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									  No 145                                                                                                         April 2007

             Newsletter of Steamrail Victoria Incorporated                     P.O. Box 125 NEWPORT 3015
     Email:                 Web site:                           Phone: 9397 1953
             “The Vintage Train” and “Spirit of Progress" are registered business names of Steamrail Victoria Incorporated

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The open weekend has been and gone and what                             visitors, 771 on Saturday, 1,773 on Sunday, and 765
a great success it was. Planning for the Open                           on Monday. Over 1,400 sausages were sold, 815 ice
Weekend started late last year with a discussion                        creams and oodles of drinks. The marketing
group of around ten persons meeting every second                        committee were selling a new range of souvenirs as
week. Good suggestions and ideas for the event                          well as Channel 5 and Steam Media DVDs.
came from this group and as time went on more                           In addition to these numbers you could include at
people became involved.                                                 least 65 volunteer workers each day to make it all
A huge amount of advertising in brochure form, the                      happen.       Volunteers   worked     on   Planning,
Leader    Newspaper     Group,       Motive    Power                    Advertising, Workshop set up, safety awareness,
Magazine, the web site, posters in shops, radio                         photographic displays, catering, sales and
announcements, the evening weather report on                            souvenirs, rolling stock placement, operations and
channel 10, letterbox drops and good word of                            locomotive co-ordination, cleaning and then
mouth attracted many first time visitors to Newport.                    packing it all up and getting the place back to
The weekend provided excellent value for money                          normal.
and was a great eye opener for the visitors who                         With all of this the weekend was a huge success. To
where not aware of steam preservation in Victoria.                      all who contributed to making it happen, thank
A total estimate over the three days was 3,309                          you.                                     [CS & WD]

       R711, L1162 and 137M on display in the Garden
       Platform area, 12th March [Pic – Rob James]
   Steamrail News April 2007                                                                        Page 2

                                                         OPERATIONS BRANCH REPORT
BENALLA ACCIDENT SETTLEMENT                              Manager:                        Ken Dunning
Since the Benalla collision in October 2002,
Steamrail has been engaged in legal action to
                                                         The Rail & Sail trip on 1st April had 290 passengers
claim money for the damage to K183. The action
                                                         traveling. T356, 14CW, 25BE, Moorabool, 14BRS,
was run by us and Victrack, as the owner of the
                                                         7ABE and 17BE made up the train. A raffle was run
locomotive, with assistance from the Department of
                                                         on the tour, the winner of a framed picture of R761
Infrastructure (DoI) Risk Management and
                                                         being Bill Starling from Essendon.
Insurance unit. This action was lodged against
                                                         Mordialloc charter – On 18th March a chartered
Greenfreight Transport, as the owner of the truck,
                                                         train ran between Caulfield and Mordialloc.
and their insurer. Our actions were significantly
                                                         Unfortunately conformation of this charter was too
delayed due to slow criminal proceedings against
                                                         late for the last Steamrail News. The train consisted
the truck driver, which were concluded in June
                                                         of 60, 63, 67 and 68BW and 64AW with K190 as the
2006. Once this was concluded, it removed the
                                                         motive power.
legal barriers and brought the defendants to the
                                                         May 19th Maldon Experience - Due to operational
negotiating table.
                                                         considerations, this tour will operate with an R class
In February, a financial settlement was reached
                                                         instead of The D3.
between Steamrail and Greenfreight Transport. As
                                                         Mother’s Day Special Rail & Sail – A special discount
a result of this settlement, Steamrail has received a
                                                         is being offered on this tour for all Mothers. So if you
payout for damages in exchange for ceasing the
                                                         are a Mother, come along at the child’s rate, or if
legal action against Greenfreight.
                                                         you have one, bring her along for a day out on the
It has been a very long and difficult process.
Fortunately for us, we have had the full support of
                                                         Double Header Geelong trip - This tour has been
Victrack and DoI in our actions for which we are
                                                         postponed while R711 undergoes repairs. When 711
very grateful.
                                                         is going this tour will be rescheduled.            [RD]
It has yet to be decided how to use the payout
money. Both Victrack and ourselves are keen to
see a process in place to ensure that the money is       ROLLING STOCK BRANCH REPORT
spent in a way that creates maximum benefit for          Manager:                        Steven Ford
Steamrail in terms of operational locomotives. It is
realised by all involved that this is not a magic pot
of money that Steamrail has been generously
given, but rather is money that Steamrail has
                                                                    Steam Locomotives
received through an awful set of circumstances. In                  Manager:       Graeme Henneberry
determining how to best use the money, we need                      Fitter In Charge:   Warren Hall
to consider both what creates benefit for Steamrail
as well as leaving a lasting legacy of our colleagues
who died in the collision.                               K153 - Final fitting out of the smokebox was finished
                                                  [ST]   in early March and the loco was water tested in the
                                                         week prior to the open weekend. It featured for the
                                                         open weekend without smoke deflectors and
                                                         running boards above the cylinders. This was to
                                                         ensure all the reassembly work was air tight and
                                                         correct. This was also why it spent a larger amount
                                                         of time on the demonstration goods train. The loco
                                                         certainly steamed well on the weekend proving all
                                                         the work successful. Final reassembly of the running
                                                         boards and smoke deflectors is now done and all
                                                         the work completed. It now awaits its first mainline
                                                         job to fully prove the work.
                                                         K190 ran well on the open weekend. Two broken
                                                         grates have been replaced in the firebox. This loco
                                                         ran the first steam trip for the year on 18th March
                                                         with shuttles between Caulfield and Mordiallic.
  K190 departs Mordialloc for Caulfield, 18th March      R761 - Final reassembly and water testing was
                [Pic – Nick Archer]                      completed about 10 days prior to the open
                                                         weekend, entertaining the public with its regular
   Steamrail News April 2007                                                                         Page 3

