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					                                                                                 March 2010

                                                                                                        A p r i l
                                                                                                        0 8
Alexandra Headland SLSC was honoured to be
given the opportunity to host Rounds 3 and 4                        Hall of Fame
of the Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain series in early                   Kristy
February.                                                      Munroe was
                                                               last month
Hosting of this event proved to be very
successful for the Lifesaving Club as a whole.                 into Surf
From the Sunrise Program and the Brisbane                      Lifesaving
Lions visit in the early hours of Friday morning,              Australia’s
through to the final race on Sunday afternoon                  Hall of
the Alex Surf Club put on a fine show. The                     Fame.
efforts of Ian Dundas and Brad Leslie must be
                                                               This induction is in re cognition
recognised. The manner in which they both
                                                               of the many years of
liaised with all organisers of the weekend was
                                                               committe d contribution to
commendable.                                                   Surf Life Saving and to Surf
Ian, Brad and their team of willing helpers                    Sports.
worked tirelessly for 6 days in total to ensure                On behalf of all the ex tended
the 2 day event was well run, the organisers                   family he re at Alexandra
happy, the officials and media watered and fed,                Headland SLSC we would like
the club and the beach packed up and left well                 to congratulate Kristy on this
presented for the public. We even managed to                   amazing honour and thank
produce the best surf for the whole series!                    he r for he r loyalty to Alex and
I have included below an email received at the                 for being an outstanding
office from Life Member and SLSA Carnival                      representative of our C lub.
Referee, Andrew Buhk.
                                                               Did y ou t ake any
Well done to all involved and keep up the                      great phot os t his
good work.                                                     y ear t hat deserv e
                                                               t o be in our
Peter Duffy, President
                                                               Annual Report ?
Dear Peter                                                     We are looking
So me in Alex will know that I have been referee of the        for phot os from
Kellogg’ s Nutri-Grain series for 10 years now. In that time   all aspects of t he club - part icularly
I have conducted rounds from Portsea and Torquay in            behind t he scenes, ev ents, Surf
VIC to Coolum in QLD and many places in between. In            Boat s, R&R and I RB’s.
that 10 years I can honestly say that we have never had
                                                               See Sally in t he office for det ails.
a club workforce team work as hard and support the
event so well as what the Alex team did over the
Brad Leslie and Ian Dundas need to be recognised for
the outstanding coordination of the team and the
                                                                 Annual Dinner
proactive manner with which they took to the task. To            The Annual Dinner will be held
have them radioing my officials team to ask if anything
                                                               and the Maroochy Events Centre
else was required rather than us having to call to get
things done was “bloody unreal”. It did not go                   and the dress code this year is
unnoticed by the officials or the SLSA team who were
conducting the event.                                            Formal / Black Tie so get your
Fro m my point of view is was great to get the best             glad rags out and get ready to
service in the country from my home club.
Can you please pass on a huge thank you to every                    party on 22     May 2010.
person who assisted with the weekend. They have
                                                               There’s fantastic prizes to win too!
again shown that Alex is the best in the country.
Cheers, Andrew (Buhky) Buhk

Newsletter of the Alexandra Headland Surf Lifesaving Club                                         Page 1
                      Lifesaving Officer                                          Tue & Thurs
                                                                                Training Junkies
I would just like to start by saying a big thank you to John Feekings
and his Patrol Team (2). They had a Bulk Wilkes inspection on 14            Increase your board sk ills,
February and only dropped 4 points. This is a really good effort by all     surf swimming and gene ral
so thanks. John has been out of action for a couple of weeks now            fitness (and make great
after a knee operation. We all hope things went smoothly and look           frie nds as well).
forw ard to seeing you on the beach soon.                                   If you have ne ve r been to
                                                                            one of these sessions and
Over the la st month the tow er and radio keys have gone missing.
                                                                            would like to join in, meet at
I don’t know what is happening to these keys but remember ALL keys          the towe r at 5.15am – all
are to go back on the key holder in the First Aid Room, this includes       Bronze holde rs welcome.
the fuel bunker keys, tower, radio, ATV and rolle r door keys.
Due to a lack of interest we had to postpone the Patrol Captains                March Drop
meeting. This meeting will only go for an hour and we will try and
reschedule it soon. These meetings are an opportunity to im prove             4 in 4 Challenge
things for all of us. Ple ase contact me if you have concerns or ideas.
                                                                            If you missed
Patrol Captains should check the PCs room for updated informatio n.         the weigh in
The Lifesaving Committee has bought a lot of new gear over the last         for the Club
week including new poles, sandw ich boards, board holders etc.              Drop 4
When this gear hit s the beach, please ensure you look after it .           Challenge, it’s
                                                                            not too late.
We are nearing the end of the Patrolling Season and by the looks of         Visit Chris in the gym as soon as
the roster all teams should only have approx 2-3 more patrols left          you can and he will get you
before a well earned rest.                                                  weighed and started on your
If you cannot make your patrol, please notify your Patrol Captain. I        way to your goal.
am aware of all the upcoming carnivals, so good luck to all w ho are
                                                                            If you need motivatio n to help
competing for the club.
                                                                            shed of a few unwanted kilos,
Again, thanks for your hours of patrol and see
                                                                            then this challe nge is for you.
you on the beach.                                                           Biggest lo sers from September
Thanks and if there are any concerns please                                 lost between 4.2 and 5.2 kilo s as
email or call. Brad Leslie                                                  a Club we lo st 51.7 kilo s.

