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 Issue 28, May 2009
The title of our newsletter is Olé! The letters O, L and E are the initials for Olive Leaf Extract. In Spain, where olives are at the very heart of their
   culture, the word ‘olé’ (o-lay) means ‘bravo’ or ‘perfect’ - and that’s what thousands of people are saying about our life-changing extracts.

             One family. One Medicine
  Olive leaf extract     NaTURal • MUlTi-USe • faST-aCTiNG

 Olive Leaf for All Ages
                                                                                  We can’t answer all of the above questions but with 400%
                                                                                  more antioxidant power than Vitamin C, fresh-picked Olive Leaf
                                                                                  Extract offers excellent cell protection for every family member,
 Personal and family health remains the number one priority for                   regardless of their age.
 Australians. Yet with many Australian family’s budgets feeling
 the pinch, we each need to be wise in our choice of health                       Its well-proven heart and cardiovascular benefits are also key
 expenses.                                                                        foundations to good health for all ages, especially those who are
                                                                                  getting older.
 “Will I maintain my gym membership or start a walking routine
                                                                                  Olive Leaf Australia’s Extract is proving itself as a fast-acting,
 instead?” “Is there another health insurer with the same benefits
                                                                                  multi-use natural supplement for the whole family.
 but lower fees?” “Is there a multi-use supplement that my whole
 family can take to assist in general health maintenance?”                        Make sure your family is protected this winter.

 Olive Leaf Extract shows immunity to recession!
 With more and more Australians hearing about         Scott Tindall, our Australian Marketing Manager,       time with your questions
 our extract from freshly-picked olive leaves, it’s   recently showed me how sales of our fresh-             or suggestions on how we
 been a very busy start to 2009, and all signs        picked Olive Leaf Extract had increased by a           can make our extracts even
 point to a huge winter season.                       huge 140% in March 2009 compared to a year             better … and better known.
                                                      earlier. Scott also believes that this is a key sign
                                                      that people are looking for a broad-spectrum           I hope you have a healthy
 It’s been so busy that Alex Tilbury of Brisbane’s
                                                      health tonic for their whole family.                   winter.
 Courier Mail newspaper recently wrote a whole
 article on how Olive Leaf Australia’s Extract
                                                      The bottom line is, fresh-picked Olive Leaf
 sales seem to be recession-proof.
                                                      Extract works and every day more people
 I explained to Alex that our customers find Olive    become as convinced as we are of its many
                                                      health benefits.                                                       Kind
 Leaf Extract to have a very broad spectrum of                                                                               regards,
 healing benefits, so they tend to cut back on
                                                      Thank you each again for your wonderful
 buying a range of different supplements or                                                                                  Julian archer
 tonics and are opting for a multi-use health         (and increasing!) support of our fresh-
                                                                                                                             Business Development
 tonic that works for the whole family.               picked extracts. Please contact me at any

