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   Boat aground
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 A COUPLE whose 13m ketch ran aground on        The retired couple and the Gioconda – another name travelled backwards and forwards and reversed to get on the radio several times and burnt off some flares.
 the rocks in Robe on Sunday were rescued by for the Mona Lisa – tried to enter the Lake Butler ma- off," he said.                                        Marala skipper David Brooks was among the first to
 volunteers after nearly four hours at sea.  rina at about 3pm Sunday.                                 "We eventually got off but the motor was making drop everything to come out and help the Marshalls.
    Many Robe residents watched the drama unfold from          Mr Marshall said: "First time we attempted, she (the                this nasty noise and we got over to a place opposite the      Mr Brooks said: "We were sitting in the front bar and
 the foreshore – opposite the Visitor Information Centre    Gioconda) struck bottom in the channel here, so we                     rocks over there (across from Robe VIC and post of-        seen it all happening.
 – as volunteers made several attempts to pull out the      backed off.                                                            fice)."                                                       "Before the flare had gone off, we had already made
 "Gioconda Adelaide" and its passengers from the rocks         "I wasn't expecting shallow water because it was                       Mr Marshall stopped the motor and threw the anchor      a start because we thought they were going to go on the
 just 40m from shore.                                       high tide when we came in. We got tide readings for all                overboard.                                                 rocks and next minute, they (were).
    Owners Lex and Ruth Marshall were on their way          the ports including Robe on the GPS.                                      "Unfortunately the anchor dragged and (it) dragged         "As soon as the flares went off that was it, we were
 from Adelaide to Eden, NSW, and were making a stop            "Having struck sand once, we thought we better                      us back on the rocks".                                     out of there. I left my money, my drink and we were
 in Robe when their ketch ran aground.                      come carefully on the depth sounder."                                     It took the ketch about half an hour between the time   just gone."
    Mr Marshall spoke to the Leader on Monday about            But once again, the Gioconda hit the bottom and Mr                  it first hit the bottom and finally ran aground on the        But it wasn't easy for David and his crew to get close
 his sense of helplessness when things got out of hand at   Marshall failed to find deep water.                                    rocks.                                                     to the Gioconda.
 sea – and his luck in saving the boat.                        "At that stage we were stuck, so we slammed and                        At that stage, Mr Marshall had called for help                             • continued – 2

 Ruth and Lex Marshall on the Gioconda Adelaide (foreground) as volunteers on the Marala try to get
 closer to pull it out of the rocks in Guichen Bay, Robe, on Sunday.          – photo courtesy of Robe police.                                          Ruth and Lex Marshall are lucky to have had their vessel rescued on Sunday.

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