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Phone script suggestion


Phone script suggestion

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									               An NCAP appointment approach

               Phone script

               Be proactive and          Starting a non-commutable allocated pension (NCAP) can give your clients’ retirement savings a
               take the initiative       real boost. However, it is likely that you will need to be proactive and take the initiative to get the
               to implement              NCAP ball rolling.
               NCAPs for                 One of the best ways to explain NCAPs to clients is in a face-to-face discussion. NCAPs are
               your clients.             complex enough to make an explanation over the phone difficult. Hence, sitting with a client,
                                         showing them diagrams, providing reading material and mapping their personal situation with
                                         the assistance of AXA’s Retirement calculator will likely be the most effective way to explain the
                                         NCAP advantage.
                                         We have suggested a sample script that your firm’s administrative staff can follow in order to
                                         make client appointments for you to discuss the suitability of an NCAP strategy.

                                         Search your client database for potential NCAP clients
                                         Segment your client database according to the criteria in the Easy reference guide to
                                         non-commutable allocated pensions (available for download at>
                                         Wealth Management> Super strategies> NCAPS). Ensure that you have an excellent working
                                         relationship with any clients to be targeted.

                                         Have administrative staff call clients to make a personal appointment
                                         As noted, it will be difficult to make the case for an NCAP strategy quickly over the phone.
                                         Having your administrative staff make a personal appointment will mean that calls are likely to be
                                         brief, and will remove the temptation for them to explain the strategy over the phone.
                                         Naturally, if a client declines the offer of a personal appointment and requests you to phone
                                         them to explain the strategy, it will be necessary to make a follow-up call.

                                         A suggested telephone script
                                         Staff member       Good morning, my name is <caller’s name>. I’m calling from <financial adviser’s
                                                            office>, how are you this morning?
                                         Client             Fine thanks, what can I do for you?
                                         Staff member       <Adviser name> has asked me to give you a call. He/she would like to arrange a
                                                            face-to-face meeting with you in the near future. Do you think you might be able to
                                                            come into the office some time during the next two weeks?
                                         Client             What does he/she want to see me about?
                                         Staff member       As you might be aware, there have been some changes to superannuation and
                                                            taxation legislation over the past few years. Although I’m not exactly sure of the
                                                            details, I do know he/she would like to discuss a particular financial strategy that may
                                                            boost your superannuation and provide some additional tax benefit.
                                                            At the moment he/she is caught in a meeting but he/she has left their diary with me
                                                            and asked me to call you.
                                                            Is there a time over the next week or two that would suit you to come into our office?

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