Heart to Heart with Mallory by P-Lerner


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									Heart to Heart with Mallory

Author: Laurie Friedman
Other: Barbara Pollak

Age Group: Age 7-11

Valentine's Day is approaching and everyone seems to be crazed with love--except for Mallory. She's
been invited to a Valentine's party next door and rumor has it that her next-door nieghbor's dad is going to
propose to her best friend's mom. What will it mean if her two best friends become brother and sister?
Where will she fit in? And to make matters even more confusing, Mallory is receiving presents from a
secret admirer. Who could it be? Mallory feels like everything is changing an she has lots of questions
about life, love and friendship. Since her two best friends are preoccupied, Mallory turns to her diary to
find the answers.

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