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					                                         11th June 2009
Maths, Maths everywhere!
Throughout the last two weeks Maths has been a major focus throughout the school.
Last week all classes attended the World of Maths activity sessions. A full description of
this event is covered in today’s Contact.

The other major event was the Greenhills Primary Family Maths Night
which was held last night. Grade 3 & 4 students and their Mums, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, and
Grandparents came to school to participate in some Fun Maths Activities that the whole family
could do together.
All the Grade 3 & 4 teachers and six teachers from the Learning and Teaching Team provided the
families with a wide range of interesting activities to try. Lots of materials were provided to solve
the challenges and families were shown how these activities could be repeated at home.
Children had the opportunity to show their families how to use the new Interactive Whiteboards
and there was a real buzz of excitement as everyone had a great time exploring Maths together.
Thank you to the ninety family members and teachers who braved the wild weather to participate
in this great learning opportunity.
Roslyn Mackie
Literacy and Numeracy Coordinator

Alan Fairweather
                                   Greenhills is G.R.E.A.T.
          Generosity      Respect      Enthusiasm       Acceptance     Teamwork
       ‘Greenhills – a great place where all members are challenged to do their best.’
CONTACT is available each week on the School website–
                                                                   contagious for 1-2 days (possibly five days) before the
       CALENDAR OF EVENTS:                                         onset of rash and remains infectious until the blisters
                                                                   form scabs (usually around day five of the illness).
THIS WEEK:                                                         Greenhills has had one reported case of chicken pox
Thur 11th June Hooptime Basketball Comp.                           in the last week. If you are pregnant or have any
Fri 12th June State Wide Pupil Free Day – no                       health issues, please contact your family practitioner
               school                                              for advice and information.
Mon 15th June School Council                                       DISTRIBUTING INFORMATION TO THE
Tues 16th June Recital Choir Breakfast 8am                         COMMUNITY VIA EMAIL:
               Preps PMP                                           Over 190 email addresses have already
Wed 17th June Pre School Music Session
Fri 19th June Gr 3 / 4 Swimming
                                                                   been received to the recent request for
               Interschool Sport                                   families to supply the school with the details
               GREENLIGHT DISCO                                    of their regularly accessed email account.