spins on the turntable. Awaiting its first use for the
year.                                                                Diesel Locomotives
R711 was steam tested the weekend prior to the
open weekend to check out all the work and start
                                                                     Manager:                Steve Bucton
settling in all the overhauled parts. At the end of the
Sunday a leaking smoke tube was found. This was
replaced and the loco water tested. This                  T342 - Currently at Newport. A blown gasket on the
unfortunately found a defective flue tube. The tube       air compressor high pressure outlet, was repaired
had developed a fault around the swage                    on the Monday of the Open Weekend, in time to
(reduction in size) near the rear tube plate. With the    do a couple of runs on our feature goods train, solo
amount of work to replace this coupled with the           or double heading, past fan-trip style, with K153
open weekend, it was decided to relegate it to a          tender first. The cab soundproofing is to be
static display. A spare tube from one of the N class      replaced as time permits.
boilers has been extended and fitted. This will allow     T356 – Operational at Newport. An ongoing battery
for reassembly of the loco and then continuation of       problem has been sorted out by fitting two
the steam testing over the next few weeks. This           replacement batteries, in time for it to operate the
should ready the loco for a mainline test run as          Rail and Sail to Geelong on 1st March.
soon as the fire restrictions are lifted.                 T364 - Operational, at Newport. T364 ran the
                                                          previous Rail and Sail to Geelong, otherwise not
                                                          used a great deal, but fully roadworthy.
                                                          T395 - Currently at South Dynon Loco Depot and
                                                          available for hire to the Grain business group of
                                                          Pacific National. It is however, more likely to be spot
                                                          hired by the General Freight Group.
                                                          S301 - Stored operational for Pacific National Grain
                                                          Group. Its only use following the Wycheproof tour,
                                                          was to make a one-day appearance on the
                                                          Sunday of the Open Days, solo, or making an ‘R - S’
                                                          combination, with R761, after which it was on
                                                          display with S313, then doing a couple of ‘double S’
                                                          runs, before going back on display on the
Fresh from overhaul R711 is being tested in steam on      turntable, it being an interesting addition to the
           4th March [Pic – Nick Archer]                  many display items during the Open Weekend.
                                                          It may make another appearance on the Bendigo
D3639/658 - A defective smoke tube was found and          Easter Fair trip, as steam locomotion is still a
replaced prior to the open weekend. The loco ran          problem due to fire bans and water shortages.
well over the weekend. Some grates are to be              We anticipate it could return to service with Pacific
replaced and some minor ashpan repairs made               National some time after Easter.
prior to its first mainline use for the year.             S313 – Operational at Newport. It was suspected
A2986 - The superheater elements are being fitted         that there was excessive wear in the drag box
to the header. A repair to the cylinder borer’s           housing at the cab end. Removal of the auto
hydraulic feeder cylinder is being carried out and        coupler and drag box on 30th March did revealed
then boring will be recommenced. The cleaning             significant wear that will need to be pad-welded
and assessing of the rear frames and drag box is          prior to its next operation.
moving along. Some of the regular workers on the          B72 - Restoration continues. Various ongoing works
A2 have been lending a hand on finishing R711 and         are in progress and continue as time and resources
K153, as well as helping with loco preparation and        permit. The main areas of attention are, the
cleaning for the open weekend.                            radiator roof panel section; installation of the
Lastly a big thankyou to all the loco mechanical          compressor and alignment of same; the auxiliary
people for the big effort put in for the open             generator is to be fitted; the engine water pressure
weekend, including some of our current and retired        tested prior to fitment of exhaust stacks; completion
main line drivers. The regular swapping of locos and      of piping connections from the engine to plumbing
different combinations on the demonstration goods         stack.
train, proved very popular and will be done at the        Note - All operational locos will be made available
next open weekend. Thankyou to the 707 group for          for hire to Pacific National as demand and
lighting up there engine also. The carriage lifting       availability warrants.
demonstration also proved popular.              [WH]                                                          [SB]
   Steamrail News April 2007                                                                        Page 4

