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									                               Asus Eee Pad Tablet Coming In July

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April 26, 2010

Asus announced a while back that they were working on their own tablet computer, the Asus Eee
Tablet. Now it looks like Asus’s first tablet may hit the stores as early as July 2010.
Asus’s Chairman Jerry Shen announced that he will be showing off the Asus Eee Pad at Computex in
June, and Asus has also confirmed that the tablet will go on sale in July 2010.
No information on what sort of specifications the Asus Eee Pad will include, although it's suspected
that Asus will try and price it as competitively as possible, probably in the neighborhood of around
The Asus Eee Tablet will most likely run Windows 7. Asus confirmed recently that a Windows 7
version was in the works, although they have also said that they will also launch a tablet that will run
Google’s Chrome OS. The impending July launch will more than likely be the Windows 7 version.



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