Jelly Bean Tabloid Day- by Barbi by pengtt


									Jelly Bean Tabloid Day- by Barbie Shukster

ü I always ran the typical tabloid day. Timed stations in a rotational system, kids
  in teams and stations run by teachers or parent volunteers. I found that the
  adults got very tired and cranky by the end of the day. Some of the teachers
  said they just dreaded tabloid day, because they were just too tired and sore
  by day‛s end.
ü A parent-volunteer, Dolores Pelland of Machray School, who happened to be a
  part-time phys.ed. teacher, told me about her tabloid day. She got the idea
  from yet another phys.ed. teacher. The tabloid day had no teams, no timed
  rotation, just kids on their own, some with partners, having fun, going where
  ever, at whatever speed they choose.
ü I was blown away. I loved it immediately.
ü Every year that I have done this, it has had slight changes. I started having our
  grade 6 leadership students run the stations. The teachers just had to
  supervise and the students were more into having fun with the kids.
ü Now, this evolved into even more organized chaos, with our student leadership
  working in pairs with a high school leadership team. (Phys.ed teacher, Brad
  Purpur from Daniel MacIntyre). The high school leaders supervised my leaders.
  The teachers just have to be on “walk about duty” and make sure trouble spots
  are taken care of.
ü This year, we went back to the grade 6 and 7 leaders running the stations.

How did I get it going, design it, and figure it out. I just thought about the
concepts and worked around what I had. You can do it too.

ü Map of available space. Include in your map: the gym, the outdoor layout of
  playgrounds, climbers, basketball nets, baseball diamond, hardtop areas, front
  of the school, tennis courts, etc.
ü Outdoor map and an indoor map in case of rain.
ü When I was at a smaller school (150 students) I always used an indoor plan in
  case of rain, however, when I went to a larger school (500 students), I used an
  alternate day plan for our special day.
ü Each station should have 3 levels of difficulty. Students in grade 1 should be
  challenged as well as grade 5 students being challenged. One jellybean should
  be earned/station. It doesn‛t matter how many times they go to that station or
  what level they earn, they still only earn one bean. The most beans a child can
  earn at the end of the day is 35. Not all of the children do.
ü Decide if you want to have an all day event or only half the day. When I came to
  O.V.Jewitt/A.E.Wright Schools the staff were used to a half- day event.
ü I wanted a full day so I tried to include our Terry Fox Walk to break up the
  day a bit.
ü Go into your equipment room and see what is available to create stations. Some
  of your speciality items could be a station in them selves. Eg. Box hockey game
  or Frisbee toss stand.
ü Each student is given a baggie and a score card (see example in hand out).
ü Students decide if they want to travel alone or if they want a buddy. I
  encourage students to start out with a friend or two and then if they want to
  separate they may. Some classes combine and buddy up. You decide.
ü After a student has been to a station, the leader marks the score card with
  their initials and the level earned. Eg. B.W. level 3. That child is now eligible to
  go to the jelly bean bank to collect a bean. Some children go immediately, while
  some children wait and go when they have earned a few or have completed their
ü When the students‛ show me their score cards, I ask if they earned any level
  3‛s. I encourage students who finish early or rush through it to go back and try
  to get more level 3‛s. If they get all level 3‛s, I then have a chart for them to
  put their name on. Level 3 Club.
ü Budget: I ask our parent council for $200.00 for this day. I have learned to ask
  for money when it benefits all the students in the school. It is really hard for
  the parents to say no.
ü The office also contributes money to pay for cookies and juice to give the
  volunteers for helping out. Optional.
ü Be creative with your equipment, bring some from home, or borrow some from
  nearby schools. Try and change some of the stations from year to year.
ü You can do this day without leaders, but your teachers will have to take a more
  active roll.
ü We begin at 9:00 a.m. with our leaders setting up stations. By 9:10 we are ready
  to go. We have fun all morning, not breaking for recess and stop at 11:50.a.m.
  We have a regular lunch and begin again at 1:00. We stop at 1:50 p.m. Students
  then can go for their last jellybean pick up at the bank….at 2:00 students go out
  for a regular recess break and then at 2:15 return to their class room teachers
  to begin the Terry Fox Walk. Each grade level signs up for a near by park walk
  and play time….returning by 3:30 in time for home dismissal. While teachers are
  walking with their students I am free to tidy up the gym with the leaders who
  do not go with classrooms on the walk.
ü Students are encouraged to bring in a loonie to donate to the Cancer Society.
  Many bring in more.

Little extras:

ü Parents do face painting with a retired teacher supervising them.
ü Equipment is given out the day before the tabloid day.
ü Student leaders in our school do an assignment during language arts class the
  week before the event. This sheet is included with your handout. The leaders
  are asked questions like: Where is their station? What equipment is needed?
  Who is your supervising teacher? What stations are you allowed to switch with
  and what time do you need to stay at your original station?
ü The day before the event, leaders report to me 2-3 at a time to pick up their
ü Over the years, I have found that the leaders get a bit board half way through
  the morning. I usually don‛t let the leaders switch stations until 10:30 a.m. It
  has to be an agreeable switch with the person/team that is in the same area as
  them. (eg. Large gym area). At 1:00 p.m. they must return to their original
  station to begin the afternoon session.
ü Set up the climber the day before with the mats so you don‛t have to do it the
  morning. One less thing to do.
ü Make a “to do” list. Check thing off as you go. Add changes you want to make
  for the next year.
ü Morning of: Put up wooden stakes around school numbered 1-35. I keep these
  from year to year. Laminate the numbers.
ü Morning meet with parents and high school volunteers.
ü Allergies: Keep a list of students with allergies to peanuts etc. at the bank. I
  have made one teacher in charge of the bank. I call her the “manager” and the
  other people are the “tellers”. They really get into this and make a sign and
  wear special shirts and hats and pretend they are a bank. One year we even had
  a hold up with a masked bandit…..We do get a bit carried away, but all in the
  name of fun. Skittles are given to the children who have allergies and they are
  only allowed to get beans from the manager. Provide rubber gloves.
ü Remember you are the organizer. You must delegate responsibility to others. Eg.
  The bank. The more organized you are the smoother it will run. You should just
  cruise on the day of the tabloid.
ü Ask the principal or vice principal to take turns in “walk about”. They should be
  involved and see how well the day is organized and run. They will never see the
  kids so happy as they will on this day. Students in my school start asking the
  first day back in September, When is tabloid day? We even had a student
  transfer schools and ask their new phys.ed. teacher when jellybean day was?
  The teacher had to call me and ask about this special event….
ü First Aid should be at the bank.

Fabulous day, try it, you won‛t be sorry.
Good luck,
Barbie Shukster
November 24, 2006

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