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					                     SAILING INSTRUCTIONS
                                             For the

                                   Organising Authority
              The organising authority is the Queensland Multihull Yacht Club Inc
                                      A.C.N. 009946454.

                                 Race Start.
                       Friday 13 April 2001 @ 1100 hrs.

1. Responsibility

  a)     All those taking part in the race do so entirely at their own risk and their own
responsibility. The QMYC, QCYC, PCSC, their members & race organisers are not
responsible for the seaworthiness of any yacht whose entry is accepted, or for the sufficiency
or adequacy of its equipment or crew. By paying the required fee or starting in any race an
entrant acknowledges that he releases the QMYC, QCYC, PCSC & associated Yacht Clubs,
their members & Race Organisers from all liability whatsoever. Competitors are referred to
fundamental rules part 1 AYF 1997 - 2000. The race organisers reserve the right to reject or
rescind any yacht’s entry for any reason.
  b)     The skipper of any yacht shall be responsible for the conduct of his crew. Any yacht
whose crew or skipper’s conduct is, in the opinion of the race organisers, prejudicial to the
reputation of the multihull movement or unsportsmanlike shall be disqualified.

2. Rules

This race shall be conducted pursuant to:-
International Rules for Prevention of Collisions at Sea, which shall replace ISAF
Rules of Part 2 between Sunset and sunrise. QYA Special Safety Regs Jan. 1998 –
June 2001 Cat C, the O.M.R Rating Rule (where applicable) and the Yacht Racing
Rules of the AYF 1997-2000 together with t e Appendices of the AYF rules as they
appear with the following amendments:

Pt 1.    Rule 4 Delete “A boat” and replace with “The Master and crew”.
Pt 3. Rule 25 Delete “Race Signals” and replace with “Sailing Instructions”
Pt 4. Rule 50 & 54 Delete
Addendum A1. Delete, except for 3.11 (b) para ii (exception for multihulls)
and replace with QYA Special Safety Regulations Jan. 1998 – June 2001.
3.1     Declarations
The following declarations must be completed and lodged with the Committee prior to the
Race Briefing at 1800 hrs. on Wednesday 11th April 2001.
  a)    Indemnity Agreement
  b)    Crew List
  c)    QMYC Safety Declaration Sheet Cat C

3.2      Changes to crew lists must be lodged with the committee at least 2 hours before the
         start of the race.
3.3      Race Declaration Form must be lodged with the committee within 2 hours of
         completion of the race.

4        Divisions – OMR, Arbitrary and Cruising
    a)   Major prizes will be decided amongst the competitors in the OMR division only.
         Yachts in this division shall have a current QMYC or equivalent OMR rating
         certificate. Final weight adjustments shall be advised to the rating officer at least 7
         days before the Race.
    b)   An arbitrary division will compete for minor prizes. OMR yachts will automatically
         be entered in this division.
    c)   A Cruising Division will compete for minor prizes. Yachts in the cruising division
         may not enter any other division. Yachts in this division may use engines to keep
         pace with fleet and shall log all running time and submit it with race declaration on
    d)   Handicaps for the Arbitrary and Cruising Divisions will be determined at the sole
         discretion of the race committee.

5       Oral Instructions
Any changes in the sailing instructions will be advised at the compulsory Skippers Briefing at
Darling Point Sailing Squadron premises in Trafalgar Street, Manly at 1830 hours on
Wednesday the 11th April or by VHF on the morning of the race. Monitor channel 81 and
change to a working channel as required.

6        Marks
Laid and /or Limit Marks will be orange or yellow inflatable buoys.            Other marks of
the course are Navigation marks as shown on the charts.

7        Recording as a Starter
The initial sched between 0830 and 1000 hours will be conducted with Volunteer Marine
Rescue – Brisbane (VMR 401) on VHF channel 77 or 81. Competing yachts will make
contact and declare their intention to start.

