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									     Quality education, excellence, opportunities – a foundation for the future

 Wollongong West Public School                  Phone: 02 42292096                     Email: wollongwst-
 Crown Street                                                                          p.school@det.nsw.edu.au
 West Wollongong 2500                           Fax:   02 42265057
                                                                                       Website: http://www.wollongwst-
 Principal: Mrs Cathy Reade                                                            p.schools.nsw.edu.au

 Issue 19:          Term 2          Week 9                                                                   13 June 2007

                                                                                        Athletics Carnival
                     Coming events                                   Due to the inclement weather over the weekend and this week,
                                                                     the ground was too wet for the Athletics Carnival track events
Week 9          Event                                                today. Mr Akhurst will check the ground on Monday and a
                                                                     final decision will be made as to whether the track events will
Thurs 21 June   Oliver Performance at TIGS for Year 3, 4, 5 &        be held on Wednesday, 27 June.
                6 students
                Shine for Your School performance at                 The field events part of our Athletics Carnival has been
                Westfield Figtree                                    postponed until early Term 3.
Fri 22 June     No PSSA sport today
                Gold Awards presentation at assembly
Week 10         Event                                                           Books, Books and More Books
Mon 25 June     Gold Award Morning Tea
                Mufti Day for bringing in 5 Westfield shopper        Students were presented with their Books in Homes Australia
                dockets                                              books last Friday at a special presentation assembly. Mr Don
                                                                     Elgin and Mr Peter Groeller were at the assembly to present
Tue 26 June     School photos
                                                                     the books. Mr Elgin spoke to the students about the
Wed 27 June   School Athletics Carnival – weather and                importance of reading and how enjoyable it is to learn new
              grounds permitting                                     things from books. He also shared with students his
              Making Cents – program for parents                     experiences as an athlete and showed them his artificial leg
Fri 29 June   Big Day Out for eligible students                      with an Australian flag on it. Mr Groeller, representing our
              Last Day of Term 2                                     sponsor, - Australia Post, was very proud to be a part of the
Term 3 Week 1 Event                                                  presentation and to see the looks on our students’ faces when
Mon 16 July     Staff Development Day – staff only                   they received their books.
Tue 17 July     All students return to school

                Shine For Your School
Please remember to support our entrant, Shilo in the Shine for
Your School competition at Westfield Figtree on Thursday 21
June. The competition begins at 5.30 pm in the Centre Court
near Just Jeans. Shilo will be singing her heart out for our
school and she would love to have an audience full of

Students who returned the permission slip to see Oliver
tomorrow will be having recess at 10.15 am then walking with
the supervising teachers to TIGS for the performance at 11
am. Students are expected to return to school in time for
lunch. The remaining students will have recess at the normal
The Gymsport timetable has been altered for tomorrow to
cater for the primary students being at Oliver. No class will
miss out on their Gymsport time.
 Issue 19:          Term 2           Week 9                                                                       20 June 2007

                          Awards                                                                 MakingCents
                    Principal’s Awards
                     Macinley, Matthew                                   Most of us want to be good with our money. With so many
                 Encouragement Awards                                    choices influencing how we spend, borrow and save, it’s no
                      Saffron, Andrew                                    wonder that many people find it challenging. That’s what
              ‘Caught Being Good’ Awards                                 MakingCents is all about. MakingCents is a resource for
                   James, Montell, Elliot                                teachers and parents and contains practical information and
                                                                         teaching materials to help Australians understand and manage
                    Playground Awards
                                                                         their money.
                    Zoe, Montell, Kiani,
                       Brendyn, Gypsi                                    Bruno Conte, our Partnership Officer with the Priority
                      Assembly Award                                     Schools Program (PSP), has been running MakingCents
                              5T                                         workshops for parents at PSP schools around the Illawarra.
                   Environment Award                                     The workshops have been very well received by participants,
                             6AS                                         with everyone saying they learned a great deal about money
                       Merit Awards                                      and finance in general.
                   Luin, Cody, Patience,
                 Bianca, Liam, Lily, Gypsi,                              Bruno would love to come to our school to run these
          Macinley, Josh, Andrew, Connor, Conner,                        workshops for any parents interested in learning about
                         Dijana, Tim                                     MakingCents, money and general finance. There are some
                      Bronze Awards                                      wonderful ideas and tips to help families, children and
                   Brendyn, Peter, Owen,                                 teenagers manage their money better. This is not a program
                     Chloe, May, Jessica                                 where you disclose your personal finances, but a program to
                       Silver Awards                                     help you to help your children to make sense of money and
                    Dusko, Vanja, Liam,                                  what it can do for you.
               Liam Van, Michael, Stergiani,                             Bruno has organised a meeting at school for Wednesday 27
                     Momolu, Anthony                                     June commencing at 9.15 am in the library. This meeting is to
                        Gold Awards                                      introduce the Making Cents program to interested parents and
              Anica, Fintan, Liam, Christine                             to organise further workshop sessions. If you would like to
                                                                         attend this meeting, please complete the slip at the end of the
                      School Photos                                      newsletter and return it to the school office no later than
School photos are on next Tuesday, 26 June. Remember to                  Monday 25 June. Light refreshments will be provided.
bring in your photo envelopes with money before this date or
on the day. Unfortunately there are no spare envelopes left at
the office. Please use the envelopes the children were given                      Road Safety Issues Around Schools
last week. Students will be photographed with jumpers and
jackets off.                                                             Safe school travel – tips to improve children’s safety
                                                                         around our school
                   Basic Skills Tests
                                                                         • Children up to at least eight years old should hold an
Students in Years 3 and 5 will be sitting the Basic Skills Test            adult’s hand in the car park, on the footpath and when
on Tuesday 31 July (writing) and Thursday 2 August (reading,               crossing the road. Children between eight and at least ten
literacy and numeracy). Letters are going home today with                  years old should be closely supervised by an adult in the
more details about the tests.                                              traffic environment and should hold an adult’s hand when
                                                                           crossing the road.
                 Shop for Your School
                                                                         • Talk your child through the ‘STOP! LOOK! LISTEN!
This week the Shop for Your School competition has a prize                 THINK!’ routine every time you cross the road together:
worth $10,000 for a canteen upgrade. The top point scoring
school in each state will win this prize. This week (week                        o STOP! One step back from the kerb
commencing 18 June) the promoters will choose one day in                         o LOOK! For traffic to your right, left and right again
the week to take the total points earned on that day by each
school and divide it by the total number of students in each                     o LISTEN! For the sounds of approaching traffic
school to get the state winners.                                                 o THINK! Whether it is safe to cross.
                   Monday Mufti Day                                              o Always look and listen for traffic as you cross the
Monday 25 June is a Mufti Day for students who bring in 5 or
more shopper dockets from Westfield for the Shop For Your                • Always slow to 40 km/h when travelling in an operating
School promotion. To be able to wear mufti all students have               school zone.
to do is bring in 5 or more shopper dockets from Westfield.
                                                                         • Always obey parking signs around your child’s school.
These dockets will then go onto our school’s tally.
                                                                           These signs help save children’s lives.

