; Managing Aggressive & Violent Behaviour
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Managing Aggressive & Violent Behaviour


Managing Aggressive & Violent Behaviour

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VAST Community Work Learning Program

      Managing Aggressive & Violent Behaviour
      (22nd October 2009)

                                                                                     Learn how to make your
                                                                                        workplace safer by
                                                                                      implementing violence
                                                                                      prevention strategies!

        This one day workshop will enable you to understand the factors that may lead to aggressive and
       violent behaviour of clients. It will outline appropriate violence prevention, diffusion and post trauma
        support techniques and enable you to formulate and implement effective strategies for change in
                           order to make your workplace safer for you and your clients.

       We will cover: self-awareness and management skills, knowledge of causes (triggers) and types of
           violence, intervention skills, de-escalation crisis communication and evasive self-defence,
        prevention and post trauma support skills, analysis and recording skills, organisational change
        strategies, legal, ethical and moral issues in violence management and dealing with clients with
                                                   special needs.

                                        Participants will have the opportunity to:

                         • recognise predictors and triggers of client violence and aggression
                • learn how to implement appropriate violence prevention and diffusion measures
            • gain skills in order to develop and implement strategies for making your workplace safer

    Who can attend? All HACC Staff / Volunteers
    Date: Wednesday 22        October                    Venue: Level 3 Bowen Library. 669 Anzac Pde, Maroubra
    Time: 9:30-4:30                                      Junction 2035
       Cost: $50 The total training fee will be charged if less than 5 working days notice is given of a
    Facilitator: Martin Unger has extensive experience in the welfare and security industry (crime
    prevention) in shop floor management positions both in the private and public sector. He has extensive
    training experience in managing and responding to difficult, aggressive and violent behaviour,
    negotiation and mediation, conflict resolution, program design/implementation, security procedures,
    training and presentation skills and PART (Predict Assess and Respond To (challenging/aggressive
    behaviour) Training. Martin runs a private practice and has researched, written and delivered training
    (VETAB accredited) to staff at all levels in both public and private sector agencies.

          Places are limited and BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL. Please contact
                   Shyrley or Vaishali to request a BOOKING FORM
              Email: vast@jnc.org.au Phone: 9349 8200 Fax: 9344 7294

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