8        The Start
    a)   The Start will be in conjunction with the QCYC monohull fleet.
    b)   The Start Line will be approximately 400 metres North of the Fisheries Beacon and
         on an approximate bearing of 281° T.
    c)   The Race will be started in accordance with AYF Blue book Part 3, 26.1 System 1
    d)   The Start Line will be between the main mast on the Check Start Vessel stationed at
         the starboard end of the Multihull Line and the main mast of the Check Start Vessel
         at the port end of the Multihull line. Four limit marks (A, B, C, & D) shall be set at
         or near the Start Line. Multihull competitors must pass between limit marks A & B
e)    The Start Gun Barge will be located to the North of Mark B at approximately 90° to
      the Start Line. No vessel is to be within 150mts of this barge during the starting
      procedure other than the Starters Vessel
f)    The Official Start Boat will be South Pacific, which will be located approximately
      250 metres North of the of the start line in close proximity to the Port of Brisbane
      Corporation Barge carrying the Start Gun. This vessel will have the official start
g)    Both Monos and Multis are requested to remain on their own side of an imaginary
      line from this platform through Start Buoy B.
h)    Rule 30.1 regarding Flag I shall apply.
i)    The class flag for all competitors is code Flag Q.
j)    Starting Procedure flags will be displayed on the Check Start vessel at the Starboard
      end of the Multihull Line, but will be considered as information signals only. They
      will not take precedence over the signals on the Official Start Boat.
k)    Official Boats at each end of the Multihull Line will fly the QMYC pennant.
l)    Limit Marks B & C (which represent the ends of the Multihull and Monohull Lines)
      will be set approximately 50 metres from the Check Start Vessel on the Starboard end
      of the Multihull Line.
m)    Check Start Vessels are:           Port – The Cats Whiskers
                                         Middle – Ran Tan
                                         Starboard – Carlos

9.     Recalls
Individual Recalls will be made on VHF Ch 72 as soon as practicable after the Start.
Yachts must re-round a Check Start Vessel (Rule 30.1) to re-start. They may pass between
the Check Start Vessel and Buoy B.

10 Alternate Penalties
The 720° turns penalty, Part 4 Rule 44.1 and the 360° penalty Part 3 Rule 31.2 shall apply.
If appropriate the Race Committee may invoke time penalties.

11 Promotion
Yachts shall display prominently any logos, pennants or promotional material as may be
supplied by the race organisers for that purpose and to assist the organisers identify your
vessel as an official starter. Yachts not displaying such material may not rank as a starter.

12 Gale Warning
The race will not start while an official Gale warning (or stronger) is current. This may be
advised by VHF Ch 81 and 72.

13 Time Standard
Times stated are Australian Eastern Standard.

14 Listening Watch
After the start of the race all vessels must maintain a listening watch on CH 16. RAAF
mobile bases AMBER I and AMBER 2 will listen on 4483 khz (0600-1800 hrs) & 2525
khz (1800-2200 hrs) and may communicate with race yachts between official sched times.
Competitors with H.F sets are encouraged to contact these monitoring stations at least once
during the course of the race.
15     Radio Schedules

DAY                   TIME                     PRIMARY                  SECONDARY
                                               VHF Ch                   VHF Ch

Fri 13th              1803                     28                       62

Sat 14 th             0003                     28                       62
                      0603                     28                       62
                      1203                     27                       62
                      1803                     27                       62

Sun 15th              0003                     27                       62
                      0603                     27                       62
                      1203                     27                       62
                      1803                     27                       62

Mon 16th              0003     etc.            27                       62

Note: Yachts will be called in alphabetical order with the multihull fleet going first. (SEE
ATTACHED RADIO SCHEDULE). Refer to the attached map and select the Seaphone
channel best suited to your position and wait for the channel to be opened.

RAAF mobile bases AMBER 1 & AMBER 2 will open the Seaphone channels 28 & 6 just        2
prior to the nominated sched time to race control, allowing all yachts in this coverage area
to listen, then transmit their positions when called. Channels 2 & 27 will be opened from
Brisbane and Gladstone respectively. The yacht position shall be g iven in Lat. & Long. as at
the nominated time of the start of the sched. (It is only necessary to give Degrees &
Minutes, not parts thereof.).

Race Control will then broadcast the following message:
Race control: “AGAINST THE WIND, GO!”
Yachts reply: “AGAINST THE WIND’S POSITION 26 21, 153 09.” (No decimals )

If no contact is made, Race Control will say: “AGAINST THE WIND NOTHING
HEARD.”…….and continue the sched by calling the next yacht in alphabetical order.

Should you miss your turn, wait until the last yacht has been called. Race control will then
ask for yachts positions that were not acknowledged. Yachts failing to make contact shall
advise Race Control by Seaphone call to Ph.(07) 49729614. Gladstone Air Sea Rescue will
monitor 4483 Khz HF. A yacht failing to report may be liable for any search and rescue
costs should one be started by AMSA, so it is critical to meet the scheds. Mobile phones
and asking another yacht may also be a way to pass position reports to Race Control. A
yacht failing to report shall declare the reasons for such failure on the race declaration. In
the absence of an explanation satisfactory to the Race Committee the yacht may have a time
penalty applied or be disqualified.
  16     The Course

Navigators should check the exact location of marks & should exercise caution if using
GPS systems .

