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The Rotherham by fjwuxn


									Where to find us

                                                                                                                                   Rotherham - main routes
                                                 To Leeds                                                            Parkgate      To Doncaster

                                           35            Hesley

                                                                     Park                                             A630
                                                                  A629                                                                                                        To A1, M62
                                                                                                                           East Dene                                            & Hull
                                                 M1                                                                 Clifton      A6123
Hospital site plan                                                        Kimberworth
                                                                                                   CENTRE                                                        Bramley
                                                                      A6109                                                             Herringthorpe
                                                                                                                 Rotherham                                            A631           1
                                                North    34                                                       Hospital                              Wickersley
                                                   South     34
                                                                                  A631                                 A618

                                                                                      Brinsworth                    A631                                                     M18
                                                                                                         A630                    Whiston

                                                 To                                                      33                            M1
                                       Day Nursery                                A630                                                                               32
                                                                                  To                                             A618                           M1           To Nottingham
                                                                                  Sheffield                                                                                  and the South

                   Child                                                          Oakwood
                Development                                                         Hall
                    Unit                    Greenoaks

                      ER IV

                                            Day Surgery
                   L D

              D H


                         Entrance                                                                                         Oakwood
                                       Rotherham                                                                          Centre for                P
                                        General Accident & P

               Medicine for             Hospital
               the Elderly
                                                                                 Main                                                  PAY AND
                                                                                 Entrance                              P               DISPLAY
                               Health Unit
                                      The Rotherham
                                                                                           y                                    Bus stop
                                                                                                                                                                                             MG -1316-4/06-wfo
                              Bus stop                 ER    S T R EE T         One
                                                  NHS Foundation Trust
                                                          Bus stop
                                                            MOO                                    A61
                                                                     RGATE ROAD

                                      The Rotherham                                                                                                                            All black
                                                  NHS Foundation Trust

                                      Rotherham General Hospital,
                              Moorgate Road, Oakwood, Rotherham, S60 2UD.
                                        Telephone 01709 820000

                                      The Rotherham
                                                  NHS Foundation Trust
                                                                             Sustainable Forests/Low chlorine
  The Rotherham
   NHS Foundation Trust

 The Rotherham
 Rotherham General Hospital
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                    Child Health

Water, Health &
 The Rotherham
   NHS Foundation Trust
  The Rotherham
   NHS Foundation Trust
Rotherham General Hospital

Water, Health &

If you need this information in a different
format, please contact Patient Information
on 01709 307521.

  Water, Health & Learning

Water, Health and                   • Water is a healthier drink
Learning                              than soft artificial drinks
                                      which may be high in
Children need to drink water
                                      sugar, additives,
regularly throughout the day.
At least 3 – 4 glasses of             sweeteners and caffeine.
water, more in warm weather
and/or when exercising.
                           How does drinking
                           water improve
How does drinking learning?
water link to
health?                    • The key to boosting the
                             capacity to learn is
• Drinking water regularly   frequent small drinks of
  throughout the day is an            water throughout the day.
  important way of
  protecting health and             • When we are thirsty,
  contributing to well being.         mental performance
                                      deteriorates by 10%.
• Drinking enough water can
  help prevent a wide range         • Children concentrate better
  of short and long term              because they are not
  health problems, from               distracted by feelings of
  headaches, bladder and              thirst, tiredness, and
  bowel problems to cancer.           irritability.

  Rotherham General Hospital

The links between                    • When healthy young adults
dehydration,                           are thirsty, mental
health & learning                      performance deteriorates
                                       by 10%. Mental ability
• Dehydration is simply not            deteriorates the more we
  having enough water in               become dehydrated.
  your body.
                                     • Most children do not drink
• Dehydration occurs when              enough for their age or
  there is a 1% or more                activity.
  reduction in body weight
  resulting from water loss,         • There is also evidence to
  and/or may be due to an              show children do not
  insufficient intake alone.           recognise the signs of
                                       thirst, and that if this is
• We only become aware we              overlooked by the time a
  are thirsty, when we are             child recognises they are
  already mildly dehydrated.           thirsty, their mental
                                       performance may have
• Strong scientific evidence           decreased by more than
  shows that mild
  dehydration can effect               10%.
  health, and result in a            • It is advisable to encourage
  significant deterioration in         children to drink regularly
  mental performance.                  throughout the day, and
                                       not to rely on children’s