LAST WEEK OF TERM:                                                 Our intention is that from the start of next
Mon 22nd June Gr 6 Angelsea Camp to Thursday                       Term, where possible, all forms, permission
Tues 23rd June Prep PMP                                            forms and Contact will be available on the
Fri 26th June Student Reports & Portfolios
                                                                   school web page. Families will be notified by
               End of Term 2 – Assembly at 2pm                     email each week when Contact is available.
                                                                   There will be a link in the email to Contact.
Mon 13th July Term Three commences.                                All permission forms and other information
Sat 22nd Aug PA Trivia Night!                                      which families require will be listed in Contact
                                                                   and will be able to be downloaded off the web
EXCURSION PERMISSION FORMS AND PAYMENT:                            page. Paper copies will still be available
All permission forms and payments need to be brought               where required.
to school one week before the activity.
                                                                   Please complete the form at the back of
                                                                   Contact with your email details and return
B-PAY FACILITIES:                                                  it to school so that this process can be
If you are paying for an event / item by B-Pay please inform the
office by sending an email to Raelene at                           implemented shortly. to let her know what the amount
is for.
                                                                   Do you shop at a Ritchies Supermarket
                   Happy Birthday Roll!                            somewhere in Australia?
                                                                   There are 37 Ritchies stores throughout Victoria
                                                                   (like the one in Diamond Creek) and many
                                                                   interstate. There is a list of stores in Contact.
The following students will celebrate their birthday
                                                                   Ritchies are providing a ‘Community Benefit Card’
sometime between today and next Wednesday.
Breanna Butera                   Jemma Barker                      for all our Prep and Grade 6 families as well as
Marcia Burchell-Quirk            Jessica Pham                      other interested families. You can pick up a card
                                                                   from the office. If you, or anyone you know,
                                                                   shops at a Ritchies store , anywhere in Australia,
                                                                   simply show the card or mention ‘Greenhills PS’
    “The night when all the                                        and the school will receive 1% of the sale. Profits
                                                                   from this promotion will go straight to the Parent
     stars come out at the                                         Association to support their work in the school.
   Remember to return your form for the                                KEEPING GREENHILLS
       Disco on Friday 19th June.
FIRST AID NOTICE:                                                  A BIG THANKYOU to all students who are
Chickenpox is a highly contagious viral disease. Out               doing a fantastic job in keeping the yard clean
breaks are more common in winter and early spring. A               from rubbish at recess and lunchtimes.
vaccine is available.
Chickenpox is spread by air-borne droplets from the
                                                                   Well done to everyone!
upper respiratory tract (coughing, sneezing) or from
the fluid in the skin lesions. An infected person is
There are free sessions available for pre                INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC LESSONS:
school children in Music (17th June), Art (29th          Contact the following private music teachers for
July) and Computers (26th August). Please                lessons at school -
                                                         Guitar - Steve Dowell -Contact No. 0438 004 174
notify the office if you would like your pre
school child to attend any or all of these               Piano - Robyn Murphy - Contact No. 0429 024 417
                                                         Violin - Beatrix Stewart Contact No. 0430 472 474
 Family Maths Challenge for                              Cello - Melissa Hart - Contact No. 0421 447 263
         this week!                                      Trumpet & Flute - Emma Payne - Contact No. 0407
Don’t forget to put in your Family Maths Challenge       870 171
answer sheet in the special box in the foyer at the      Marimba Group – Mischa Herman – Contact the
office. The next Challenge (Stranded) will be drawn at   office.
Assembly on Monday 15th June.
                                                         If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Kate
                                                         Stewart – Music Teacher, through the office.
Roslyn Mackie – Literacy & Numeracy
                                                                            CANTEEN ROSTER
              ‘HALL OF FAME!’
Here is this week’s ‘Leaders Ladder’ in our Tipping      Fri 12th June               PUPIL FREE DAY
Competition.                                             Mon 15th June               Sharon Shepherd
                                                         Tue 16th June               Faye Sproat,
AFTER ELEVEN ROUNDS:                                                                 Carolyn Ottinger
66 Jaryd Clifford –Grade 4 student -picks own tips!      Wed 17th June               Marcia Trowell
65 Alan Fairweather - Principal                                                      Jo McNaughton
65 Andrew Dunkerley – Friend of school family            Thur 18th June              Tara Brida
64 Stephen Thornbury – School Dad                                                    Uli Jenne
64 Steve Randle – School Dad                             Fri 19th June               Rochelle Reichert
                                                                                     Annette Mutimer
              RECITAL CHOIR NOTES                        Hot chocolate will be sold at the window every day for $1.50.
Please put the Choir Breakfast into your diary for
Tuesday 16th June, 8.00am.       Miriam Pekolj                     OUT OF SCHOOL HOURS CARE
                                                         The children have enjoyed further constructive play
RECITAL CHOIR AFTERNOON TEA ROSTER:                      this week with lots of amazing creations happening.
Tues 9th June         Margaret Hilton
Kate Stewart – Choir Director                            IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                         We are now taking bookings for our very first
                                                         HOLIDAY PROGRAM. This will operate on the
               UNIFORM SHOP NEWS                         Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's of both weeks of
We have lots of medium to larger sizes of second hand    these coming school holidays as long as we have
uniforms at very reasonable prices.                      appropriate numbers!!!!!!! So now is the chance to
                      ROSTER:                            book in for all the fun and care that we know will be
Monday 15th June 7.30-8pm Alexa, Julie, Kerryn.          exciting and fresh.
Monday 13th July 7.30-8pm       Alexa, Julie, Kerryn     Hours of operation will be 7.00am to 6.00pm
We have pinafores available in sizes 12 and 14.
                                                         PLEASE contact us on 94322139 to arrange for a
SPORT THIS WEEK:                                         Registration Form ASAP so that we have sufficient
No interschool Sport tomorrow due to                     time to finalise activities/staffing. A minimum of 12
Pupil Free Day.                                          students is required if the program is to proceed.

