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									Is He the Right Guy for me – 4 Things that can tell?

Is he the right guy for me? I have heard a lot of comments from a lot of women who are unsure whether or
not their partner is right for them. There are women who invested a lot of emotion in a relationship that
turned out to be less than what they expect or wanted.

But there is a way to make sure that you can answer the question, “Is he the right guy for me.” There is a
way for you take a sneak peek that your guy is behind the curtain.

1 – Drag a fight

You can really tell a lot about a person in the way they manage their anger in front of you. In fact, you can
even say whether the two of you will fit right with each other with the way he fights, we all know how mad
people can get when they are angry and this is where you are able to get to now a person.

2 – Invite him for a long drive

Try going cross-country driving with him and see how long he can keep his stuff together. People are only
calm for a period of time but when things get rough and bumpy, they will start losing the stillness. If he can
still hold it in without snapping at you during this stressful situation then I salute him.

3 - Observe how he treats other women

Does he treats them with the same respect and does not flirt? You will know a gut is right for you if he
knows where his boundaries lie. He treats women as his equal and does not flirt right out because there are
already you in his life.

4 – Observe how he treats staffs

Does he value staff personnel and respect them as his equal person no matter what states in the society is
the person. He knows that the status of a person in the society is not the measurement of his personality
therefore he treats everyone with respect and care.

Is he the right guy for me? You will know it if your heart and mind is in complete harmony that there will be
no need for you to look for someone else. You got it right there and I advise you to hold on to him and never
let go.


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