polo puzzle by lindayy


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									                                                               And here is a bonus puzzle. It is also quite hard
                                                               but you can do it for sure.

                                                                                  Use these letters …

                                                                             UEUEE           MRHDM
                  polo puzzle
                                                                           To make this secret sentence …
                                        e read all the way
Yes! You have done it again. You hav
                                       t is incredible. You
to the end of another chapter. Tha                                    S_M___ __GG__ __
                                      er Reward. This one
deserve a whole new End of Chapt
                                       rk out, but you are
is a puzzle. It is a hard puzzle to wo                        Okay, we should get back to my story now.
                                           are. And if you                                                 I cannot
 smart enough to get it. I am sure you                        wait to tell you about one of the most fun
                                         p.                                                                and difficult
 are not, just ask someone else to hel                        sports in the world. It is the mysterious and
                                                              art of Toe Wrestling – the ultimate test of
                    Use these letters …                       strength.

               AIAEU            S N D LT D

              To finish this secret sentence …

      D _ _ _ _ _ _ O O _ _ _ -N

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