Two Greenhills students participated yesterday in the    PROGRAM WILL BE MADE BY NEXT FRIDAY.
Zone Cross Country event. It was a terrible day to be
running around Bundoora Park, but both students did a    Our Active After School Community Program is
fantastic job.                                           offering Tennis on Tuesday and Volleyball on
Jaryd Clifford finished 7th and Tilmann Stewart came     Thursday. To be part of all the action (especially on
15th in the 2 km race.                                   our AASC program nights) bookings are essential and
                                                         can be made by calling 94322139.
A great effort!
Jason Watts – PE Teacher.                                Parents are reminded that in line with program policies
                                                         that any late bookings or cancellations do carry a
                                                         $3.00 per child fee.
Hope to see you soon in OSHC.
Linda and the Team.                                      PLEASE NOTE:
The fee schedule is -                                    The school does not endorse or take any responsibility for any of
Before School Care - $9 per child per session.           the commercial or business events or products advertised in or
After School Care - $ 12 per child per session.          attached to Contact. The school advises families to use their own
                                                         discretion before trying or purchasing any items or programs or
ADVERTISING IN CONTACT:                                  entering into any contract advertised in Contact.
The cost of advertising in the School Newsletter is
- $30.00 for business advertisements.                                COMMUNITY NOTICES
- $10.00 for school families advertising garage sales,
items for sale etc.                                      ELTHAM COLLEGE OF EDUCATION OUTSIDE SCHOOL
- Free notices for non profit groups such as Pre-                 HOURS CARE HOLIDAY PROGRAM
schools, churches, scouts, guides etc.                                  29TH – 10TH JULY 2009.
     TERM DATES FOR YOUR REFERENCE:                         Programs are available online, at reception or by
                                                                   phoning 9437 1421 or 9433 9964
Term Two    Mon 20th April to Fri 26th June
Term Three  Mon 13th July to Fri 18th September            Interested in playing netball?
            Mon 5th Oct to Fri 18th December.
Term Four

GREENHILLS PRIMARY                                                  is the time to join the
                                                          most successful club in the Diamond Valley.
SCHOOL                                                   Diamond Creek Force Netball Club
“TRIVIA / GAMES NIGHT”                                   Games played outdoors, Saturdays in all age
Hosted by Craig Huggins of Gold                              9/U, 11/U, 13/U, 15/U,17/U & OPEN
104                                                        Spring Season starts Saturday 18th July
When: Saturday 22nd August 2009                             All enquiries welcome. Call Michelle
                                                                 Ph: 94386098 / 0402 919 480
Where: In the Greenhills School Hall,                      or
Mine Street                                                              We also offer
Time: 7:30pm                                                 Indoor Night Netball- Mon & Wed
                                                             Mixed & Ladies for Teens & Adults
Send form back to office for tickets.                       Call Sue 9438 6098 to enter a team.

        Email Distribution List Information – One per Child.
        The following information will be used by Greenhills PS to distribute material to
        families as required.

        Child’s Name: ______________________________ Grade:________________

        Frequently used email address:

        I give my permission for the school to use my email address to forward
        information to me.

        Name: ____________________________________ Date: _________________

        Signature: _______________________________________

        Please return this form to school as soon as possible.