           Carriage Department                            initial acquisition of the Hitachi cars (including the
                                                          donation of a number of vehicles) and also for
           Manager:          Brian Brand
                                                          assisting with spare parts.
           2 I.C.:           Rodger Goodwin               Whilst on the topic of Hitachi spare parts, a belated
           Work Coordinator: Warren Dunn                  thank you is extended to Bill Scott for donating
                                                          Hitachi advertising signs, maps and display boxes,
61BW - this car’s repaint is progressing very well. The   and also to David Small for delivering these spare
whole car is in good condition mainly due to the          parts to Newport.
undercover storage when not in use. The final coats
are now being applied. As planned it has been a
very quick overhaul/repaint.
292PCP – The end doorway buffing plate installation
and associated body repairs by Bill and Bob are
1BCE and 38BE – The roofing on both of these cars is
being given its two yearly maintenance overhaul
while operating times are quiet. Other minor interior
repairs are also being carried out.

           Manager:               Kevin Clark

OPEN WEEKEND - Along with other parts of
Steamrail, the Elecrail Division was involved with the
Steamrail Open Weekend. Vehicles on display
outside were 137M, Tait cars 230D and 470M, L1162,
and Hitachi car 80M (which housed a
photographic display). 107M also had its front
poking out of the workshop building. Visitors were
able to inspect progress on 12BT and 341T inside the
workshops. Elecrail volunteers enjoyed the
opportunity to show visitors around and
                                                              137M on show, 12th March [Pic - Rob James]
demonstrate the high standard of restoration work.
Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out over
the weekend. Donations were received over the             CLEANING/OTHER WORK ON HITACHIS - 80M (one of
weekend from two of our more regular donors. A            the two remaining Elecrail “owned” Hitachi cars)
big thanks to "Wally" and "David" for their continued     received a thorough clean in preparation for the
support. Special thanks are also expressed to Rod         open weekend. Thanks are expressed to Simon
Oath, David Collard, Rod Pedthrick, Peter Swind,          McArdle, Rod Nugent, Michael Coley, Jason
John Strachan and the EDI Shunters for their              Holmes, Peter Foun, Raymond Hammer and
assistance with shunting and equipment loans in           Andrew Hammer for assistance with the clean up.
respect of the open weekend in addition to                80M had been badly graffitied prior to the clean
assistance with the testing of L1162.                     up. Also in preparation for the open weekend, 80M
SALE OF HITACHI CARS - Six of Elecrail's eight Hitachi    had its number repainted on one side of the car.
cars were recently sold to Rolling Stock Holdings         Thanks to the "Boss Man" at On Time Coating for
(Victoria) Pty Ltd to enable an additional Hitachi set    doing this. Thanks also to David Williams for recently
to be returned to regular traffic. The sale was           reinstating couplers in Hitachis 80M and 22M and to
conditional upon the vehicles being returned to           John Horne for reinstating the observation window.
Elecrail upon their withdrawal from service. The sale     PLATE FRAME BOGIES - The pair of plate frame
demonstrates our commitment to working co-                bogies overhauled by Jim Beggs (and his support
operatively with Government. A big thank you is           group) were recently tested under high voltage
expressed to John Horne for assistance with the           (1500v) at the garden platform by a qualified driver.
   Steamrail News April 2007                                                                          Page 5

