Multi Groove Furniture Dowel

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					                                       Multi Groove Furniture Dowel
Pre-cut grooved dowels         HINTS: WHAT LENGTH?            When using dowels to join
provide joints of              WHAT DIAMETER?                 carcasing panels, there
exceptional structural         WHAT SPACING?                  should be a minimum of
strength in furniture and                                     3 dowels per join or they
related components. The        As a rough guide the           should be approximately
dowel joint is essentially a   length of a dowel should       100mm apart. A minimum
reinforced butt joint and is   be 1.5 times the thickness     of 2 dowels per join is
often the preferred method     of the wood or 6mm             required for doors and
of construction over more      less than the combined         frames, however they
complex joints e.g. mortise    thickness of the holes         should not be more than
and tenon.                     drilled. E.g. For a 20mm       25 - 50mm apart.
                               thick component, the
The mating surfaces of         dowel length should be         Porta’s sturdy hardwood
a joint are pre-drilled to     approximately 30mm.            furniture dowels are
accommodate “bridging”                                        supplied cut-to-length
furniture dowels. Adhesive     The diameter of a dowel        across a standard size
is applied to the dowels       should be approximately        range - with the ends
and the mating joint faces,    a third of the thickness of    chamfered for ease of
the grooved dowels are         the timber into which it is    insertion.
inserted and the joint         inserted e.g. for a 30mm
clamped firmly closed and      thick component, the
left to bond.                  dowel diameter would be
                               approximately 10mm.

FD - 10

SIZES AVAILABLE                Lengths other than those
                               listed can be available.
Diameters -
from 6mm - 16mm
Lengths -
from 32mm - 110mm
Grooved hardwood dowel
- 8, 9.5, 10mm diameter
(Also available in 1.8 and
2.4 m lengths)

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