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                      Nurse (Registered)

What does a Registered Nurse do?                 •	   Able to assume responsibility and a
                                                      leadership role
Registered nurses assess, plan, provide          •	   Able to take the initiative in
and evaluate preventative, curative and               emergencies
rehabilitative care for patients. They           •	   Tolerance, patience and tact
supervise enrolled nurses to carry out           •	   Able to work as part of a team
patient care duties.                             •	   Mentally	and	physically	fit
                                                 •	   Good at making decisions
What are the duties and tasks of a
Registered Nurse?                                Want Further Information?

•	   Supervise, or carry out, nursing care of    Additional course and entrance information
     patients.                                   is available from university admissions
•	   Observe, monitor, assess and                centres, universities, careers advisers and
     document patients’ conditions and           from the following web sites:
     responses to treatment.
•	   Give medication in accordance with          Royal College of Nursing Australia
     legislation and pharmacology.     
•	   Monitor and adjust medical equipment
     used in patient care and treatment.         Association for Australian Rural Nurses
•	   Prepare patients for operations or
     provide post-operative care.
•	   Assist in the rehabilitation of patients.   DEST Job Guide
•	   Assist with patients’ discharge   
•	   Provide emotional and psychological         Which Course? Which University?
     support to patients and their families.
•	   Answer questions and provide                Go to: My Future Career
     information to patients and families
     about treatment and care.
                                                 Acknowledgement and Disclaimer
Where do Registered Nurses work?                 This information has been adapted by the
                                                 National Rural Health Students’ Network
•	   Public and private hospitals                (NRHSN) and Rural Health Workforce
•	   Aged care facilities                        Australia (RHWA) from information
•	   Community Health Centres                    provided by the Royal College of Nursing
•	   Private organisations and industry          and the DEST Job Guide.
•	   Schools and education departments           The NRHSN and RHWA makes no warranty
•	   Psychiatric and mental health services      in relation to the content of the accuracy of
•	   Employment opportunities in rural           the material on this brochure or material
     areas are very good                         contained in websites mentioned on this
                                                 brochure. The NRHSN and RHWA expressly
What personal abilities and qualities do I       disclaims any and all liability (including
need?                                            liability for negligence) in
                                                 respect of use of the
•	   Good communication skills                   information provided.

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