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					MC II Ex-Flood
ASIC Code: MC II ex-fld 29

Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement – 26 June 2006

About this document

This is a Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement and should be read in conjunction with
the Product Disclosure Statement MemberCare Investor Insure dated 01 March 2005 (‘PDS’).
The following changes take effect on 26 June 2006.

MemberCare Investor Insure – Endorsement

The following endorsement will apply to your policy.

    1. Page 8 of your PDS, Section1 - Significant Features and Benefits of this
         Insurance is amended to remove:

         Your Investor Insure home cover:

                     •   Flood cover

         Your Investor Insure contents cover:

                     •   Flood cover

    2. Page 10 of your PDS, Section 1 - General Exclusions of this Insurance is
       amended to include:

                     •   Flood

    3. Pages 21-24 of your PDS, Section 2 - Insured Events is amended to remove:

         What we will pay for

         5. Flood

         What we won’t pay for

         5. Flood

    4. Pages 35-42 of your PDS, Section 2B -Your Contents: Extra Benefits

         Is amended to replace:

         What we won’t pay for

         1. Contents in open air.

         (a) with:

         (a) any amount that exceeds $500 for any one claim under Insured events 2, 4 or 9
             (pages 21-24);

         4. Contents whilst temporarily removed.

          (c) with:
         MC II Ex-Flood
         ASIC Code: MC II ex-fld 29

                  (c) claims under Insured events 2, 4 or 9 (pages 21-24);

                  (e) with:

                  (e) Your contents whilst they are in transit except for loss or damage caused by or
                      arising out of collision or overturning of the vehicle carrying them or fire;

                  Is amended to remove:

                  6. Contents in recognised storage facility.


             5. Pages 45-46 of your PDS, Section 2D – Exclusions is amended to include:

                  We will not pay for any loss, damage, injury or liability for, occurring from or arising
                  out of:

                  22. Flood

Insurer: CUMIS Insurance Society Inc. This product is issued by CUNA Mutual General Insurance, a
         business name owned by CUMIS Insurance Society Inc, ABN 72 000 562 121, AFSL No
         245491 (Incorporated in Wisconsin USA. The members of the Society have no liability).

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