Child’s Name & Grade: __________________________________

I would like to book____________tickets, at $15 each

CREDIT CARD TYPE____________________________________________

NUMBER________ ________ ________ ________EXP.DATE___________

NAME ON CARD________________________________________________

Or CASH / CHEQUE ENCLOSED (please tick)_________________________



              Just how good is a grape?
            (Article from the Kids & Fruit weekly newsletter).
Health Benefits
Although most variety of grapes are very sweet, its glycemic index is still at a very safe level of 50. In fact, grape juice is an
excellent stimulator of your body metabolism in helping to burn excess food and waste. It supplies heat and energy to the
body in a short space of time after drinking.
Here are the many more health benefits of grapes or its juice:
Anti-coagulant: The juice from this tiny fruit can help prevent blood clotting and in the process, help improve blood
circulation which would generally improve on overall health.
Anti-inflammation: The anti-inflammatory agents in grapes greatly help reduce the risks of inflammatory problems like
rheumatism, gout and asthma.
Atherosclerosis: Resveratrol in grapes is a good scrubber of arterial deposits, thus it effectively helps reduce the risk, or
even reverse atherosclerosis.
Bladder: Highly cleansing to the bladder, cleaning out the stones and improving urination, improves bile flow and elimination
of waste materials.
Cancer: The rich and high content of anti-oxidants in cancer are superb for the prevention of cancer.
Constipation: Grape juice is a mild laxative and helps clear up the bowels. Take about 200 ml twice daily for chronic
Eyes: The flavonol compounds in grape seeds are effective for the treatment of night blindness, retinal disorders and vision
Fever: Drink grape juice consistently to reduce fever. It would also help relieve fatigue and provide energy to the body.
Heart disease: Grapes are beneficial in toning up the heart, reduce heart pains, and can normalize heart palpitations. To
enjoy the benefits, go on a grape diet for a few days.
Indigestion: A gentle and natural home remedy for indigestion.
Mouth and throat infection: Drink juice of unripe grapes to help clear infections in the mouth and throat.
Migraine: Certain compounds in grapes make this miracle juice powerfully effective in relieving headaches and migraine.
Kidney: Grape juice is diuretic and is excellent for cleaning out the kidney and may help remedy kidney stones.
Liver: The abundance of minerals in grapes stimulate the cleansing activity in liver, helps to detoxify.
    Skin: The highly cleansing properties of grape juice and the high vitamin C content is very beneficial for the skin and helps
    reduce acne.

                         WORLD OF MATHS

World of Maths took over Greenhills last week! All grades
attended at some stage throughout the week. It was fantastic
to see so many families there to help the students! Below are
thoughts and images from the sessions.
Thoughts about World of Maths:

At World of Maths it was   “It was really hard to do                incursion. We had hands
really fun because we      the mysteries because                    on activities. Some
got to learn more maths.   you had to find out what                 activities were
I really liked trying to   you had to do”. – Anika,                 challenging and some
figure out the answers     Prep                                     were easy. I learnt that
with the people in my      “I liked trying to get the               direction is a type of
group.—Delia, Gd 1.        rabbit home with the                     Maths. Directions were
                           magnet. I liked it because               shown in an activity
                                                                    called Where’s Katie?
“I liked the monkey        I found all the ways”. –
                                                                    You had to open the first
game where you had to Reuben, Prep                                  door and follow the
race the other monkeys. “I had fun with the car                     direction, eventually you
                           where you had to try and                 would get to Katie. I
I liked it because I won.”
                           see what was too heavy                   found it easy. I found it
– Anais, Prep              for it. It was fun and you               fun because it was hands
                           got to put stuff on the                  on. Grade 3 /4s enjoyed
I liked the monkey game truck.” – Marcus, Prep
because it was fun to                                               it a lot, so did I. I wish I
                           “I liked the bridge game                 could do it again. By
watch him zigzag to the because it was hard but it
                                                                    Megan, Gd 4
bottom.—Ben, Gd 1          was fun to stack the parts
We had to put the colour of the bridge on. It was                   We made a bridge and
in to measure the          really fun.” –Sienna, Prep               had to balance the
weather. I liked it—       Last Thursday 3 /4 did                   blocks to make sure that
Michael Gd 1.              some remarkable Maths                    it didn’t fall down. I liked
                           tasks, they went to World                playing the games– Eli,
“I had fun playing the     of Maths, a great learning               Gd 1
games”. – Elsie, Prep

                                  MORE thoughts about world of maths:
                              We had a fun day on Thursday,         At World of Maths we participated      challenged at fun but hard maths
                              there were 15 groups and I was in     in a range of different activities.    activities. I enjoyed working in a
                              group 15. The easiest Maths task      They were interesting to solve and     group and testing our problem
                                                                    even at times frustrating!
                              was number 16 called Trucks,                                                 solving skills – Brady, Gd 6
                                                                    Stephanie, Gd 6.
                              when we had to get stuff they gave                                           World of maths was fun and
                                                                    At World of Maths it was very fun.
                              us and we had to build it. The        There were heaps of fun                enjoyable. Some of the activities
                              hardest activity was number 2,        mathematical games that were           were hard and I enjoyed working
                              space shapes. I really enjoyed        really difficult to solve. I had a     in a group to solve the problems. I
                              World of Maths and would like to      great time being challenged.-          liked working with mirrors to solve
                              do it again. - Thomas, Gd 4.          David, Gd 5                            the reflection problems-Harriet,
                                                                    At World of Maths we were

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