Debates in Psychology by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Debates in Psychology
Routledge Modular Psychology

Author: Andy Bell
Table of Contents

Introduction to Debates in Psychology. Free Will and Determinism. Reductionism. Reductionism and the
Mind-Body Problem. Can Psychology be a Science? The Nature-Nurture Debate. Behaviourism. Study
Aids. Glossary. References.

Debates in Psychology tackles some of the major issues and controversies within the field of
psychology. The book includes a discussion of the major debates in psychology prescribed by the AQA
Specification A-Level syllabus, such as free will and determinism, whether or not psychology can (or
indeed should) be a science, reductionism, and the nature-nurture debate. Additionally, the 'mind-body
question' is examined as an example of reductionism in psychology. A chapter on behaviourism is also
included in order to draw together the debates covered throughout the book.Each topic covered in
Debates in Psychology is presented in a highly readable and accessible manner. The book will be
invaluable for students wishing to gain a greater understanding of this exciting area.

The book offers a valuable insight into the topic of debates. It explains key concepts clearly and provides
useful relevant examples. Students who read the book should feel confident about attacking examination

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