Pressure Wound Prevention and Management

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					         Pressure Wound Prevention and Management Workshop
                     Tuesday 26th November 2002
                            Victoria University
                  Level 12, 300 Flinders St., Melbourne

Registration      0900-0920am

0920-0935         Welcome and Introduction
                  Ms Cathy Balding, Manager Victorian Quality Council

                 “Implementing Evidence Based Practice”

0935-0940         Chair: Ms Kerry Bradley, Chair, Pressure Injury Prevention
                  Working Group, Victorian Quality Council

0940-1040         Development and Implementation of QLD Guidelines
                  Ms Nancy Magazinovich, Project Coordinator, Pressure Ulcer
                  Prevention Program, Quality Improvement and Enhancement
                  Program, Queensland Health

1040-1110         Changing Practice: Experience from the Pressure Injury
                  Prevention Program & Other Pressure Injury Projects
                  Professor Colin Torrance, Victoria University, (Latrobe
                  University/Alfred Hospital Project)

Morning Tea       1110-1130am

                     “Using Data to Change Practice”

1130-1140         Chair: Ms Rhea Martin, Infection Control Clinical Nurse
                  Consultant, Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre

1140-1200         NSW Pressure Injuries Point Prevalence Study
                  Ms Wendy Manning, A/Associate Director, Quality Branch,
                  NSW Department of Health

1200-1220         Motivators for Change
                  Ms Robyn Wright, Project Manager, Prediction and Prevention
                  of Pressure Ulcers, Southern Health

1220-1240         The Alfred Hospital - A Case Study Approach
                  Ms Ruth Crawford, Quality Manager Nursing,
                  The Alfred Hospital

1240-1315         Panel Discussion, speakers from morning session will
                  answer questions and lead discussion.
                  What strategies have been effective in implementing evidence
                  based guidelines and recommendations for the prevention of
                  pressure ulcers in a range of care settings?

Lunch             1315–1400pm
               “Appropriate Response to Treatment Needs”

1400-1405         Chair: Dr Tony Weaver, Clinical Director of Surgical Services
                  Geelong Hospital, Member Victorian Quality Council

1405-1425         The Art & Science of Wound Healing – Research Based
                  Wound Care
                  Associate Professor Zeinab Khalil, National Ageing Research

1425-1445         Challenges in the Management of Pressure Ulcers in
                  Multidisciplinary Wound Management Service
                  Dr Sally Warmington, Consultant Rehabilitation Physician and
                  Co-Director of the Wound Management Service, Melbourne
                  Extended Care and Rehabilitation Service.

1445-1450         Questions and Discussion

        “Breakthrough Collaboratives - Achieving Practice Change”

1450-1510         Breakthrough Principles and Methodology for Achieving
                  Ms Sam Ludolf, Collaborative Director, Department of
                  Human Services

1510-1530         ICU Breakthrough Collaborative – Lessons from The
                  Alfred Hospital
                  Gabrielle Burdeu, Management Associate Charge Nurse,
                  Intensive Care Unit

1530-1600         Summary of Key Learnings and Formulation of
                  Recommendations & Future Agenda
                  Ms Cathy Balding, Manager Victorian Quality Council

                  Workshop Close

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