                                       A well resourced school in attractive, spacious grounds
 Issue 19:          Term 2           Week 9                                                                            20 June 2007

• NEVER leave a child of any age in a vehicle without adult              • Sign, signature, signal
   supervision. A small child may rapidly suffer dehydration,            • Could, should, would
   heat exhaustion and consequent organ failure. Older
   children could play games that may lead to tragedy.                   Share ways to learn new words:
                                                                         • Make up gimmicks to trigger memory, e.g. A piece of pie
          Healthy Relationships Program                                  • Praise what they know, and encourage them to have a go
This week’s value is: ENTHUSIASM                                         • When learning a new word, encourage your child to look
                                                                            at the word, say it, cover it up, write it, then check what
What is it? Enthusiasm is doing things with zest and                        they have written
excitement. It is really looking forward to something.
Enthusiasm comes from having a positive attitude about the               Play spelling games:
things you do. You can be enthusiastic about making your                 • Hangman, scrabble, crossword puzzles
bed, going on a holiday or feeding the dog. It is being cheerful
and giving your best to whatever you do. Enthusiasm makes                Look at words in the everyday world:
boring things fun.                                                       • Read labels in the supermarket
                                                                         • Look for words and letter patterns in junk mail
Why practise it? People love to be around enthusiastic
                                                                         • Find words in toy catalogues that start with the same letter
people. They are cheerful and passionate. Enthusiastic people
                                                                            and cut them out
find the most boring tasks go quickly because they are putting
everything into it. If you lack enthusiasm, everything becomes                                Canteen Pizza Day
boring to you and you may find friends don’t want to be with
you as much.                                                             Don’t forget Pizza Day on Thursday 28 June. The pizza meal
                                                                         deal includes pizza, juice and lolly bag for $5.00. Orders need
How to practise it – Enthusiasm is an attitude. You can                  to be at the canteen by Tuesday 26 June. Please see Mrs
become enthusiastic by letting yourself become excited about             Stevens in the canteen for more details.
what you are doing and thinking of ways to make it more fun
to do. Visualise the results of what you do before they happen.                            Welcome to Our School
You can show your enthusiasm toward other people simply by
smiling with enthusiasm, or telling others that their work is            We extend a very warm welcome to Charlotte (Year 1) and
great. It gives others encouragement.                                    Lachlan (Year 3) who have joined our school in the past week.

              Celebrating Their Success                                                               Assembly
Throughout the year our students work hard, receiving a range            This week’s assembly leaders are Sharlene and Liam.
of awards for achievements including academic success,
sporting endeavours, leadership qualities, demonstrating                 Cathy Reade
values important to us all and for being positive role models.           Principal

The highest award that students can attain throughout the year
is a Gold Award. To achieve this, students have received 15
                                                                                           For Your Information
merit awards. Next Friday, 22 June, students who have                                     How do your children fight?
achieved their Gold Award level this term will be presented                                       by Michael Grose
                                                                         There is not a seminar goes by without the topic of sibling fighting
with their certificates at our afternoon assembly.
                                                                         being raised. Sibling fighting is common; it is disruptive; but it
There will also be a special morning tea on Monday 25 June at            does give parents an opportunity to teach valuable relationship
10.30 am for Term 1 and Term 2 Gold Award recipients and                 skills.
their parents/carers. Invitations for this special morning tea           Anecdotal evidence suggests that gender impacts on the nature of
have been sent home.                                                     conflict.

