Nuclear Medicine Technologist

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            Nuclear Medicine Technologist

What is a Nuclear Medicine Technologist? •	 Patience and empathy
                                         •	 Comfortable with computers and new
Nuclear Medicine Technologists use           technologies
radioactive pharmaceuticals, injected
or ingested into the body, to diagnose   Want Further Information?
and treat a range of diseases. Nuclear
Medicine Technologists may specialise    Additional course and entrance information
in areas such as ultrasound, positron    is available from university admissions
emission tomography, computer            centres, universities, careers advisers and
programming or bone mineral              from the following websites:
                                         Australia and New Zealand Society of
What are the duties and tasks of a       Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear Medicine Technologist? 

•	   Perform laboratory procedures             DEST Job Guide
     including blood and specimen    
     collection and quality control testing.
•	   Administer radiopharmaceuticals as        Which Course? Which University?
     tracers to demonstrate the function of
     organs in the body.                       Go to:
•	   Provide treatment for cancer patients.    My Future Career
•	   Maintain and operate equipment, such
     as gamma cameras and computing
     systems, to acquire images, process       Acknowledgement and Disclaimer
     and analyse patient data.                 This information has been adapted by the
•	   Ensure the safe handling, storage and     National Rural Health Students’ Netwwork
     disposal of radioactive materials.        (NRHSN) and Rural Health Workforce
•	   Perform quality control and testing       Australia (RHWA) from information
     procedures of instrumentation,            provided by the Australia and New Zealand
     radiopharmaceuticals, data, images        Society of Nuclear Medicine and the DEST
     and computing systems.                    Job Guide.
                                               The NRHSN and RHWA makes no warranty
Where do Nuclear Medicine                      in relation to the content of the accuracy of
Technologists work?                            the material on this brochure or material
                                               contained in websites mentioned on this
•	   Larger Public and Private Hospitals       brochure. The NRHSN and RHWA expressly
     Oncology (cancer) centres.                disclaims any and all liability (including
                                               liability for negligence) in respect of use of
What abilities and qualities do I need?        the information provided.

•	   Interested in science
•	   Able to work accurately and with
•	   Able to communicate well and work
     as part of a team

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