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					                                                Bulletin # 14 - Week of 04 - 10 - 2007

                                                   Pride in Workmanship.
                                                  Judy Stone, a tiny 4'10 1/2" performer was belting
                                                  out songs in the "Bandstand" era... and today, Judy
This special night - I noticed Misty
                                                  Stone is still one of Australia's most consistent
Reid from RC Salamander as                        popular Female Entertainers. As our "mistery guest
visiting Rotarian - we enjoyed the                speaker" for the night she gave us an amusing and
company of many partners, guests                  anecdotal record of her life that showed Pride in her
and supporters of the award winners.              Art. After travelling throughout the country with
                                                  "The Reg Lindsay Show", Judy began touring with
                                                  Col Joye and, before long, became a regular
There were two winners in the special             member of the popular T.V. show, "Bandstand". It
raffle: Doug Bairstow and Jenny                   was in the sixties that Judy's hit songs...I'll step
Turner both went home with some                   down, Born a woman, 4003221 tears from now,
nice bottles of wine. Sergeant Col                established her as a recording artist as well as a T.V.
had the evening off (but made some                star. She was recognised by her country with the
notes for next week!) and Gordon                  Australia Medal. It was an honour to have Judy
                                                  Stone as our presenter for the Pride in Workmanship       ROBERT HAAST
Treble did an excellent job as MC.                and Community Service Awards to:                          Robert has been employed with Hodges Butchery for
                                                                                                            9 years and has always been on the front line at
                                                  GWEN ROWE-SMITH                                           customer service.
                                                  Gwen, 12 years ago started the Port Stephens              Rob is always friendly to the customers, with a ready
                                                  Lantern Club, a fundraising organization for the Deaf     smile and a great sense on humor. He is a very
                                                  and Blind, and was president for 10 years, now            important member of the team.
                                                  taking the position of vice president. The
                                                  organization has grown from a core of 6 in its            AARON VATNER
          Members birthdays:                      infancy to currently 80 members.Gwen has                  Aaron has been a member of the staff of the Nelson
         09 October - Phill Smith                 performed professionally in the theatrical world and      Bay Golf Club Pro Shop for 8 years and is a reliable,
        07 October - John Cropley                 20 years ago she started the Music Makers now the         honest and consistently hard- working employee.
          Partner birthdays:                      Tomaree Musical Theatre Company. She has written          He has a genuine love and outstanding knowledge
         11 October - Jenny Way                   and produced over 10 pantomimes incorporating the         of all facets of the game of golf. This knowledge and
        Wedding anniversaries:                    talents of many young local children.                     his ability to share it with members and guests have
     11 October - Lynette&Jim Booth                                                                         made him a valuable asset.
  11 October - Louise&Don McWilliam AM            NOEL FINCH                                                He has an open, friendly nature and a good sense of
  06 October - Thelma & Clive Robinson            Amongst many other community activities Noel              humour which instantly appeals to all with whom he
                                                  established the Tomaree Mature Aged Computer              comes in contact. He effortlessly takes pride in all
                                                  Club, which meets twice monthly, to assist those          aspects of his work in the pro shop.
                                                  who have an inherent fear of the computer. Noel
                                                  has (and still does) encouraged many seniors to           ROHAN SOULSBY
                                                  overcome their fear of e-mail, e-photography and          Rohan and his wife, Alison, moved to Anna Bay
                                                  e-music so they can keep up to date with their            form Warren 2 years ago. In 1993 The Rotary Club
                                                  grandchildren!!!!!!                                       of Warren sponsored Rohan to RYLA (Rotary Youth
Member Duties: 11 October 2007                                                                              Leadership Award) and was asked to return the
                                                  PAUL VERNON AND JIM EDWARDS                               following year as a leader.
                 Door I:     John Shaw            Paul, drawing office manager, and Jim, draftsman,         Rohan established his business Direct Auto Electrics
                                                  have worked together for the past 4 years producing       in the Shearwater Estate and specializes in auto
                Door II:   John Stuhmcke                                                                    electrics and recreational fishing boats.
                                                  and managing the drawing set for the F/A -18 fleet
                 Grace:     Gordon Treble         of fighter aircraft.                                      Rohan delivers very professional service, personally
                                                  Their work is regularly classed as “best practice’ by     attended to, fairly priced and delivered when
    Club hospitality and                                                                                    promised.
                             Henk Tobbe           their many customers and always of the finest
       welcome guests:
    Introduce speaker:     Richard Turner         Paul and Jim regularly apply their skills and             Last but not least our own Peter Buckley was
                                                  professional mastery to many community projects.          recognised as a Rotarian who is always there to help
        Thank speaker:        John Way                                                                      others with his professional knowledge. Thank you
                                                  Such projects have included the interpretive displays
                                                  produced by the Rotary Club of Nelson Bay at Fly          for all you have done and are doing for the club and
                                                  Point and the layout for the Australia Day banners,       the community, Peter!.
          11 October 2007                         logos and flyers for the Nelson Bay Australia Day

Mike and Josie Weeks will give an
 individual perspective on remote
indigenous issues after seventeen
years of hands on experience in the

For Apologies please phone Darcy
Redmond before Wednesday Noon
on 02 4981 0111 or apologise On
    Line on the Club Web Site.

If you have not apologised in time you may
be liable for the cost of the meal as charged
           by the NB Bowling Club.

       AGM - 6th December
 Forms to nominate officers for next
year are available from the secretary.

      Golf Day 2nd November
                                                  All deserving recipients: (from left to right) Peter Buckley, Noel Finch, Steven Gee (for Paul Vernon and
      Myall Lakes weekend.                        Jim Edwards), Aaron Vatner, Gwen Rowe-Smith, Judy Stone AM, Rohan Soulsby and Robert Haast.
     Fri 9 - Sun 11 November
        Contact Bill Michel.

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                                                        Copyright: Rotary Club of Nelson Bay Inc - 2007.

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