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					Safety Initiative - Piling
 Bored Pile Fall Prevention Measure
Name of good practice / solution
‘Apollo 1’ – Bored Pile Fall Prevention Measure

Short description
This safety liner solution is an apparatus which allows the entire
b d pile process, iincluding iinstallation of column starter b
bored il                  l di     t ll ti  f l         t t bars, ffor
up to 1800mm diameter piles whilst eliminating the risk of falls. It
is installed using the Franna crane that makes up the piling crew
plant list and the liner remains in place until concrete has been
poured and has set for each bored pile. Design benefits are the
top angled flange to keep hands clear of the auger movement;
slideable side grille screens, when closed to keep workers clear of
auger movement, and when open (after concrete is poured) to
allow for the accurate set-out of column starter bars and also to
trowel finish concrete where required for a smooth finish for
column formwork installation.

Line of business
Project Management & Construction

Business unit
Bovis Lend Lease APAC (Brisbane)
                                                                                                                                   Picture 1
Location and country                                                      Liner is painted yellow with warning signs for deep excavation and
Gold Coast University Hospital, Australia                                                                    operating plant posted on sides

GSMS/GMRs addressed
Construction Physical GMR 1 – Fall Prevention

Health and safety risks addressed
• Falls (of people and materials)

• BLL initiated the concept through the piling experience of BLL
Foreman Sarkis Sayadian. In close partnership Wagstaff Piling,
ideas were combined to result in the most user friendly solution
that will be used for over 600 piles on the project to provide a work
platform free from the risk of falls. This initiative will be used on
future projects that Wagstaff Piling undertake, thus improving the
safety throughout the construction industry.

Other benefits
• Re-usable from project to project
• Template added at top for accurate column starter bar set-out
   di    ll i (Q A)
and installation (Q.A)
• Can be applied globally

Key contacts
Joel Madge, Bovis Lend Lease Brisbane, Tel.(07) 3225 7100 or
Email: Wagstaff Piling                                                                                   Picture 2
                                                                                 Shop Drawing of liner for fabrication (ranges in diameters of
Other comments                                                                         1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm depending on pile size)
This solution is being piloted / refined for 3 months and a full report
on the benefits will be produced.

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