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9th March
P&C Meeting
Upper Classroom

12th March
Crazy Hair Day
Gold coin donation

16th March
Bookclub money and orders due

19th March
Annual Morning Tea for School
Captain and School Leaders at the
Empire Theatre.

         P&C AGM
         9th March                          CAPTAIN—
                                     SCHOOL CAPTAIN—SCHOOL LEADER PRESENTATIONS
          3.30pm                    Sergeant Greg Kidd and Constable Warren Schefe presented the School Captain
  Please note time change.          badge to Kyle Pukallus and the School Leader badge to Darren Newton.
     ALL WELCOME!                   Absent: School Leader—Zac Dioth.

         HIS WORSHIP THE MAYOR                                         P&C President for 2010
                                                                          Tema Campbell
       REGIONAL COUNCIL                                                    Vice President
                                                                           Beryl Newton
  have invited our School Captain and                                     Congratulations!
         School Leaders to the
                                                        The position of secretary and treasurer are still vacant.
                                                             If you are interested in either of these roles,
                                                              contact the school for further information.
          Friday 19th March 2010
                                                     These roles need to be filled in order for the P&C to continue.
          10.00am until 11.30 am
                           at                                    Nominations will be called at the next

    The Empire Theatre, Toowoomba                                   P&C meeting on the 9th March.

                                                                                    Please Note…….
        News from Mrs Douglas…………...                                                All enquiries about your child’s learning
Science Reminder: Year Prep – 4 students need to have all materials for their
                                                                                    need to be asked to the classroom teach-
garden ornament at school by Thursday, 11 March.
                                                                                    ers, either Nicola Leslie or Kerry Douglas.
SOSE: Some year 4 – 7 students may have their project information to type up        Teacher aides are unable to comment on
at home. They may also choose to look for pictures to go on their project. If you
do not want to print these at home they can bring it to school on usb to print      your child’s progress. Please refer all ques-
here. I would rather they did not paste anything on to project sheets at home
as if we wish to enter these in the Goombungee-Haden Show there are strict
                                                                                    tions to the appropriate person. Appoint-
sizes etc that we need to adhere to.                                                ments can be made if you would like to dis-
                                                                                    cuss your child’s progress at anytime.
Thanks to all parents for finding the time to assist their children with these

          Winter Uniforms now available!                                                     LIBRARY
 Please place your order early to ensure your sizes are available.

                                  Jackets $22                                                NEWS...
                            Track suit pants $12
                                                                                     NEW BOOKS………………….
                                                                                     ∗ Harry   Potter series
                                                                                     ∗ Zac   Power Test Drives
                                                                                     ∗ Diary   of a Wimpy Kid
                    Crow’s Nest State School                                         ∗ Three   hundred and sixty-five things to do

                    Sunday, 28 Mar 10                                                ∗ The   Venom Patrol

                    9 am to 3 pm
                                                                                      Please remember library bags every Friday.

                                                                                       BOOKCLUB DUE 16th March
 2010 is the Year of Environmental Sustainability
 The Department of Education and Training has declared 2010 the Year                Issue 2 of Bookclub has been distributed
 of Environmental Sustainability (YES).                                             with money and orders due at school by the
 Our school will be saying “yes” to help spread the word on sustainable
 issues; “yes” to reducing the impact of our ecological footprint in class-
                                                                                    16th March.
 rooms and “yes” to encouraging our students, families and school com-
 munity to “go green”.
                                                                                      Goombungee Little Folks Group
 This year’s YES events for students include the Bunya to the Bay Eco
 Adventure, the 2010 Australia-Pacific Earth Charter festival, Environ-                              Kindy Program
 mental Education Symposiums and the Queensland Youth Environ-
 ment Council Youth Ambassadors Program.
                                                                                                 Tuesdays and Thursdays
 We will also be calling on parents, carers, staff, students and our wider
 school community to become more environmentally-conscious and                                  For Children age 3-5 years
 reduce our collective ecological footprint in line with the Queensland
 Government’s Toward Q2 target of a ‘green’ state.
                                                                                                    Occasional Care
 This month, as part of YES activities, we are “powering down” by en-
 couraging students and staff to turn computers, televisions and other
                                                                                         First and Second Friday of every month
 electrical equipment off at the wall.
 Powering down electrical equipment and not using the standby mode is                     For Children aged 6months to 5 years
 one of the simplest and easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint –
 and it saves you money on your electricity bill.
                                                                                      Positions available now for an immediate start
 Keep track of this and other YES events, initiatives and competitions
 on the Year of Environmental Sustainability website at
                                                                                                 Please Phone 46965215

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