   Literacy and Numeracy – doing things with                             Boys tend to be more physical resorting to wrestling and thumping,
                                                                         particularly when the disputes are about toys or territory. Much of
                 your children                                           the conflict is akin to little puppies where the line between fighting
                                                                         and playing is often blurred. It can easily get out of hand.
This is the final instalment of ideas and suggestions for
helping with literacy and numeracy at home. This week’s                  Disputes involving girls, whether all-girl or girl-boy, are often
topic is How to support your child’s spelling development.               more verbal and can include put-downs, exclusion or the silent
                                                                         treatment. In adolescence, disputes involving girls can be
Encourage your child to write often:                                     downright frightening as the combatants hone in on each other’s
• Shopping lists                                                         vulnerabilities and soft spots such as physical appearance,
• Cards                                                                  friendships and relationships with boys.
• Letters                                                                Kids have Learner plates on when it comes to resolving conflict
• Labels                                                                 with each other. Both girls and boys need to learn to resolve
                                                                         conflict civilly without power, force or put-downs.
Help your child find patterns in words:
                                                                         “Okay, Michael. Sounds good so far but how do I make this
• Rain, paint, complain

                                       A well resourced school in attractive, spacious grounds
 Issue 19:             Term 2             Week 9                                                                      20 June 2007

happen?”                                                                                               Lamingtons
For a start, you need to make sure that kids see some decent                   Thank you to everyone who returned the Lamington order
conflict resolution modelled by significant adults at home. That               form, we collected 75 dozen orders. You can collect your
can be tough but children learn what they live, so you obviously               Lamingtons from the school library after 1.00pm on Thursday
need to be mindful of the behaviours on show for kids.                         21 June.
If you want to model effective conflict resolution consider the                                        Bunnings
following essential behaviours:                                                Unfortunately the Year 2 BBQ was cancelled by Bunnings
1. Being assertive not aggressive when you want to get your own                due to the wet weather.
way.                                                                           Many thanks for your continued support.
2. Discussing a problem or communicating your thoughts without
putting the other person down.                                                 Money Raised to-date          $12,300.
3. Admitting it when you are wrong.
4. Seeing a problem from another person’s viewpoint.
Make the most of teachable moments
Sibling conflict offers you brilliant opportunities to overtly teach
children lifelong relationship lessons. The lessons of relating we
learn in our families stay for life.                                                    MISS ZOE’S SCHOOL OF DANCE
While much sibling fighting needs to be ignored, there are times
when you can seize on these teachable moments to cue children                                Saturday 30 June 2007
into a particular skill.                                                                            FREE!!
There are five main conflict resolution skills you can help children                     Crown Street Mall Amphitheatre
develop. These skills follow a sequence as they build on each                           Come and see the local talent shine!
Sibling fighting, like all conflict, is usually emotion-charged and
full of heat. So skill NO. 1 to teach children is how to control their                   AUSSIE HOOPS BASKETBALL CAMP
emotions before they seek a solution.
This means working with kids to find out the best way to calm                  HEY MUMS & DADS, Illawarra Basketball is holding a
down when the heat rises. Whether it is taking a few (or many)                 SUPER AUSSIE HOOPS BASKETBALL CAMP during
deep breaths, walking away, taking timeout, calming or soothing                the Winter School Holidays.
self-talk and just going to mum for a calming hug, kids (and                   The Camp runs over 2 mornings from 9. 30am until 12 Noon.
adults) need to develop ways of cooling off when they get upset.               Dates are Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th July
Sometimes calming down is enough to end a dispute. However                     2007
there are other steps kids can work through to resolve conflict with           GREAT FUN, LOTS OF RUNNING, BOUNCING AND
a sibling including see the other person’s side of the story and               SHOOTING, Cost is $40.00 for the 2 mornings including a
generating solutions. And many teachable moments that you can                  Basketball for each youngster. ($35.00 without ball)
use to help children develop vital relationship skills.                        Here is a chance for your family to try something different.
                                                                               Experienced Coaches and a healthy fun environment!
                                                                               Call The Snakepit (Beaton Park Basketball Stadium)
                                                                               42259999 after 12 o’clock weekdays for details &
                                                                               registration. Or check it out on www.snakepit.com.au

                                                                                                Making Cents Meeting
                          Light globes
Greenalliance booklets are due back Friday 22 June. Our                        I will be attending the Making Cents introductory meeting on
school receives $5 for every name in the booklet. If you                       Wednesday 27 June commencing at 9.15 am in the library.
require any more booklets please contact the office.
Remember the benefits to your family:-                                         Name: ____________________________________
10 Names – A pizza and pop lunch for each child in your
family                                                                         Contact Phone Number: __________________
24 Names – Big Day Out paid for in 3rd term for each child in
your family.
Good luck.

                                             A well resourced school in attractive, spacious grounds

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