Men’s and Boys                           Attention Patrol                        WANT TO TREK THE
                                                                                  KOKODA TRAIL?
  Jammers                                   Captains
        (back in stock)                                                      The trek will be led by Shane
                                                                             Moloney and John Titmus leaving
               Get yours from             Do you have an outstanding         22 AUGUST 2010.
                  the office
                                                                             Please call Shane on 0408793362
               Manufactured by              patrolling member in your
                                                                             or b 54505600
                TYR these Alex                    patrol group?              Trek will be through Kokoda
          H eadland

                 Jammers are

                                                                             Spirit, check out the web site
                   great for             As the lifesaving season draw s Give
                 Beachies and                                                me a call for the details of this life
                                          to a close for 2010, we like to
                                                                             changing experience.
       each competitors ralike.
 $45                                      recognise the efforts of those

    Quality Silicone
                                          members that ‘put in’ above       Nipper Board
                                          and beyond the call of duty.
    Alex Swim Caps
                                          Contact Brad Leslie or simply       Training
                                                                             Wednesda y 24 Ma rch - boa rd
                                            send an email to the Club
                      Now only                                               training a t Di cky from 4.30pm
                                           office w it h your nomination.    session will be the last before
                        $10                                                           Bra nch Titles .

Newsletter of the Alexandra Headland Surf Lifesaving Club                                                    Page 2
                     Team Manager
RECENT CARNIVALS                                                          A ussies 2010 hav e arriv ed. A full
                                                                          team meeting w ill be on S at 13 M arch
Once again we performed well at our Branch Carnival with                  at 9.00am in the C lub training room.
most members placing in events and finishing second on the                A ll members including M asters,
point score.                                                              S eniors (15 to O pen), Boats, O fficials,
                                                                          Water S afety and P arents are inv ited
Our Beachies finished the Fastest Man On Sand Series gaining              to discus s the follow ing.
the Number 1 club in Queensland.                                          •    P rogram and Timetable
                                                                          •    A ccommodation subsidy
STATE TITLES                                                              •    C odes of conduct
                                                                          •    Team uniforms w ill be handed out
Congratulation to all those who competed at State Titles.
                                                                          •    Team meetings at A ussies
We had a relatively small team that performed well fin ishing             •    Thursday and S aturday dinners
fourth in the point score.                                                •    S crutineerin g
                                                                          •    G eneral Business
Notable results were Danielle Allen winning the Open Female
Board Race and the U17 Ironwoman.                                             Board Riding Champs
Mitch Aitkin and Lachlan Swann won the U19 Board Rescue.                  Do you love
                                                                          dropping in on a
The Beachies again performed well with nine gold medals.                  wave and c arving it
Tom Reiken, Shane McMahon, Lewis Bold, Rohani Bakhach                     up? T hen this
for flags, Kristy Knox for U15 sprints the Open Relay Female              carnival is for you.
team, U15 and 17 Female Relay, U17 Male Relay.                            Branch Board Riding
                                                                          Champs will be held on Sat 10 and
The boats had a tough day in the tricky condit ions with the              Sun 11 April, with marshalling
U23 Females in their first year as rowers contesting the State            starting at 6 .00am.
titles and gaining a silver in the Relay and a bronze in their            The venue and hos t club is
                                                                          Alexandra H eadland SLSC ,
age group.                                                                depending on the s urf conditions
The boys in March Past finished second after a count back.                prevailing at the time.
                                                                          J uniors (U11-U14) and Mas ters
Our Masters finished third in a fantastic point scoring effort.           will be held on Saturday and all
                                                                          other age groups on Sunday.
Well done to everyone and look forward to seeing some of                  Nominations are now open and will
you at Aussies. Ian Dundas, Team Manager                                  close on 29 March.