                    What will our extracts do for you?!
    Huge boost in the
                                                                                                                        Olive leaf enthusiast
    “I have just recently been put
                                                                 Thanks to our                                          at World Mountain
    on the Olive Leaf bandwagon
    by my daughter who has been
                                                                  radio stars!                                          Running Championship
    using your product for over six
    years now. I was feeling a bit                                                                                      Up-and-coming young Australian athlete Kane
    tired and have been getting aches, but since I have                                                                 Wille has taken significant honours in major races
    been using your Olive Leaf I am starting to notice a                                                                such as the Nike Human Race, the Melbourne
    huge improvement in my energy, so I want to just                                                                    10k and the Melbourne Mile. Having raced
    let you know that your Olive Leaf has given me                                                                      against current Olympians Martin Dent and
    a huge boost in the morning and I will continue                                                                     Nick Bromley, Kane has plenty of confidence and
    using it.”                                                                                                          no fear of a challenge, even racing at altitudes
                                             Maria Mizza,                                                               much higher than his training. His latest
                                            Northcote, VIC                                                              accomplishment was the grueling high altitude
                                                               a big thank you to our readers who                       World Mountain Running Championship held in
    Overall wellbeing is unbelievable                                                                                   Crans Montana, Switzerland.
                                                               have phoned in to radio stations with
    “I was always sickly. Decided I would try Olive Leaf
    Extract. Had nothing to lose. It made me extremely
                                                               your Olive leaf extract stories. May                     Kane emailed us with the following report.
    ill on about the twelfth day so I stopped taking it        your health remain vibrant and your
    for a few days. I had ever so many of the symptoms         voices strong!                                           “The first 3 kilometres myself and Ash Watson
    of detox, but I never gave up. My body gradually                                                                    (another Australian runner from Ballarat) were
    improved. The overall wellbeing is unbelievable.           As winter creeps in many radio programs                  leading the field through the villages. As the course
    My skin went like silk as though it was being              across Australia discuss the health benefits             led us up through the Alps we found it increasingly
    nourished from the inside out. I take the product          of using natural medicines. Talk-back shows              hard on our legs, breathing was difficult. We
    religiously twice a day. What a wonderful product. I                                                                dropped a little off the pace, through the middle
                                                               often ask listeners to call in and share their
    have been on your OLE almost two years now.”                                                                        stage but finished off strong, resulting in 18th
                                                               winter wellness secrets.
                                         Joylene Venning.                                                               position in the field.
                                        Murray Bridge, SA
                                                               We encourage you to take this opportunity                After the event we caught a train to St Moritz where
                        Highly recommends                      to phone in and share what OLE has done                  we spent two weeks doing altitude training in the
                                                               for you. It helps with our sales (thank you!),           Alps. It was a wonderful experience, something I
                        Ole                                                                                             will always remember.
                                                               but it’s also a great way of helping others to
                         “My children (aged 6 & 4) and
                                                               feel the natural health improvements you
                         I have been taking your OLE                                                                    Thanks to Olive Leaf Australia for supporting
                                                               have felt.
                         for about one year now since                                                                   me. Olive leaf Extract has improved my health in
                         a friend introduced me to the                                                                  preparation for training and my many athletic
                         product. I was very sick in           apology from Julian                                      events.
    February 2008 and my son was not a well boy since
    birth. I was told to try OLE to help. After a few                                                                   Thank you. Regards,
    months I started to have more energy and once              I have just finished reading some of the many
                                                               exciting testimonials that we receive. It is really      Kane Wille.
    I was over my problem I seemed to feel healthier
    and livelier by taking OLE twice a day. The kids also      encouraging to hear of the wonderful health              Upwey, VIC”
    stay quite well. When all other kids at school and         improvements in so many people’s lives. As
    kinder are sick my two seem to keep a lot healthier.       I talk with you on the phone and read your
    They also get a dose twice a day, especially as            letters and emails I can feel the sincerity of
    my son who had not been well for the first three           your thanks and your excitement at your newly
    years – I highly recommend OLE to everyone to
                                                               found health.
    improve their health and wellbeing. We all keep a
    lot healthier and have more energy by taking OLE
    each day.”                                                 I would like to apologise that we are unable to
                                            Lisa Hamilton,     print most of the health improvement reports
                                               Echuca VIC      that you send us. Due to strict, and necessary,
                                                               government legislation we can only report very
    Cows & dogs too!                                           general testimonials (or strongly edited ones)
    “I really believe your Olive Leaf Extract is a wonderful   that do not mention any specific diseases or
    product and promote it to my friends and relations         serious health conditions. However, please
    all the time. We run cattle on our station out from        keep sending us your reports of all the health
    Cue and I have used it in calves that come in for          improvements you have seen since taking our
    special care with great results, I even recommend          Olive Leaf Extract as they are very encouraging
    it to friends with sick dogs etc. The cattle love the
                                                               and they also guide us as we plan further
    taste of it. Please keep up the good work,”
                                                               research into specific health problems.
                                          Isabella Tonkins,
                                                   Cue, WA                                                                              Kane Wille in action

        Nature’s healing methods are careful, deliberate and thorough but they need time. Don’t expect
        major health improvements after one dose. Follow the recommended dose, live healthfully, be
                                   patient and allow nature to do its work.
                                     These testimonials have been extracted from signed written reports we receive. Actual results may vary.