  Water, Health & Learning

  feelings to make sure              • Reduced physical and
  enough fluid is taken.               sports performance
• Central heating, summer            • Light-headedness
  temperatures, and sun
  through the windows can            • Stomach aches
  cause children to lose a lot
  of water.
                                     • Dry cough
                                     • Dry mouth and bad breath
Mild day-to-day
                                     • Dry eyes
dehydration can cause a
variety of symptoms                  • Headaches
                                     Dehydration can also
• Thirst                             contribute to a number
                                     of health problems
• Dark and concentrated              including:

• Poorer concentration               • Constipation
• Lethargy, sluggishness             • Bedwetting, daytime
                                       wetting and soiling
• A general sense of fatigue           problems

• Irritability                       • Kidney and urinary tract
• Reduced mental
  performance                        • Acute appendicitis
  Rotherham General Hospital

There is evidence of a              then drink a large amount,
link between long-term              their bladder may not be able
dehydration and:                    to cope, and will result in bed-
                                    wetting. This affects 1 in 11
• Kidney stones                     nine year olds in the UK.
• Cardiovascular disease             When children start drinking
• Some cancers (colon,              more, they may need to go to
  breast and bladder)               the toilet alot more, but once
                                    their bladder capacity has
Poor bladder                                              they will
control                                                   need to
                                                          go less,
There is a link between low                               but will
fluid intakes during the day,                             produce
and wetting incidents. If                                larger
children do not drink enough        amounts of urine. Low fluid
during the day, their urine         intake during the day is also a
becomes concentrated, which         factor in constipation and
can irritate the bladder and        soiling.
may cause bedwetting.
                                    For children with kidney
Not enough fluid intake can         conditions, and those prone to
also reduce how much the            urinary tract infections, the
bladder can hold. If children       medical requirement for a

  Water, Health & Learning

good fluid intake cannot be           What should
stressed enough.
                                      children drink?
Exercise                              • Pure clean water is the
                                        healthiest option for
Mild dehydration can result in          children to drink through
a significant deterioration in          the day.
physical and sport
performance. During exercise          • Milk at break time or
                                        lunchtime is a nutrient-rich
(inside or out, summer or
                                        food, providing milk is
winter) we lose a lot of fluid.
                                        stored in a fridge.
An hour of just moderate
and/or intermittent exercise          • A daily serving of pure
can result in children losing           100% unsweetened fruit
between half a litre to a litre         juice (ideally drunk in one
of water, and fluid loss can be         go and not drunk between
dramatic in hot weather.                meals, to minimize harm to
                                        teeth) counts as 1 of the 5
Children need to replace fluid
                                        recommended servings of
during exercise and should be
                                        fruit and vegetables a day.
actively encouraged to drink
water, ideally before, during,        • Many children have soft
and at the very minimum,                drinks of low nutritional
after exercise.                         value and which are high in
                                        sugar, sweeteners,
                                        additives and caffeine.

  Rotherham General Hospital

  These drinks can weaken             If you have any concerns,
  appetite so they miss out           please do not hesitate to
  on valuable nutrients when          contact
  eating a meal.
                                      Childrens Outpatients
• Sweet and fizzy drinks are          Tel: 01709 307530
  less healthy and can                or
  damage teeth. Even sugar
                                      Adele Hague
  free squash can be acidic
  and damage teeth. The               Enuresis Link School Nurse
  more often sweet and/or             Tel: 01709 304865
  acidic drinks are drunk, the
  greater the harm to teeth.

• A can of cola or similar soft
  drink may contain about 8
  teaspoons of sugar. The
  consumption of high sugar
  soft drinks can cause a
  rapid rise in blood sugar
  that can then lead to a
  sudden dip, resulting in low
  levels of physical and
  mental energy.

 Water, Health & Learning

Useful contact                Organisations
numbers                       A very useful voluntary
                              organisation called ERIC
                              exists to help people of all
Tel: 01709 304690
                              ages who have problems with
Health Info                   wetting. They offer advice and
Tel: 01709 307190             sell alarms and protective
                              bedding covers at competitive
PALS                          prices.
Tel: 01709 307646
Freephone: 0800 9531303       ERIC (Enuresis Research &
                              Information Centre)
NHS Direct                    34 Old School House
Tel: 0845 4647                Britannia Road          Kingswood
Quit Smoking Service          Bristol
                              BS15 8DB
Tel: 01709 302444
Foundation Trust              Tel: 0117 9603060
Membership Office             Fax: 0117 9600401
Tel: 01709 307800

For GP out of hours,
contact your surgery

Rotherham General Hospital


Water, Health & Learning

               Produced by: Childrens Clinic
                Date Produced: April 2006
                        Version: 1


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