                                           Boatie News
The Alexandra Headland Boat Se ction finished it's Prem ie rship
compe tition season last weekend at Tugun.
The U19 Men finished 2nd se curing the Q ld Cup Premie rship.
The U23 Men we re third also se curing the Qld Cup Prem ie rship.
The girls won the U23 Female Race and placed 3rd in the Open
Women se curing se cond in the U23 girls Q ld Cup Prem ie rship.
                                                                           John Dunn sweeping the U23 girls.
The only winne rs on the weekend we re the ove r 200yrs
Maste rs who also se cured the Qld Prem ie rship.
C re ws are building the ir preparation for State and Nationals and
hopefully all will go we ll.
If you would like to see some ex cellent photo's of the Alex
cre ws from the weekend, go to
Che ck out Alex C re ws unde r Saturday and Sunday links.
                                                                U19&23 Crews - Courtesy of Sunshine Coast Daily
Newsletter of the Alexandra Headland Surf Lifesaving Club                                                   Page 3
                                                                                   250 Beachie Points
Alex Beachies Win Best Beach Club Trophy
                                                                                   at Branch Champs
The Alexandra Headland re cently
                                                                                  Our crew travelled to Noosa to
won the Fastest Man on Sand
Round 4 and the Inaugural                                                         suppor t the club at the r ecent
Trophy for the Be st Beach C lub in                                               Branch Champi onshi ps.
Queensland.                                                                       Unfortunately the roll up from
Alex won by 16 points to                                                          other clubs w as not great so w e
Currumbin and all compe titors                                                    di d not have the oppor tuni ty to
must be congratulate d on the ir                                                  tes t our ski lls.
efforts in all four rounds.
                                                                                  We used thi s as a team bondi ng
The Fastest Man on Sand se ries is                                                sessi on as thi s w as one of our last
for all Beachie s from U11 to Ope n
                                                                                  oppor tuni ti es to compete i n a
compe titors and the se ries winne r
was de cided by the club with                                                     relaxed atmosphere before the
                                     Alex Beach Squad show off their Trophy
the most numbe r of points                                                        busi ness end of the season -
afte r all four rounds. W inning this se ries highlights the strength             States and Aussi e Champi onshi ps.
and depth of our beach squad.
                                                                                  We had a carni val goal to gai n
Round 4 saw Jake Kle inschmidt finishing se cond in U14 Flags                     more than 200 poi nts w hi ch w e
which is his best pe rformance all season.
                                                                                  managed to exceeded!
Our U15s girls and guys continued to dom inate the beach with
                                                                                  If you w ere for tunate enough to
Tahnee Sullivan winning sprints and Simone We rndly, Evy Keevil
and Kristy Knox all scoring points in sprints, whilst Le wis Bold and             see the Open Female Flags you
Max Belche r score d points in sprints and flags.                                 w ould have seen fi rst hand how
Shane McMahon and Re id Sie rp we re first and se cond in U17 flags               close the enti re squad i s, not only
with Shane also scoring points in Sprints.                                        di d Alex fi ni sh from fi rst place
                                                                                  thr ough to si xth place, but they
The U19 compe titors all scored valuable points with ve ry
im pressive results thanks to Sam Thornton and Mia Sullivan. Tom                  also had a great ti me doi ng i t,
Re iken continue d to score ex ce lle nt results in both Flags and                check out the resul ts secti on.
Sprints and Rachael C rothe rs shone in the Ope n Beach Sprint
winning he r fourth succe ssive race .
Spe cial mention must go to those who re ce ived the medals for
winning their discipline s afte r all four rounds. U15 Flags Rohani
Bakhach, U15 Sprints Simone We rndly, U17 Flags Shane
McMahon, U19 Flags Sam Thornton and Tom Reiken, U19 Sprints
Sam Thornton, Open Flags Tom Reiken, Open Sprints Rachae l
C rothe rs.
I would like to thank all competitors and club membe rs for the ir
support during the se ries, it was great see ing the ex tra club
supporte rs at the Mooloolaba Carnival. We have a fantastic squad
led by two sensational coaches Pe te r Roodve ldt and Pe te r Robe rts
who have kept us focussed throughout the entire season and I
would like to wish you success at the States and Aussie

