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									                        The Location of
            Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple is located in Mungkid, about 15 kilometres to the south of Mount
Tidar. Mount Tidar is believed as a fragment of Mount Mahameru in India brought
here by the gods to nail down the Java Island which was then still floating unsteadily
in the middle of the sea. The gods used Mount Tidar to tack the island firmly onto the
Earth in order that humans could inhabit it. The legend names Mount Tidar as ” The
Nail of Java Island.”

The area around ” The Nail of Java Island” is known as ” Kedu Plain”. The fertile soil
and hardworking people are the reason why the area is well known as ”The Garden
of Java Island”. Amid ”The Garden of Java Island”, Borobudur Temple was built by
kings of the Sailendra Dynasty.

The Garden of Java Island where Borobudur Temple lies is surrounded by
mountains and a mountain range. Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu guard the east
side. In the northeast side, stand Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing. Meanwhile,
the north and south sides of the temple are shielded by the range of Mount Tidar and
Menoreh Mountains.
If it is seen from Borobudur Temple, the crest of Menoreh Mountains resembles a
human figure in lying down pose. According to legend, it is Sang Gunadarma who is
believed to be the architect of Borobudur Temple.

Not far from Borobudur Temple run two big rivers namely River Progo and River Elo.
Both big rivers run almost in parallel flows from north to south and are blocked by the
slope of Mountain Menoreh to entwine as River Progo which flows to the South Sea.
It is believed that the stones used for constructing Borobudur Temple came from
these two rivers.
Formerly, the area surrounding the confluence of River Progo and River Elo was a
sacred shrine for the followers of Buddhism and Hinduism. It was proven by many
temples found in this area. The remnants of Hindu temples are Banon Temple and
Ngrajeg Temple. While those of Buddhist temples are Ngawen Temple, Mendut
Temple, Pawon Temple, and Borobudur Temple.

Borobudur Temple had been built on the top of a hill which stretches horizontally
from the east to the west. The back of the hill was transformed into a plane high land
and on the top of it, the temple was built. The plains stretching at the west side was
intended to be the place to build a monastery.

The high land which becomes the yard of the temple, is 15 metres above the
surrounding area. And the top of the temple stands 19 metres above the temple’s
yard. Borobudur Temple is built around and surrounds the top of the hill.

Author: Rahmat Dharmawan

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