From the start (Approx. Position 27 19.5 S 153 05.6 E ), leaving the Start Cannon to Starboard to

Laid Mark - Approx 200mtr East of Garnet Rock Bcn Leave to Starboard 27 14.8 S 153 07.5 E
M8               Red Beacon (Fl R 2.5s)              Leave to Port         27 12.2 S 153 17.2 E
M9               Green Beacon (Fl G 2.5s)            Leave to Port         27 09.6 S 153 20.1 E
M7               East Cardinal (VQ 3 ev 5s)          Leave to Port         27 08.4 S 153 20.7 E
Ml               Green Beacon (Q G)                  Leave to Port         27 03.4 S 153 17.6 E
NW12             West Cardinal (Q 9 ev 15s)          Leave to Starboard    27 02.3 S 153 15.4 E
NW4              Red Beacon (Fl R 4s)                Leave to Starboard    26 51.6 S 153 09.2 E
NW2              Special Mark (Fl y 2.5s)            Leave to Starboard    26 49.9 S 153 08.9 E
NW Fairway       Safe Water Mark (ISO 4s)            Leave to Port         26 48.8 S 153 10.5 E
Fraser Island                                        Leave to Port
Breaksea Spit    North Cardinal (Qk)                 Leave to Port        24 21.0 S 153 09.0 E
Lady Elliot Is   Coral Island ( Fl 7..5s)            Leave to Port        24 06.0 S 152 43.5 E
S2               Red Beacon (Fl R 2.5s)              Leave to Port         23 54.2 S 151 30.5 E
S9               Yellow Beacon (Fl Y 2s)             Leave to Starboard    23 55.6 S 151 28.5 E
S15              Yellow Beacon (Fl Y 2s)             Leave to Starboard    23 55.8 S 151 26.6 E
S3               Yellow Beacon (Fl Y 4s)             Leave to Starboard    23 53.4 S 151 22.6 E
A8               Red Buoy (Fl R 3s)                  Leave to Port         23 49.9 S 151 15.3 E

To the Finish

           TIME LIMIT:                      Nil       RACE DISTANCE: 315 miles

17       The Finish
  a) The finishing line shall be an imaginary line between Beacon A7 (Fl Y 4s) located at 23°
     49.61’ S 151° 15.27’E, marking the Starboard end of the line and a laid special yellow
     buoy (Fl Y 2.5s) marking the Port end of the line. Two white triangles (in the form of
     leads) located on the Marina bund wall, which may be illuminated at nig ht, will also mark
     the Finish Line
  b) Crews on yachts finishing at night shall illuminate their sail number to identify the yacht.
     Crews are also requested to identify the vessel immediately in front of them and behind
     them and note these names on the Race Declaration form supplied.
  c) Yachts, after finishing are to proceed to the mouth of Auckland Creek leaving the
     special yellow buoy to Port, keeping clear of the course and yachts yet to finish.
     Failure to do so will result in disqualification
  d) Within 2 hours of crossing the finish line the Skipper of each yacht shall lodge a Race
     Declaration with QMYC Race Control on the form supplied. It is the Skippers
     responsibility to ensure correct lodgement.
  e) Yachts not lodging a declaration shall be regarded as a DNF.
18     ETA
Yachts shall notify race control on CH 73 when abeam of G1 (Gatcombe Head) and
navigators shall supply their ETA at the finish line. Please ensure that your ETA is
repeated back to you by the officials and you also record this time on your Race
Declaration Form in the space provided.

18.1 Yachts approaching S2 (entry to Gladstone Harbour) are to call
Gladstone Harbour control on VHF ch 13 or 82 to obtain the latest shipping

19     Withdrawals
Any yacht withdrawing from the race must notify Race Control (07) 49729614 or VMR –
Gladstone (07) 4972 333, as soon as possible. VHF ch 82 or 73 may also be used.

20     Protests
Shall be as in the format contained in Part 7 of the AYF Blue Book. Protests shall be lodged
with race control within 2 hours of the finishing time of the protesting boat. The Protest
Committee’s decision shall be final

21       Trophies
Line Honours; 1st OMR Division; 2nd OMR; 3rd OMR; 1st Arbitrary; 2nd Arbitrary; 3rd
Arbitrary; 1st under 10 meters LOA; Best Kept Log; First Over Start Line; Wooden Spoon;
Most Valuable Crew member; Nearest ETA; Cruising Section.

       RACE RECORD.          Allyacht Spars                     will provide   $1000
       Cash prize for establishing a new QMYC race record.
22        Presentation and Trophies.
A BBQ luncheon and presentation of Prizes and trophies will take place in the marina grounds
at Gladstone at 1230 hours on Sunday 15 th or Monday 16 th April 2000. Competitors and crews
are urged to support this function and the sponsors who have generously provided funds and

24        Attachments
The following attachments form part of the Sailing Instructions and are to be used for
clarification purposes and not for Navigation.
  a)      Start Area Diagram
  b)      Race Start Sketch
  c)      VHF Channel Selection Guide
  d)      Radio Schedule List
  e)      Competitor List
  f)      Finish Line Diagram
  g)      Race Declaration


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