             Wednesday and Saturday
         Supporters Club Meat Raffles Roster
                 Wednesday                                Saturday
Mar       Ski Paddlers - I an Dundas      U 15/U 17s Parent s - Pet er O’Connor

Apr       I RB’s - Bronny Champness       Mast ers - Mark Purvis

May       March Past - Ray Munroe         Mast ers Boast s - Scott Millar

Jun       Surf Boat s - St ev e Dav ies   Surf Rescue - Pet er W hit e

Newsletter of the Alexandra Headland Surf Lifesaving Club                                                        Page 4
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5% of the purchase price directly to Alex SLSC to                   between March and October.
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Just say you are an Alex SLSC Member or drop into the office        for this study. ‘ Clients’ who helped me out with the previous
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                                                                    feedback would be appreciated.
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                                                                    contact details and what to
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check out a sample of what they stock at                            Thank you, Linda Thornton

                                              U15 Male Beach Flags                         U19 Female Beach Flags
Queensland Senior
                                              1st  Lewis Bold                              2nd  Samantha Thor nton
Championships Results                         U15 Male Beach Sprint                        4th  Mia Sullivan
Open Female Beach Relay                       2nd Max Belcher                              U19 Female Beach Relay
1st Ashlee Moore, Rachel Crothers,            U17 Female Beach Relay                       2nd  Mia Sullivan, Rachel Crothers,
    Samantha Thor nton, Simone Werndly        1st Bianca McMahon, Ebony Gerken, Rachel          Samantha Thor nton, Simone Werndly
5th Bianca McMahon, Ebony Gerken, Mia             Crothers, Simone Werndly                 U19 Female Beach Sprint
    Sullivan, Wendy Sier p                    U17 Female Surf Boa rd                       2nd  Samantha Thor nton
Open Female Beach Sprint                      2nd Danielle Allen                           5th  Mia Sullivan
3rd Rachel Crothers                           U17 Female Ironwoman                         U19 Female Single Ski
Open Female Surf Board                        1st Danielle Allen                           5th  Brigette Seymour
1st Danielle Allen                            U17 Male Beach Flags                         U19 Ironwoman
Open Surfboat Relay                           1st Sha ne McMahon                           5th  Stacey Smith
2nd Benjamin Minett, Byron Pead, William      U17 Male Beach Relay                         6th  Brigette Seymour
    Solway, Joshua Vidulich, Emma Orgar,      1st Hide Ozaua, Patrick Box, Reid Sierp,     U19 Male Beach Relay
    Madeline Garrick, Morgan Millington,          Sha ne McMahon                           2nd  John Moran, Patrick Box, Taylor Sierp,
    Natalie Parker, Christopher Goodluck,     U17 Male Beach Sprint                             Thomas Reiken
    Ian Oakhill, Ryan Gruell, Tristan
                                              6th Patrick Box                              3rd  Hide Ozaua, Lewis Bold, Max Belcher,
    Shalhoub, Stephen Davies
                                              U17 Male Boa rd Relay                             Reid Sierp
Open Male Beach Flags
                                              6th Bradley Dougha n, Lachlan McKenna,       U19 Male Beach Sprint
1st Thomas Reiken
                                                  Robert Langton                           4th  Thomas Reiken
6th Andrew Bolt
                                              U17 Male Boa rd Rescue                       U19 Male Boa rd Relay
Open Male Beach Relay
                                              2nd James O’Connor, Sha ne McMahon           6th  Dylan Swann, Lachla n Swann, Mitchell
5th Brian Werndly, Chase Young, John
                                              U17 Male Rescue Tube                              Aitkin
    Moran, Patrick Box
                                              2nd James O’Connor                           U19 Male Boa rd Rescue
Open March Past
                                              U17 Male Sin gle Ski                         1st  Dylan Swann, Mitchell Aitkin
2nd Dennis Berry, Bruce Burr, Paul Clair,
                                              2nd Sam D’Arcy                               U19 Male Sin gle Ski
    Benjamin Day, Santo Della Bianca, Ian
    Dundas, Graeme McIntyre, Douglas          U17 Male Su rf Boa rd                        5th  Lachlan Swann
    McKinnon, Raymond Munroe, Stuart          4th Bradley Dougha n                         U19 Mixed Doub le Ski
    Orr, David Swanson, Peter Swanson,        U17 Male Su rf Race                          3rd  Brigette Seymour, Sam D’Arcy
    Mark Thornton                             4th Jacob Doughan                            U19 Male Ski Relay
U15 Female Beach Flags                        U17 Male Su rf Team                          4th  Dylan Swann, Lachla n Swann, Sam
1st Rohani Bakhach                            4th Bradley Dougha n, David Brown, Jacob          D’Arcy
2nd Tahnee Sullivan                               Dougha n, James O’Connor                 U19 Male Su rf Boat
6th Evangeline Keevil                         U17 Male Taplin Relay – 3 Person             3rd  Benjamin Minett, Byron Pead, William
U15 Female Beach Relay                        6th David Brown, Jacob Dougha n, Sam uel          Solway, Joshua Vidulich, Stephen
1st Evangeline Keevil , Kristy Knox, Simone       Bull                                          Davies
    Werndly, Tahnee Sullivan                  U17 Surf Belt                                U23 Female Surf Boat
U15 Female Beach Sprint                       3rd Graeme McIntyre, Jacob Doughan,          3rd  Emma Orgar, Madeline Garrick,
                                                  Mitchell Aitkin, Peter Doughan, Sha ne        Morgan Millington, Natalie Parker ,
1st Kristy Knox
                                                  Dalziel                                       Stephen Davies
2nd Simone Werndly
                                              U19 Double Ski                               U23 Male Su rf Boat
U15 Female Cameron Relay
                                              5th   Dylan Swann, Sam D’Arcy                3rd  Christopher Goodl uck, Ian Oakhill,
4th Alyssa Bull, Kristy Knox, Peta Langton,
                                                                                                Ryan Gruell, Tristan Shalhoub,
    Tahnee Sullivan
                                                                                                Stephen Davies

