Fair Cape Dairies' new fun flavo by pengtt


									Date : July, 01 , 2009 Publication : Convenience Store Retailer Page Number: 12

                                                     Fair Cape Milks Offer Flavoursome
                                                      Fun With Barbie And Spiderman
                                                   air Cape Dairies' new fun flavoured milks bring         are offered in Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana.
                                                   excitement to life with the help of two legendary       "The eye-catching packaging has proved a massive hit in
                                                   characters, Barbie and Spiderman! Moms will love        pre-launch research as Spiderman and Barbie are two of
                                             this easy and delicious treat for kids, as it offers their    the most popular children's brands" says Joel Serman, Fair
                                             daily serving of calcium in a healthy and exciting way in     Cape's Commercial Manager.
                                             the company of their heroes.
                                                                                                                   Fair Cape flavoured milk bottles are manufactured
                                             Fair Cape's flavoured milks are tasty                                            by Nampak Liquid with the printed
                                             ready-to-drink dairy made with                                                    plastic sleeves manufactured by Colpak.
                                             Fair Cape Milk, perfect for growing                                               The Fair Cape Spiderman design was
                                             children. The vibrant packaging brings
                                             the popular Barbie and Spiderman
                                                                                         f^'T2. C/Xp3L                         done by Contrast Design while the
                                                                                                                               Barbie design was done by Canvas
                                             characters alive with its action-                                                 Lifestyle. All Fair Cape bottles were
                                             packed and colourful designs. Barbie             00 T              •v\G         filled by Dairy Connection at Killamey
                                             is surrounded by colourful swirls, sprinkles          HE RIGHT V$          Gardens in Cape Town.
                                             of flowers and butterflies to create a sense of
                                             anticipation and identity for the girls, while Spiderman     Fair Cape flavoured milks contain no added preservatives
                                             swings into action to capture the imagination of the boys.   and are high in calcium, making it an important part
                                                                                                          of any child's dietary requirements. Fair Cape Barbie
                                             Fair Cape Barbie flavoured milks are available in the        and Spiderman flavoured milks are now available in all
                                             popular flavours of Chocolate, Strawberry and Tutti Frutti   supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide at R4.99
                                             full cream flavours whilst the Spiderman flavoured milks     each. (Source: Fastmoving)

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