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Quantity Surveying - 1267CIL


Quantity Surveying - 1267CIL

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National code: 90949NSW
TAFE NSW number: 1267

                                                                          Students may also be accepted if they are of
Overview                                                                  mature age and possess sufficient literacy,
Areas covered in this qualification include                               numeracy and visual skills to successfully
building construction, quantities and estimating,                         complete the course. You may be required to
management, surveying, building safety and                                demonstrate your proficiency in literacy and
advanced building computing.                                              numeracy.

This qualification will be of benefit to people who                       Please provide evidence that you meet the
are wishing to learn building and quantities and                          criteria, such as certified copies of your HSC, or
estimating management skills in the building                              equivalent, with your enrolment application.
industry. The qualification teaches students how
to include social, environmental and legal
                                                                          The TAFE NSW fee and charges
aspects into building projects.
                                                                          The annual TAFE NSW fee and the full OTEN
*NRT – Nationally Recognised Training – this                              Student Materials and Handling Charge apply
indicates that the course is an accredited course                         when enrolling or re-enrolling with OTEN before
and is nationally recognised.                                             2 June 2008.

                                                                              Annual TAFE NSW fee                    $1184
Vocational outcomes
This qualification is recognised by the                                       OTEN Student Materials                 $50
construction industry as a program of benefit to                              and Handling Charge
employees in the area of residential building and
construction. A number of professional bodies
recognise this course as a formal professional                            You may choose to pay the 2008 annual TAFE
development program. Further information may                              NSW fee in two equal instalments. The first
be obtained from the course manager, or consult                           instalment and the full OTEN Student Materials
your employer.                                                            and Handling Charge are paid on enrolment.
                                                                          TAFE NSW will send you an invoice for payment
                                                                          of the second instalment, which must be paid by
Entry requirements                                                        31 May 2008. This instalment must be paid
Students applying to enrol in this qualification                          regardless of the month you enrol. If you hand in
must have completed the NSW Higher School                                 all assignments, complete all tests and sit for any
Certificate (or equivalent statement from another                         exams prior to 27 June 2008, you will not need to
educational authority) or a trade certificate from a                      pay the second instalment.
related discipline.
                                                                          If you enrol after 2 June 2008, you need to pay
                                                                          the mid-year rate for the TAFE NSW fee of $592

Student Services, OTEN                                                                              Main 1262/Final
Created: 11/11/2004                                        Version 1                                Last updated: 06/12/2007
This information leaflet is correct at the time of printing, check the website www.tafensw.edu.au/oten for the latest information
plus the full OTEN Student Materials and                                  In general students need to complete this
Handling Charge.                                                          qualification within 4 years.

Irrespective of the date you enrol, if you have not                       However, students can complete a course with
finished all of your units/modules to complete                            OTEN in less than the completion time above.
your qualification by 14 November, you will need
to re-enrol and pay the TAFE NSW fee and the
OTEN Student Materials and Handling Charge                                Centrelink
again for the next OTEN academic year.                                    Some students may be eligible for financial
                                                                          assistance to study from Centrelink. Applications
Other associated costs:                                                   for assistance are assessed by Centrelink, so
                                                                          you should contact your nearest Centrelink office
You will need to purchase additional                                      to discuss your eligibility.
equipment/reference books/consumables for
some modules.                                                             If you receive a Centrelink student payment to
                                                                          study, you are expected to complete your
Access to the BCA and several Australian                                  qualification within the time allocated by
Standards will also be required.                                          Centrelink. This time may be less than the time
                                                                          OTEN allows. You are also required to show
Additional reference materials are listed in your                         consistent and regular progress through your
learning materials.                                                       course, and complete units/modules regularly
                                                                          throughout your enrolment. If not, you may incur
There are compulsory residential and/or practical                         a Centrelink debt which you will have to repay.
components as part of this qualification. You will
be required to pay these costs in addition to your
payment of the TAFE NSW fee and the OTEN                                  Conditions of enrolment
Student Materials and Handling Charge.                                    It is a condition of your enrolment with OTEN that
                                                                          you actively participate in your studies. Active
If you are a Temporary Visa Holder and you are                            participation is submitting assignments, attending
eligible to enrol, you may need to pay additional                         practical sessions if applicable, sitting exams or
tuition fees depending on your visa subclass                              tests, submitting an application for recognition,
number. Go to our website                                                 accessing unit support pages on the OTEN
www.tafensw.edu.au/oten for more information or                           Learning Support (OLS) website, completing
phone Course Information on                                               units of competency or making satisfactory
(02) 9715 8333 or 1300 362 346.                                           progress in learner support.
This qualification is suitable for study if you                           If you do not participate in your studies,
reside overseas, however attendance at the                                future enrolment application may be declined.
compulsory practical sessions in NSW is
required. If you are not an Australian citizen or
Australian permanent resident, you will need to                           Hardware and software required
pay commercial fees. Details of fees for
                                                                          You will need a computer, or regular access to
international students are available on the OTEN
                                                                          an IBM compatible computer with:
website at www.tafensw.edu.au/oten
                                                                          • Windows 2000 or later
                                                                          • Microsoft Office 2000 or later
This qualification has a duration of 1644 nominal                         • access to the internet will be required to
hours.                                                                      obtain resource material for several units, to
                                                                            access the OTEN Learning Support (OLS)
Most OTEN students would find that they have to                             site and to contact teachers
do extra hours of study for this qualification due
                                                                          • an email address.
to the nature of distance education.