Newsletter of the Alexandra Headland Surf Lifesaving Club                                                                     Page 5
           Community Education Team Save a Life
On 1 March, the Communi ty Educati on Trai ners that w ere w orki ng that day di d a job that ev ery
Alex member and all Surf Li fe Savi ng Clubs w ould be proud of.
Many of these trai ners have jus t fi ni shed school, but the maturi ty they show ed i n helpi ng save a
li fe w as excepti onal. It also reflects the hi gh standards w e hav e i n Surf Li fe Savi ng.
Duri ng a Communi ty Educati on sessi on w e had a student black out i n the sur f. She w as fi rst
noti ced by James Crockatt (Mudji mba SLSC) w ho immedi ately grabbed the gi rl and asked trai ner
Miranda Di ngle-McLennan (Bundaberg SLSC) to assi st i n bri ngi ng the gi rl back to s hore. They
also managed to calmly i nstruct the remai ni ng students fr om the group to return to s hore.
Once on the s hore Dale Klei nschmi dt assi sted i n carryi ng the gi rl onto the beach and James
O’ Connor w as by hi s si de w hi le Bri gette S eymour w as off li ke a flash getti ng the Oxy-Vi va. Dale
placed the gi rl i n the r ecovery posi ti on wi th James O’ Connor hol di ng her head. The gi rl recovered
consci ousness w hile both Dale and James res t and reassuri ng her, maki ng her feel safe. In the
mean ti me James Crockatt w as maki ng sure the teacher i n charge of thi s group w as kept
i nformed and reassured.
An ambulance w as called and Bo Farrell and Alex Turnbull (li feguar ds) got the pati ent ni ce and
w arm back to the Fi rst Ai d Room.
All trai ners i ncludi ng Naomi Baker and Dylan Murray played an i mportant rol e i n thi s si tuati on and
I am extr emely proud, not just as the Communi ty Educati on O ffi cer, but as a Li fesaver.
I w ould li ke to thank my trai ners (not just the ones that w ere there, but all of you) and the
Li feguar ds for w orki ng as a team. All teachers on that day w ere i mpressed how the trai ners
reacted. It jus t s how s that these trai ners w ho only seemed li ke yes ter day w ere our ni ppers, have
found themselves young mature adul ts. Well Done Team!
Ani ta Moore Communi ty Educati on Offi cer

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