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They make drawing so much
fun! Put together aliens, frogs,
spiders, ladybugs or anything
your imagination can muster
and keep them in the gonk
from the previous page!

• Assorted pencils – glitter-covered and
  plain black
• 1 packet of assorted pompoms
• Assorted embellishments: feathers, pipe-
  cleaners, beaded chains, goggle eyes, large
  beads, flat-backed plastic gems, bead wire,
  ricrac, ladybeetle charm
• Craft glue
• Craft scissors

All the pencils are different but are
made with the same basic techniques.
Prepare each pencil using the basic
decoration steps listed below then add
a combination of details to achieve your
desired critters or fancy embellishments.       option is best if you wish to add a charm     of the pompom, or for a mouse, use a
                                                to the open section between the ricrac,       white pompom and pipe-cleaner ears.
Basic decoration                                as for the ladybug pencil.
OPTION 1                                                                                      Aliens
Apply glue to the top 1/2in of the pencil,      Animal critters                               These projects make fabulous aliens. Use a
then wrap a pipe-cleaner around the             Choose a pompom in the colour of the          number of small pompoms glued to a
glued section, ensuring it is wrapped           selected animal, such as green for the frog   larger one, and use just one eye – or three!
closely. Allow it to dry.                       pencil. Glue it in place on the top of the
OPTION 2                                        pencil, then add a smaller pompom nose        Other ideas
Apply glue to the top 3/8in of pencil and       in red to the front of the green one.         Rather than making a critter, you may
wrap ricrac once around the tip. Trim the           At the back of the pompom on each         wish to simply embellish the pencil with
ends to overlap just a little and ensure        side, glue a 13/4in pipe-cleaner to the top   beaded string and gemstones to make a
the glue holds them neatly.                     of the pencil and hold it until the glue is   decorative top. Or add a charm or
OPTION 3                                        dry enough to secure it. Curl the top of      ornamental shape between the
Apply glue to the top 1/4in of the pencil       the pipe-cleaners and add a goggle eye        decorative bands if you make option 3.
and again 1in further down, then wrap           to each curled section.
the ricrac once around each section,                For a spider, make legs from black        Tip: These pens would look fabulous stored in a Gonk
ending it off neatly as in option 2. This       pipe-cleaners and glue them to the base       from page 70.


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