Student Services, OTEN                                                                              Main 1267/Final
Created: 11/11/2004                                        Version 1                                Last updated: 06/12/2007
This information leaflet is correct at the time of printing, check the website www.tafensw.edu.au/oten for the latest information
Course structure                                                          If you are applying to enrol for the first time, your
                                                                          enrolment application should include the
There are 42 modules in this qualification.                               following modules:

To complete this qualification the modules must                           • 2182A              Materials 1
be completed within the defined duration. You
will need to plan your study to ensure you                                • 2182B              Construction 1
progressively enrol and complete all required                             • 8979A              Presenting Information
modules within this time.
                                                                          You can request additional modules to be added
                                                                          to your current enrolment up until September this
All of the modules are compulsory.
                                                                          academic year, as you progressively complete
                                                                          the modules you are initially enrolled into. Ring
The qualification is completed by:
                                                                          your teacher to order more modules.
• studying at home at your own pace
                                                                          The course has been developed to enable
• assignment work which you send in to us for                             learners to satisfy the requirements for the
  assessment and comment                                                  qualification of the diploma by completing the
• attendance at two compulsory practical                                  following modules:
  sessions of 2 days duration each. These
  practical sessions are for the modules 2182K                            Module        National             Name                   Hrs
  and 2183K.                                                              No            Module
• end of stage tests
                                                                          1261A                              Applied                20
• optional tutorials.
A payment slip and proposed calendar dates for                                                               for builders
each of the practical/tutorial sessions is included                       2182A         ABC005               Materials 1            36
in your Building Studies Course Guide which will
                                                                          2182B         ABC001               Construction 1         58
be sent to you after your enrolment is approved,
and is also available from the OLS site when you                          2182BB        ABC002               Construction 2         58
enrol in the relevant module.                                             2182C         ABC088               Building               36
                                                                                                             technology 1
To attend a practical session, you should send                            2182D         ABC105               Timber framing         36
the payment slip with the appropriate payment                                                                code
directly to the Building and Construction section
                                                                          2182E         ABC061               Builders working       40
of OTEN. Note that the due date for payment for
                                                                                                             drawings 1
a practical session is 3 weeks prior to the
practical date, but places are limited and only                           2182EE        ABC062               Builders working       40
those who have registered with the B&C section                                                               drawings 2
and paid early can be assured a place. Following                          2182F         ABC076               Building               54
receipt of your payment, you will receive an                                                                 quantities and
information package informing you of times,                                                                  estimating 1
travel, food and accommodation arrangements.                              2182FF        ABC077               Building               54
                                                                                                             quantities and
Not all of the modules needed to complete this                                                               estimating 2
qualification are available through OTEN.
                                                                          2182G         ABC091               Business               36
                                                                                                             management for
Modules in bold italics were not available at the                                                            builders 1
time of printing this leaflet but could possibly
become available throughout this academic year.                           2182GG        ABC092               Business               36
                                                                                                             management for
We cannot guarantee that you will be able to                                                                 builders 2
complete this qualification this academic year.                           2182H         ABC082               Building site          36
For more information, please contact the                                                                     supervision
teaching section (see Enquiries on this leaflet)
before applying to enrol.

