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Northern Dementia Meeting Outcomes

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									Northern Dementia Meeting Outcomes

Region           Northern Metro Dementia

Date             22 October 2007

Venue            City Of Salisbury

OFTA Staff       Glenys Raveane,

Angie Chicarella                     ACH
Bronwyn Osman                        Domiciliary Care SA
Anne Higginson                       ACH
Karla Mokros                         Alzheimers SA – Dementia Link Worker
Sue Leckie                           NCP
Sue Drenth                           Alzheimers SA
Michael Stroeh                       Alzheimers SA
Lee Hatcher                          City of Playford
Karen Negus                          Anglicare SA
Claire Kernich                       Helping Hand Aged Care
Eleanor Kennett-Smith                ECH
Mary-Anne Dempsey                    Resthaven
Katey Elding                         ECH
Tina Luce                            IBF
Jenna Harrison                       City of Salisbury
Heather Franchini                    Commonwealth Carelink
Sharyn Johnson                       Masonic Homes
Catherine Wohling                    N/E Division GP’s
James Girvan                         Uniting Care Wesley Bowden
Jeanettee Kinkaid                    Barkuma

     1. Overview of Dementia Priorities
Who                           What               Where                Models
Target Groups                 Service            Region/sub-
                              Groupings          region
Vulnerable and At Risk        SG 1               Region wide          Helping Hand
Clients:                       • Respite                              Pathways
 • Co morbidity               SG 2               **possible mapping   respite
 • living alone                • Case            project in year 2,   (currently C’w
 • external carer                Management      scoping              funded)
 • complex needs               • Counselling
 • couples both with           • Support with                         Clients Need:

                              Northern Dementia – 22.10.07                             1
David Kelly
and Associates
   dementia                        skills                                      -flexible
(ongoing monitoring & care         maintenance                                 services
management)                                                                    -continuity of
                                                                               -training for

Early Stage diagnosis           SG 2                                             • Link worker
                                 • information and                                 model
                                   support with                                  • GP
                                   service                                         education
                                   navigation                                    • Dementia
                                 • GP knowledge                                    forums and
                                 • Link worker                                     Community
                                 • Targeted & early                                Education.
                                   information for                               • DivGP
                                   families                                        training for
                                SG 5                                               nurses
                                 • Early home                                    • Training for
                                   needs                                           banks re
                                                                                   power of
CALD Communities                SG 1                  Salisbury, Virginia,     Expansion of
Gaps:                            • Social Support –   Two Wells                Alzheimer’s SA
 • Transport                       1-to1                                       -ethnic
 • social isolation              • Respite                                     program
 • carers                                                                      -carers
 • Cambodian / Vietnamese       SG 2                                           education
 • Italian / Greek               • Info and
                                 • Case
                                 • Mentoring


     2. Identifying Regional Dementia Priorities

Who                          What                     Where                  Service
Target Groups                Service Groupings        Region/sub-
                                                      region                 Models

Younger onset                SG 1                     Region wide       Consensus model
                              • Social support
                                Northern Dementia – 22.10.07                                    2
David Kelly
and Associates
                         Care management

CALD Communities         SG 1                       Two Wells &       Expansion of
Italian, Vietnamese,      • social support 1 to 1   Virginia          Alzheimers SA
Greek, Cambodian,                                   Region wide       -ethnic program
Spanish, + new &         SG2                                          -carers education
emerging communities      • education / info.
                          • care management
                          • mentoring @ group
                          • resources in other
Vulnerable and At Risk   SG 1                       Region wide       Helping Hand
Clients:                  • Respite                                   Pathways respite
  • co morbidity         SG 2                       **possible        (currently C’w
  • living alone          • Case Management         mapping           funded)
  • external carer        • Counselling             project in year
  • complex needs         • Support with skills     2, scoping        Clients Need:
  • couples both with       maintenance                               -flexible services
    dementia                                                          -continuity of staff
(ongoing monitoring &                                                 -training for staff
care management)
                                                                      -team approach

Group 2

Early Stage diagnosis    SG 2                                            • Link worker
                          • information &                                   model
                            service navigation                           • GP education
                          • GP knowledge                                 • Dementia
                          • Link worker                                     forums and
                          • Targeted & early                                Community
                            information for                                 Education.
                            families                                     • DivGP training
                                                                            for practice
                         SG 5                                               nurses
                          • Early home needs                             • Training for
                                                                            banks re
                                                                            power of
Complex needs-           SG1                                           Problem:
 • Living alone                                                        Gap between
 • Medium needs          SG2                                           HACC & EACH.
 • Support with skills                                                 -skills devt
   maintenance                                                         -social support
CALD Communities         SG 1                       Salisbury,
Gaps:                     • Social Support          Virginia
 • Transport              • Respite
 • social isolation
                            Northern Dementia – 22.10.07                                     3
David Kelly
and Associates
  • carers                SG 7
  • Cambodian /            • Info and Advocacy
    Vietnamese             • Case management
  • Italian / greek

Ageing disabled with      SG1
dementia:                  • Ageing carers need
                             services in own right
                          SG 2
                           • Assessment and
Younger onset             SG1                                       Flexible
Interface between aged     • social support                         personalized
carer & other sectors                                               response
  •                       SG2
                           • Info and advocacy                      Connexis
                           • Assessment                              • staff education
                                                                     • community.

     3. Other Comments or Submissions
  • Challenge of diversity in the Dementia sector. Frequently people are assessed
    and enter the system too late necessitating higher levels of case management
  • Service Models - Small groups – meaningful activities (arts, photography)
  • Workforce development – specialized training for workers – skilling volunteers,
    carers, and future proofing generalist services.

                             Northern Dementia – 22.10.07                             4
David Kelly
and Associates

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