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					                       Bench Press Competition

    Divisions: (at least 2 participants must be in a weight class, we will combine
     classes if needed)
    Men’s: 150 and under, 151-165, 166-179, 180-194, 195-210, 211 and above
     Women’s: 129 lbs and under, 130 lbs and above
    Weigh-in will occur prior to competitor lifting.
    Each participant is required to sign a waiver before competing.

- Hips and shoulders must remain flat, with only a natural arch.
- Elbows must lock (arms fully extended).
- Bar must touch chest (no bouncing).
- Feet must remain flat on the floor.
- Belts and gloves are legal.
- Lift offs are allowed.
- Each lifter will be provided a spotter.

Each competitor is allowed a total of three (3) lifts. Only the best of the three lifts will be
considered for the final placing in one's weight division.

Lifters will declare the weight of their first attempt before loading the weight bar. The
weights for their second and third attempts must “called out” within one minute of
completing the preceding attempt.

The Schwartz/Malone Formula will be used to determine the winners of each division
by multiplying each lifter's coefficient (determined by the formula) by his/her heaviest

The winner of each weight class will be determined by the participant who makes the
heaviest lift. In the event of a tie in a particular weight class, each lifter's
Schwartz/Malone Formula score will be used to determine a winner.

Medallions will also be awarded to the winner in each men's and women's divisions and a
trophy will be awarded to the strongest person "pound-for-pound".

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