The bogies (under 137M) only went a short distance          The 2006 AGM was at last concluded on 17th
but it was reassuring to see that they actually             March, and the completed accounts for 2005
worked after considerable effort and expense. Well          were adopted. Thankyou to all the members
done once again to Jim for running this important
                                                            who took the time to attended the meeting.
12BT - Kevin Clark has progressively been reinstating
                                                            The barbeque lunch preceding the meeting
fittings in two compartments. This includes mirrors,        was also well attended.
varnished panels, seats and leather (vinyl) pads in
the doors. Extensive work on the guttering on one
side of the car has also been completed. The work           WATER FOR STEAM OPERATIONS
to date looks fantastic. There is still plenty of work to   By Graham Lewis
go though. No more holidays for Kevin till this car is      As a result of the current severe drought, supplies of
finished!                                                   water suitable for use in the recreational operation
470M - Body work on this car is now "virtually              of steam-hauled heritage trains in metropolitan
complete". Seats and fittings have been reinstated,         Melbourne, as well as in country Victoria, are under
new lino has been installed and touch up paintwork          direct threat. The situation seems sure to get worse
has now been completed. Well done to all those              long before there is any chance of it getting better
who have worked on this car. The finishing touches          through natural means (i.e. from sustained and
to this car should be completed in the coming               widespread heavy rain).
weeks.                                                      Following discussion, the Members’ Information
341T - With work virtually completed on 470M, Tait          meeting on17th March resolved as follows: -
train effort has been diverted to 341T. Alex                 “That a working party, to be known as the “Water
McLennan and Graham Thomas have done much                   Acquisition and Storage Working Group”, be
of the work on this car to date, including repairs to       established to examine and advise on all aspects of
window frames, panel restoration and repairs to             availability, acquisition and storage of water in
sticking doors.                                             support of steam locomotive operation by
G.E. PANTOGRAPHS & E1109 RESTORATION - Work is              Steamrail Victoria.”
continuing on the overhaul of two GE pantographs             “That an appeal, to be known as the “Water Pump
for use on the E class. Jim Beggs has been                  Appeal”, be set up to purchase a water pump or
replacing bolts (lots of them) whilst Dene Rutledge         pumps and associated hardware and fittings to
has been removing rust. Richard Wolter has "proper          enable transfer of water to and from steam
promised" that he'll get back on to the E class very        locomotives from mobile and stationary tanks.”
soon. We need you Richard!                          [SBr]   Ken Dunning has obtained a quote for supply of
                                                            recycled water delivered to Newport and a
                                                            detailed analysis of the content of the water. The
         Board Nominations                                  analysis is now with Warren Hall for evaluation for
In accordance with Rule 8.(3), nominations are now          use in our boilers. The water pump appeal is up
open for five positions on the Steamrail Victoria           and running with substantial donations already in
Incorporated Board of Management.                           hand.
Any honorary life or currently financial ordinary
member may nominate in writing any other such
member (including retiring members of the Board).
The nominator and the nominee must sign the
If the number of candidates exceeds the number
of vacancies an election will be held.
Nominations are to be sent to The Secretary, PO
Box 125 Newport 3015. Nominations close on
Wednesday 23rd May at 4PM.
By the same date candidates may lodge a policy
statement of not more than 200 words to be
distributed to the members if an election is required.
Please clearly write the names & membership
numbers of the candidate and nominator on the
nomination.                                                 Steamrail’s bogie water tank wagon is lead by D3658
                         Cathie Sergeant, Secretary               & K190, 12th March [Pic - Rob James]
   Steamrail News April 2007                                                                         Page 6

       Steamrail personnel List                            UPCOMING EVENTS
Board Members and their Responsibilities                   May
Ken Dunning          Chairman, Sales & Operations          Sunday 13th            “Steamrail and Sail”
                     Manager                                                      Mothers’ Day Special
Cathie Sergeant      Secretary & Marketing Mgr.
Graeme Harrison      Treasurer & Train Officers Mgr.
                                                           Saturday 19th          The “Maldon Experience”
Graeme Henneberry    Steam Locomotives Manager &
                                                                                  [R Class]
                     Overhead cranes.
Warren Dunn          Carriage Workshop Coordinator         June
                     & Key Register                        9th, 10th and 11th     Queen's Birthday Echuca
Roy Donaldson        Steamrail News                                               Weekender
John Burch           Workshop Equipment
Chris Anderson       Diesel Locos [Board Rep.]             Sunday 10th            Echuca Steam Rally day
Ken Walker                                                                        tour
Kevin Walter
Other Key Positions Held by Non Board Members              Sunday 24th            Suburban Mystery tour
Steven Ford,         Rolling Stock Manager & Web
                     Site coordinator                      July
Warren Hall          Fitter in Charge
                                                           Sunday 8th             Glen Waverley Steam
Steve Bucton         Diesel Locomotive Manager
                                                                                  Shuttles [2 x K class]
Brian Brand          Carriage Manager
Rodger Goodwin,      Carriage Painting coordinator
Kevin Nelson,        Carriage Plumbing                     Friday 13th            School Holiday Geelong
Kevin Clark          Elecrail Manager                                             Flyer
Jeremy Phelan,       A2986 project coordinator.
Stuart Thyer         Infrastructure Manager,               Sunday 15th            Caulfield & Essendon
                     Accreditation Mgr.& Filmings                                 Steam shuttles
Dennis Clarke        Membership Officer
Roger Westlake       Tour Booking Officer                  For more information on the above go to
Bruce Hester,        Mail-out coordinator         or ring Steamrail during
Graham Lewis,        Volunteer Inductions                  office hours on 9397 1953

       Some photos of the Open
       Weekend [by Les Coulton]

    The following people contributed to this issue of Steamrail News; Scott Bray[SBr], Steve Bucton[SB], Roy
       Donaldson[RD], Warren Dunn[WD], Warren Hall[WH], Cathie Sergeant[CS] and Stuart Thyer[ST].

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