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									                         AlessiTAB Android Tablet Coming in September

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April 26, 2010

Alessi, a company that has made there name in the kitchen accessory business, is putting together a
tablet product specifically designed as a sort of nerve center for the kitchen.

The AlessiTAB is a countertop Android-based touchscreen tablet with integrated WiFi and digital
TV. Designed by Stefano Giovannoni, and made for Alessi by Promelit, the same company that came
up with the SFR Hubster and the AlessiPhone products, the AlessiTAB promises to make information
access a breeze in the one place you spend a lot of time in...the kitchen.

The AlessiTAB comes with a docking base-station, and the battery is good for up to 6-hours. It’s being
positioned as a handy way to check Facebook and Twitter, as well as browse the web and display
digital media like photos. It will also be equipped with a USB and an SD card slot, among other ports.
The AlessiTAB is expected to launch in Europe in September of this year for around $400.



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