“Beauty from Within” – inner health for outer beauty
The concept of vibrant internal health                   commonly, in synergy with each
leading to external health and beauty is                 other to help to maintain our
as old as time. Yet its wide scale revival               health as we proceed through
in recent years has shown that even old                  life.
lessons need to be learnt afresh by each
generation.                                              Whether it’s the catechins in
                                                         green tea, anthocyanins in
Some of the most widely acclaimed, and                   berries (the compounds that
scientifically-tested, ingredients leading               make red, purple and blue
this ‘beauty from within’ rediscovery are                pigments) or the polyphenolic
the antioxidants. The argument is, that if               antioxidants in fresh olive
we use antioxidants to protect our cells                 leaves, nature has a warehouse
from free radical damage then we are                     of cell-protecting compounds
on our way to maintaining a youthful,                    for our diets.
healthy body which can in turn be seen in
our faces and figures.                                   We each need to eat a range of
                                                         fresh fruits and vegetables to get
Today we know that there are a number                    our daily dose of phytonutrients.
of natural plant compounds, collectively                 If you’re not sure whether you’re getting enough then you can certainly
known as phytonutrients, which offer a                   supplement your phytonutrient intake with our fresh-picked olive leaf
range of cell-protecting actions in our                  extract - it's got 400% more antioxidant power than Vitamin C and many
bodies. They can work individually, or more              other health benefits. ☺

Why is Ole sweet?                                                                                    introducing
We’re often asked why our fresh-picked Olive Leaf Extract tastes
                                                                                                     Paula Herlihen
sweet. We should start by confirming that there is no added sugar
in our Olive Leaf Extract. The sweet taste comes from the vegetable                                   We’re very happy to welcome
glycerine which we blend with the extremely bitter, raw/pure olive
                                                                                                      Paula Herlihen to our team
leaf extract.
                                                                                                      as the Consumer Support
The vegetable glycerine, which is made from the sweet water                                           Coordinator. Paula is a
extracted from palm kernels, has two important roles. Firstly, it
                                                                                                      fully qualified homoeopath
masks the extreme bitterness of the raw/pure olive leaf extract -
without the vegetable glycerine the raw OLE is unpalatable.                and hydrotherapist. She has a passion for natural
                                                                           healthcare and for helping you to achieve the highest
Secondly, and most importantly, the vegetable glycerine acts as            level of wellness possible.
a ‘lock’ to protect the active healing compounds like oleuropein,
hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, verbascoside and others that make our             Paula is on hand at our Brisbane office to discuss any
fresh-picked Olive Leaf Extract so unique. Without the vegetable
glycerine these natural compounds would quickly break down and             health-related questions you have about our Olive
lose their effectiveness.                                                  Leaf Extract.

By including the vegetable glycerine our OLE is able to remain shelf       Please feel free to contact Paula on her toll-free number
stable for at least two years, and taste … palatable!                      1800 466 392.
If someone in your family still can't handle the taste our liquid OLE
why not give them our new high-potency concentrate, liquid Olive
Leaf Capsules. They still have the power of fresh-picked olive leaves...   "Gold that buys health can never be ill spent" ~
but you just can't taste the power!                                             Thomas Dekker, Westward Ho, 1604

