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                      Murdoch University Environmental Science Association Inc.
                                          Newsletter                                                    Vol 2 No.7

                                                                        committee please feel free to email us at
    Committee's Piece                                                   We’ll also still be in email and Facebook contact over the
                                                                        summer, sending out any relevant information or initiatives as
    Hello everyone!                                                     they arise. So keep an ear out for the MUEnSA emails…!

    Hope you are all doing well – summer days are finally arriving
    and it won’t be long now before the (real) end of semester is       News at Local
    upon us! This one is our last newsletter, so it’s a little longer   Roundup the Orchids
    and packed full of good stuff – enjoy!                              Local conservationists believe
                                                                        that indiscriminate spraying of
    In this week’s issue:                                               the glyphosate-based
             MUEnSA News                                                herbicide, Roundup, at the
                     Last Newsletter!                                   Wireless Hill reserve (as well
             News at Local/Global                                       as other local reserves) is
                     Roundup the Orchids                                damaging local orchids,
                     Fremantle to go code green                         including the pink fairy orchid and the spider orchid. However,
                     Prawn Bay Rehabilitation                           Melville parks manager Ian Davis is unconvinced by the claims
                     How big is your pet’s paw print?                   and has said that the city has recently changed to a new
             Work/Work Experience                                       herbicide Quizalofop, which is understood to be more grass-
                     Environmental Officer                              specific.
                     CSIRO Casual Work Registry
                     Rottnest Volunteers                                Fremantle to go code green
                     Rottnest Guides                                    Last week the Fremantle council signed off on a host of
                     *Free* Rottnest Research Seminar                   amendments to the town planning scheme that will make a
                     (lunch, morning and afternoon tea!)in heart of     four-star green rating mandatory for all new development
                     Fremantle (Notre Dame lecture theatre).            applications (except private homes). The amendments have
                                                                        been sent to the WA planning commission and WA planning
                                                                        minister for approval. New mayor Brad Petitt says it will be a
    MUEnSA News                                                         first for WA, and probably for Australia as well.

O'Camp Team Blue       This will be the last newsletter that MUEnSA     Rehabilitation of Prawn Bay Foreshore
Yellow & Red!          sends out for the year, so we would like to      The Swan River Trust has provided more than $20,000 to the
                       take this opportunity to say a BIG               City of Fremantle to improve the river foreshore. About 4000
                       THANK YOU to all of our members for their        native plants were planted to increase stabilization and reduce
                       continued support. This has been a great,        weeds; and limestone blocks were installed to reduce wave
                       albeit sometimes tough, year for MUEnSA –        energy and slow riverbank erosion.
                       but we are still here, rocking on!

                    So we hope you all have a safe and happy
                                                                        News at Global
                    summer and for those of you who are                 How big is your pet’s paw print?
                    graduating or leaving Murdoch – best wishes         Should owning a great dane make you as much of an eco-
                    for all your future endeavors. For those who        outcast as an SUV driver?
                    will be here next year, we hope to see you
                    again! We are already planning for next year,       Two architects specialising in sustainable living have published a
                    so be sure to renew your membership next            new book which compares the ecological footprints of a
                    semester to be able to keep being in on the         menagerie of popular pets with those of various other lifestyle
    action ☺ As always, if you are keen to get involved in the          choices... and the news isn’t good!

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                         MUENSA LEAF
                         Murdoch University Environmental Science Association Inc.
                                             Newsletter                                                                               Vol 2 No.7

They calculated, for example, that a medium-sized dog would
consume 90g of meat and 156g cereals daily, which equates to                                           Work/Work Experience
164kg of meat and 95kg of cereals over the course of the year. Environmental Officer – Booragoon, Perth WA
Considering it takes                                                Level 1, Permanent Full-Time in Environmental Regulation
approximately 43.3m2                                                Division
for 1kg chicken (more
for beef and lamb) and                                              Closing Date: Midday 10th November 2009
13.4m for 1kg of
cereals, that means that                                            At a professional level and with immediate supervision, the
your beloved furry                                                  Environmental Officer (Incident and Complaint Systems) is an
friend’s footprint will be                                          officer established within the Department to:
0.84ha! Meanwhile, an
SUV driven for 10,000km                                             • Assist in the development and delivery of the Department's
a year will generate a footprint of 0.41ha - half that of your dog! incident and complaint strategy and programs.

In addition to eco-footprints pets also generate other                                                 • Manage the Department's Pollution Watch hotline to enhance
environmental impacts – each year in the UK, 7.7 million cats kill                                     the Department's compliance capability and complaint
over 188 million wild animals (Mammal Review, Vol 33, p174) –                                          management;
equating to 25 birds, mammals and frogs per cat. And it doesn’t
end there – pet faeces are another major environmental                                                 • Provide advice to regional officers and local governments on
problem. For example, in 2002 it emerged that sea otters along                                         incident and complaint management under the legislation
the Californian coast were dying from a parasitic disease caused                                       administered by the Department.
by Toxoplasma gondii. The parasite, found in cat faeces, ended
up in rivers and estuaries due to cat owners flushing their cat                                        To apply go to:
litter down the toilet or allowing them to defecate in outdoor                               
areas liable to leaching into waterways.                                                               D=0&AdvertID=85223

So, in face of
this shock-
horror, what
is an eco-                                                                                             CSIRO – Casual Employment Register
friendly                                                                                               This register is an on-going employment register for a
animal lover                                                                                           range of Research Support roles in the Divisions of
to do?                                                                                                 Entomology, Plant Industry and Land and Water to assist in
                                                                                                       filling short term vacancies during peak work periods in the
                                                                                                       Perth region. To register go to:
Some tips offered are:
       - Diet changes – reduce meat quantity and quality and
                make use of those scraps!
       - Avoid walking dogs in wildlife-rich areas & bring cats
                indoors at night-time
       -Consider pet sharing or pets with dual purposes (eg
                hens, which provide eggs).
New Scientist, October 23 2009

                                        Bringing people and the environment together                                                           Page 2
                MUENSA LEAF
                Murdoch University Environmental Science Association Inc.
                                    Newsletter                                                   Vol 2 No.7

Activism                                                          Don’t worry, it won’t be long before you go from this
Rottnest Volunteers, Guides & Research
Help maintain this historic and unique island by becoming a
Rottnest Volunteer. The next upcoming activity is on the 30th
November and involves maintenance of a sea wall. To sign up
please contact Rosie Smith (RIA Volunteer Coordinateor on
9372 9736 or

RVGA Guides:
Alternatively, the Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association
(RVGA) operates throughout the year providing cultural and
environmental tours on the island. If you are interested in
becoming involved with RVGA please contact Neil Lodge on
9272 1927 or or visit

Research Seminar:
A free 1-day research seminar is taking place on Friday 27th of
November from 9:00am to 3:00pm at the Santa Maria Lecture
Theatre (Notre Dame University, Fremantle). Lunch, morning        to this..... !
and afternoon tea are provided. A number of speakers will be
present from a number of fields as well as staff from the
Rottnest Island Authority, who will talk about research and
other RIA programs. Information leaflet is attached.

Your MUEnSA Committee:                  Meetings every
Stephen Walter – President              Wednesday
Tania Douthwaite – Events Manager       4:30pm @ Office
Lok Wang Fung – Secretary               (Rm 2.059e)
Maya Dominice – Treasury
Contributions Welcome

Environmental Science Rm 2.059e

                                                                  Or so we hope ☺

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