will also predict words for when you spell phonetically. This
   improves the quality of the prediction suggestion list and ensures that if you are prone to
   phonetic errors you will find the Word Prediction more useful.
   Word Prediction will allow you to produce high quality work and reduce the time it takes
   to do so.

1. Click on the      button.

2. In MS Word type: I am writing this to show

3. The prediction window is populated:

4. To insert any word from the window press the corresponding Function key or click on it.

   Read & Write has the choice of 3 dictionaries to increase your literacy and creative
   writing skills. It allows you to find alternative suggestions for words and provides audible
   definitions and sample sentence for each selected word.

   By providing a dictionary with descriptions and sample sentences that can be read to
   aid choice, Read & Write provides the means for increasing vocabulary.

1. In MS Word type the word picture, remembering to place a space after the word.

2. Double click on or highlight the word picture.

3. Click on the       button.

4. The Dictionary panel opens:

5. Click on the top meaning (1.) of picture, thus highlighting a description and sample
   sentence of the word.

6. Click on the      button.

7. The description will be highlighted and read to you.
                         Homophone Support

   Many people get confused with like sounding words. Read & Write homophone support
   reduces confusion between like sounding words with different meanings. This feature
   identifies homophones and provides audible definitions. 1400 of these are listed as
   standard. The Same Sounding Words Panel shows the list of words that can be
   confused and a definition for each one to help pick the one you want to use.
   By identifying and providing audible definitions of homophones Read & Write ensures
   you are using the correct word in context.

1. In MS Word type the following exactly ‘Their they went four a vary long walk.’

2. Click on the       button.

3. The text appears showing homophones in blue and the Homophone window opens:

4. Select ‘Their’

5. Click on the      button.

6. Click on the        button.

7. Follow steps 4 to 6 replacing the words ‘four’ to for and ‘vary’ to very.

8. The finished text should now read as follows: ‘There they went for a very long walk.’

   Read & Write has an easy to use Simple Calculator. Not only does this provide the most
   common functions associated with a Simple Calculator but it also provides an audit trail
   so that you can see your calculations as you go.

1. Click on       button.

2. Click on                              .

3. Click on the       button. Click on       and then      .

4. The answer will be read to you. To hear it again click on the       button.
                                 Speech Maker

   Read&Write (v7.1) GOLD allows the conversion of text to an audio file.
   Ideal for revising work at the end of the day on the way home from school, college or
   work. The play back voice can be adjusted to suit the individual’s needs. Which helps to
   overcome learning difficulties by making the experience as comfortable as possible.

   The audible text in Read&Write (v7.1) GOLD can be saved directly to the Users media

   Being able to listen to information instead of having to read can helps those with
   learning difficulties. The speech maker can be used in any number of ways. For
   example you could convert text from a novel or magazine to listen to when relaxing or
   studying, or you could even convert a script to audio format to help learn lines for a
   school play or amateur productions.

1. In MS Word type the following text:
   Fred the frog sat on his old mushroom, very tired of his surroundings. He wished
   for a new home; but he could think of none better than his mushroom. One day, a
   turtle walked slowly by his mushroom. Fred saw this as a chance for travel, so he
   jumped on the turtle’s back.
2. Highlight or select the text that you have just typed and click on the   button to the right

   of the      button on the toolbar and select Speech Maker.

3. The textbox will open. Click the             button.

4. Click on voice settings and choose ‘Mary’ as your voice.
5. Set the pitch to 180 Hertz, speed to 90 words per minute and volume to 95%.

6. Click on the           to test the voice. If you are happy with your voice click          .
       If not, then change to your preferred settings.

7. Click on the          button and choose ‘Desktop’ as the destination to save your file.

8. Enter the File name ‘fred the frog’:

9. Select the WAV File radio button:             .

10. Click on the             button.

11. File Transfer takes place.

To Listen to the sound file
Minimize all applications and double click on the “fred the frog” icon on your desktop to

hear the spoken file.

Read & Write (v6) GOLD allows you to scan any paper document into PDF, Word or
HTML. By scanning into PDF you can use the PDFaloud tool bar to have any of the
text read to you. This will allow you to read faster and have a greater comprehension of
what is being said. Scanning in to Word you can then edit and have the scanned
material read to you. The incorporation of scanning offers a greater degree of flexibility
by inserting paper documentation into a familiar editing environment. Once changes
have been made, you can make the document available to other Users. This is key to
inclusive education and integration in today’s world.

Text may also be scanned into Internet Explorer (HTML) allowing the User to apply
“style sheets” so that regardless of the original document scanned, the software will
display their preferred style with colours, font type and font size.

Exercise (assuming you are attached to a scanner)
1. Insert a document in to your scanner.

2. Click on       button.

3. The scanner starts to scan the document. Adobe opens with the scan result.

4. Notice in Adobe there is a new toolbar:

5. Click on    and then on the text in the document. The software will read the text
   where you have clicked.
                                 Fact Folder

Read & Write GOLD incorporates a desk research tool to help you revise or prepare
information to write reports. This desk research tool allows you to capture text from any
application, classify it, attach pictures and bibliography information and record its
source. This information can be converted to a Word document, slide show or outputted
to PDA to help studying and revision.

Exercise (requires connection to the Internet)
1. Open your web browser and go to

2. Select some text on the page and click on the         button. The Fact Folder panel
   opens showing the text you selected.

3. Notice how the Item Name and Description fields have been completed using
   information from this text. You can alter this by clicking in each box and editing as

4. In the Author field type Texthelp.

5. Notice how the Date filed and Source fields are automatically recorded for you.

6. Click on

7. Click on a picture and drag it to      . If you find that the Fact Folder Panel is in
   front of the picture click and hold down on the blue Title bar and drag it out of the

8. Select Texthelp from the Author drop down list.

9. Click on                              .

10. Click on

11. A MS Word document will be created with all the information you have just captured.
                                Fact Finder

Read & Write GOLD incorporates an easy to use Internet search tool to help you find
information quickly. This search tool allows you to quickly search the web to find
relevant information associated with your research topic. Search engines in 6 different
categories are provided for you to choose from.

1. Type Irish Writers in the main word processing area.

2. Highlight the words Irish Writers.

3. Click on the      button.

4. Internet Explorer launches and shows the results of your search using Yahoo.

5. Close Internet Explorer.
                              Speech Input

Read & Write GOLD allows you to convert your speech to text. How you can talk to your
computer and it will convert it in to text in your chosen document. This tool allows you to
quickly set up your computer to recognize your voice. A simple training program shows
you what you should say in to the computer and has audible prompt to help.


1. Click on       .

2. The Microphone Wizard will start. Follow the steps to ensure your microphone is in
   the correct position.

3. Once the Microphone Wizard is completed you will be taken into the Training
   Wizard. This is where you teach the software to recognise your voice.

4. Read the set text.

5. If you wish you can have the text read to you first by clicking on the            .

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