            "In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired" ~ Author Unknown

     100% Refund                                                Are your little ones
       If you are not totally, completely
                                                                 ready for winter?
      and 100% satisfied with our Olive Leaf
    Extract for any reason whatsoever, simply                   Olive Leaf Australia has developed a very child-friendly mixed
    return the empty bottle to the manufacturer
                                                                berry flavoured Olive Leaf Extract. The berry aroma and taste
    (see Customer Care Centre details below)
                                                                makes it super-suited for children’s palates and also means
      with your proof of purchase receipt and
      your full purchase price will be refunded                 that it mixes pleasantly into their juices or smoothies.
                     immediately.                               Just like the rest of our range, it doesn’t contain any artificial
     Customer Care Centre                                       flavours, colours or preservatives, and no alcohol, added sugar,
          (07) 5424 6771                                        lactose, starch, yeast, gluten or animal products are used.
    767 Bischoffs Road, Coominya, Qld 4311                      If you’re looking for a natural medicine for your children or
                                                                grandchildren this winter we invite you to try this 200mL

                                                              let your light shine!
                                                                                      It’s no secret that an appalling number of children in Africa, Asia and
                                                                                      other parts of the world are killed or orphaned by wars and HIV/AIDS.
                                                                                      In many countries, the numbers of children living in ‘families’, without
                                                                                      parents, is staggering.

Give yourself a                                                                       At Olive Leaf Australia we have a very keen sense of justice and fairness
                                                                                      and yet, like most people, we struggle to identify practical ways we can

new leaf on life!                                                                     offer assistance.
                                                                                      One activity, which we have been able to do for a
Our high-strength Olive leaf extract is a 100%                                        number of years, is the sending of free olive leaf
natural, multi-use health food supplement.
                                                                                      extract to orphanages and rural health clinics
Olive Leaf Australia's high strength extract contains
a range of very powerful antioxidants and has free
                                                                                      in Africa and Asia. Our hope, which is being
radical scavenging properties. It also contains mild                                  realized, is that our token assistance will provide
                astringent properties (a barrier                                      both hope and healing to these children and
                  against infection) and has been
                   traditionally used to help relieve
                                                                                      their caregivers.
                   fevers. It helps to maintain a healthy                             We receive many reports of improved health
                   cardiovascular system and assists
                      in the maintenance of normal                                    from very happy children and their caregivers
                         heart function. In addition                                  and we thought you might also like to see some
                          to alleviating a range of                                   of the benefits that your support is allowing.
                          health problems, people use
                          it as a daily tonic in their                                Here are a few photos of the children enjoying
                          good health maintenance
                                                                                      their new lease on life at an orphanage called Mission in Action in
                          Olive     Leaf   Australia's
                                                                                      Kenya. Thank you again for your support which makes this possible
                          high strength extract is
                          economical and 100%
                          Australian grown. It is made          visit our NeW website! www.olea.com.au
                          from fresh ‘alive’ leaves
                          harvested from selected                  • History • Uses and Applications • Testimonials • FAQs
                          trees on our property in the
                          Brisbane Valley.
                                                               Need more Newsletters?        If you would like to receive extra copies of our Olè! Newsletter,
                                                                    simply let us know how many copies you would like and we’ll forward them to you.
Manufactured by:
Olive Leaf Australia Pty Ltd
                                                              Distributed locally by
Distributed by:
Olive Products Australia
Coominya QLD 4311
                                                                                                                             Our Goal
                                                                                                                  To continue to provide a liquid Olive Leaf
                                                                                                                    Extract that is more bio-effective and
                                                                                                                  broad-spectrum than any other product
 Information in this newsletter is not diagnostic. It is in                                                                     on the market.
 no way to be used in place of advice from a registered
 health care professional. Neither Olive Leaf Australia nor                                                        To price our liquid Olive Leaf Extract so
 Olive Products Australia directly or indirectly dispense                                                              that everyone who needs it can
 medical advice or assume any responsibility for those
 who choose to treat themselves. Always read the label.                                                                        afford to buy it.
 Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your
 healthcare professional.

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