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									    Release Date: 24 January 2008
L   In response to the Letter to the Editor 'Commissioners needed again?’
E   The City of South Perth Town Planning Scheme allows the City to consider variations to the
    normally prescribed parking requirements. This discretion has previously been used where it’s
T   considered sufficient parking is present in the direct vicinity to accommodate demand without
    impacting on surrounding properties.
T   The applicant initially provided a report justifying the proposed relaxation of parking
E   requirements based on a parking survey of the surrounding area and Council Officers visited the
    site numerous times during November 2007 and documented the number of unoccupied bays.
    Based on these surveys it was considered there are sufficient public parking in the direct vicinity
R   to accommodate the change of use.

    However, due to concerns raised by some community members the application was deferred by
    Council to allow for further consultation and community engagement to take place. Council
    Officers have since met with the applicant to discuss alternative options that could address
T   residents’ concerns.

O   A Special Electors Meeting has been arranged on Monday, 11 February at 7pm, at the South
    Perth Senior Citizens Centre, for Council to listen to community concerns about the proposal.

    There is no connection between Council exercising a discretion allowed under its Town Planning
    Scheme when considering a proposal and the need for Commissioners to be appointed.

T   When the above facts are taken into consideration I would suggest there are no grounds for
    stating that the City disregards its own regulations.
H   James Best
E   City of South Perth

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