Student Services, OTEN                                                                              Main 1267/Final
Created: 11/11/2004                                        Version 1                                Last updated: 06/12/2007
This information leaflet is correct at the time of printing, check the website www.tafensw.edu.au/oten for the latest information
2182J         ABC102              Residential site         36             1262R                              Building               72
                                  safety                                                                     management in
2182K         ABC083              Building site            49                                                practice
                                  surveying and                           8979A         NCS007               Presenting             20
                                  set out 1                                                                  information
2182L         ABC069              Cost control and         36             8979K         NCS011               Client                 20
                                  planning 1                                                                 Interaction
2182M         ABC086              Structures 1             36             8979L         NCS012               Meetings               20
2182N        ABC064               Building                 36             8979T         NCS006               Writing                20
                                  computer                                                                   Workplace
                                  applications 1                                                             Documents
2182Y                             Environmental            36
                                  building                                Recognition
                                                                          TAFE NSW provides a means of assessing and
2183A         ABC006              Materials 2              36             recognising your previous learning and current
2183B         ABC003              Construction 3           40             work experience relevant to the course you wish
2183BB        ABC004              Construction 4           40             to study, so you may avoid repeating what you
                                                                          already know. Your application for recognition is
2183C        ABC089               Building                 36             assessed after your OTEN enrolment application
                                  technology 2                            is approved. The minimum amount of recognition
2183E         ABC063              Builders working         36             that can be granted is for an entire unit.
                                  drawing 3
2183F         ABC078              Building                 36             For information on Recognition, including
                                  quantities and                          instructions on how to apply, visit
                                  estimating 3                            www.tafensw.edu.au/oten and follow the
2183FF        ABC079              Building                 54             Recognition link, or contact our Recognition
                                  quantities and                          Helpdesk.
                                  estimating 4
                                                                          •    Ph: (02) 9715 8486 or 1300 362 165
2183G        ABC085               Building staff           36
                                  management                              •    Email: oten.recognitionhelp@tafensw.edu.au
2183H         ABC095              Construction             36             Please note: Some industries have their own
                                  planning 1                              legislative or licensing requirements. TAFE NSW
2183J         ABC096              Construction             36             recognition does not apply to these.
2183K         ABC084              Building site            49             Embedded qualifications
                                  surveying and
                                  set out 2                               This course has the following embedded
2183L         ABC070              Cost control             36
                                  and planning 2
                                                                          • 1261 Certificate IV Building Studies
2183N        ABC107               Building                 36               Residential.
                                  applications 2                          Conditions and fees apply.
2183Q         ABC067              Building contract        36
                                  law 1                                   Learning materials
2183S         ABC007              Services 1               36
                                                                          OTEN will provide learning materials in this
2183SS        ABC008              Services 2               36             qualification in the form of:
2184F         ABC080              Building                 72
                                  quantities and                          • printed lesson notes.
                                  estimating 5
                                                                          It will be necessary for you to visit a TAFE library
2184Q         ABC068              Building contract        36             for reference material. Additional optional
                                  law 2                                   reference materials are listed in the Building
                                                                          Studies Course Guide.

Student Services, OTEN                                                                              Main 1267/Final
Created: 11/11/2004                                        Version 1                                Last updated: 06/12/2007
This information leaflet is correct at the time of printing, check the website www.tafensw.edu.au/oten for the latest information
You will also need to buy additional text books.
                                                                          To apply to enrol
See “Other associated costs” under The TAFE                               It is important to read this Course Information
NSW fee and charges.                                                      Leaflet carefully, as well as the OTEN Course
                                                                          and Career Guide.
                                                                          Complete the OTEN enrolment application form.
Assessment for this qualification is by:
                                                                          Attach your payment by cheque or money order
• assignment work which you should send in to                             (payable to OTEN), or include your credit card
  us on a regular basis                                                   details to pay the TAFE NSW fee, the OTEN
• 2 compulsory practical assessments                                      Student Materials and Handling Charge and any
                                                                          other associated costs and send to:
• written tests.
                                                                          OTEN Locked Bag 2012
Refunds                                                                   Strathfield NSW 2135
Please enrol carefully, as refunds are only
                                                                          For security reasons we do not accept cash.
granted in exceptional circumstances. Refer
to the OTEN Course and Career Guide for more
                                                                          If you are paying by credit card and have no
information or the OTEN website
                                                                          other documentation to send OTEN, you may
                                                                          be able to apply to enrol online. Visit
For further assistance
The Counselling and Careers Services at OTEN                              Enquiries
may be able to help you to:
                                                                          For further information on this qualification, call
                                                                          the Building and Construction teaching
• clarify your career or educational goals
• choose an appropriate course (or courses) to
  achieve these goals.                                                    Ph: (02) 9715 8557 or 1300 360 087
                                                                          Email: oten.building@tafensw.edu.au
Contact Counselling and Careers on
Ph: (02) 9715 8446 or 1300 655 993.
                                                                          Course information
OTEN also provides assistance through the:
                                                                          Ph: (02) 9715 8333 or 1300 362 346
• Disabilities Unit Ph: 1300 362 890                                      Fax: (02) 9715 8445
                                                                          E-mail: oten.courseinfo@tafensw.edu.au
• OTEN Aboriginal Education and Training Unit
  Ph: 1300 362 890                                                        Enrolment into most courses is open until early
• Multicultural Education and Support Unit                                August. However, courses may be closed before
  Ph: 1800 637 535.                                                       this date if places are filled. For the latest
                                                                          information on course availability visit the OTEN
Related courses                                                           website www.oten.edu.au/oten

OTEN also offers:                                                         OTEN
                                                                          51 Wentworth Rd
• 1261 Certificate IV in Building Studies,                                Strathfield NSW 2135
• 1262 Diploma in Building Studies
• 4853 Diploma in Building Surveying.

Student Services, OTEN                                                                              Main 1267/Final
Created: 11/11/2004                                        Version 1                                Last updated: 06/12/2007
This information leaflet is correct at the time of printing, check the website www.tafensw.edu.au/oten for the latest information

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